LIFE St. Francis is the newest healthcare choice for elders living in Mercer County and sections of Burlington County. We are a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE),which can assist elders to live safely at home while being helped by a team of healthcare experts.

If you’re like millions of other family caregivers, you want the best care for your aging loved one. But getting that care can be frustrating. You know what it’s like to drive your loved one to different appointments. You know managing medications and coordinating care between doctors can be challenging. And you struggle with leaving your loved one at home alone during the day. It doesn’t have to be this way. LIFE St. Francis can coordinate all the care and services your loved one needs so you don’t have to place them in a nursing home. LIFE St. Francis is a service of St. Francis Medical Center, one of Central New Jersey’s most respected healthcare providers since 1874

The LIFE Center is an important part of this program. It is located at 1435 Liberty Street in Hamilton Township. Here, seniors receive health care, nutritious meals, and participate in activities with others so they may remain active, socialize and make new friends. The LIFE Center provides one location where doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals can provide treatment and monitor changes in an individual’s health. We encourage seniors to do things for themselves so they can live independently as long as possible. Transportation to the Center is included.

The LIFE team will:

Make a special healthcare plan for and with each participant.

Manage all healthcare services for participants.

Help participants to live safely in the community.

Participants receive all healthcare services from LIFE St. Francis. Other than emergency care, all services must be authorized by the care team. A provider within the LIFE network must deliver these services. Participants may be personally liable for the cost of unauthorized or out of network services.

In short, LIFE St. Francis provides all the medical and nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nutritional services, and social work support needed by a participant. When it is best for the senior, these services can be provided at home. If hospital, nursing home or home care is needed, it is coordinated through the LIFE St. Francis team.

There are no financial eligibility requirements to become a LIFE participant. However, many participants are enrolled in Medicare and qualify for Medicaid. You are eligible for this program if you:

Are 55 or older.

Live in the service care area.

Are certified by the state at a nursing home level of care.

Can live safely at home with the support of the LIFE Team

Call LIFE St. Francis at 609-599-LIFE (5433) to see if you or your family member is eligible.

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