Dealing with a mental health problem is a challenge. Add to that the confusing array of providers, services and treatment options and it becomes overwhelming. Just finding out what is wrong to begin with can seem impossible.

The holistic approach that is the hallmark of Lifeback Mental Health & Addiction Services cuts through the fog. Their full concierge approach, which takes the patient from diagnosis through follow up care, takes away the guesswork that can prevent people from seeking help in the first place. If a particular targeted service or treatment happens to be unavailable because a specialist is not on staff at their facility, LifeBack arranges it through their extensive network of providers. Gone is the wait for overbooked psychiatrists or other resources.

They offer compassionate, individually tailored adult and adolescent, mental health and substance abuse evaluations and treatment. In addition, their highly trained staff can provide many of the ancillary services alleviating the need to run around getting this test here and that test there. Lab work, drug screening and nursing services are all done in-house.

The medical, nursing and clinical staff consists of highly trained professional who have at least 12 years of experience in their fields. Deeply committed to the best outcomes, they have dealt first hand with the most difficult situations. LifeBack’s wide ranging areas of expertise include: substance abuse / addiction / recovery & relapse issues, depression, bipolar, anxiety, OCD, ADD/ADHD, eating disorders, personality disorders, family problems, grief, adjustment, marriage/ couples issues, divorce, parenting, abuse/PTSD, phobias, LGBTQQI issues, sleep disturbance, low self-esteem, psychosis management, and many more.

Many of LifeBack’s treatments are innovative. A distinguishing approach is their work with opiate treatments. On staff are ASAM board certified prescribers for addictions using Suboxone, Subutex, Bunevil, Zubsolv, and Vivitrol. Patients receive an intensive three phase therapeutic process. An abstinence model is also offered for patients for whom that approach is appropriate.

LifeBack is also on the cutting edge of genetic testing to ensure delivery of customized therapies. Another example of LifeBack’s distinctive processes is cognitive weight control. This approach offers a complete change of attitude toward food consumption. Short Term Accelerated Care is another leading edge approach to treatment developed to meet the needs of patients who would benefit from more therapeutic contact, but are not able to commit the time requirements of a full Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

Yoga and meditation play a significant role in mindful behavior management. In addition, hypnosis conducted by a trained professional or by one’s self (self-hypnosis) presents an option for therapeutic applications, such as the treatment of depression, stress management, sexual difficulties, relaxation, confidence building, sleep disorders, habit control, modification, and post traumatic relief.

LifeBack is no cookie cutter facility. While it has recently expanded its services and staff, its focus remains on retaining its original close-knit environment. There is no institutional feel to the facility or conveyor belt sense to visits. The patient’s entire support structure is encouraged to become involved, from family and friends to school and community. Their offices are discreetly located off a major intersection in Lawrenceville. Confidentiality and privacy is paramount to their mission.

Serving Mercer County, LifeBack maintains a consistently high level of involvement in their patient’s progress from the initial inquiry to resolution. When there seems to be nowhere to turn or no hope in sight, LifeBack does indeed give life back to patients.

Life Back, 4 Princess Road, Building 200, Suite 206, Lawrenceville. 609-482-3701. See ad, page 17.

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