by Barry Grossman

Facebook is alluring

The banter never ends

I never would have thought

One has so many friends

I don’t have that many

I only have a few

But too many others

Have little else to do

And they feel so compelled

Stating every little bitty

The sole purpose of which

Is to make others feel shitty

It’s nice to hear from you

Though these memories fade

I’m not sure I liked you

Even back in sixth grade

I’d go on more often

But now I’m offended

It’s hard to believe

I’ve just been defriended

But I’ll tell you, my friends

As I strive to drunk dial

I’ll update my status

And then check my profile

I used to think Facebook

Was all glamour and glitter

Just thinking ’bout it now

Makes me all a twitter

Barry Grossman is vice president of sales for Cosmopolitan Staffing, with seven offices throughout New Jersey. He continues to write short stories and poems that reflect today’s topics.

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