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Life in the Fast Lane: Universal Display Corp.

If one Princeton technology company — — is

helping wireless

devices deliver advertisements, another is totally revolutionizing

the wireless device itself. Last week at a meeting in London,


Display Corporation announced new developments in its flat panel


with Organic Light Emitting Device (OED) technology.

The company, which was incubated at Princeton University and also

has research from the University of Southern California, develops

and makes flat panel displays using the technique of organic


diodes (OLEDs).

According to Michael S. Weaver, UDC’s senior scientist, UDC can mass

produce high-resolution, full-color display panels that use less


Soon OLEDs could replace cathode ray tubes and liquid crystal displays

in the $40 billion annual electronic display market (U.S. 1, February

25, 1998).

UDC can put these display panels on flexible, differently shaped


at a relatively inexpensive cost. "OLEDs are beginning to enter

the market place as a competitive display technology," says


They will have bright colors, wide viewing angle, and can deliver

full motion video.

On November 1 UDC gave stock to PPG Industries in exchange for PPG’s

agreement to develop and produce proprietary chemicals that OLED


need. Last month, also in exchange for stock, UDC bought the rights

to the OLED patent portfolio of Motorola and now has the exclusive

license to 103 US patents associated with OLED technology, plus it

has 50 patents pending in the United States and others world wide.

UDL trades as PANL on the Nasdaq National Market. It has 11,000 square

feet at Phillips Boulevard, including a pilot production line and

more than 2,500 square feet of clean room space.

Universal Display Corporation Inc. (PANL), 375

Phillips Boulevard, Ewing 08618. Steven Abramson, president.


fax, 609-671-0995.

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Contracts Awarded

Ariel Corporation (ADSP), 2540 Route 130, Suite

128, Cranbury 08512-3507. Jay H. Atlas, president. 609-860-2900; fax,


Ariel recently added Ira Fuchs, vice president for information


at the Andrew Mellon Foundation, to its board. Its SS7-enabled BypaSS7

network access system has been selected by MegaWorld for a national

Internet backbone access service. The firm does engineering,


and manufacturing of digital signal processors.

In MegaWorld’s co-location facilities, the Ariel system will be used

for wholesale managed dial-up 56K and Basic Rate ISDN ports to


Service Providers and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers. The $6

million contract calls for Ariel to sell 33,600 network access ports

(50 DS3s) over the next two years.

Nassau Broadcasting Partners LP (NBCR), 619 Alexander

Road, Box 1350, Princeton 08540. Louis F. Mercatanti Jr., CEO.


fax, 609-419-0143.

Nassau Radio Network has an exclusive five-year contract with the

Port Authority Trans-Hudson Corp. (PATH) to provide headline news,

financial reports, weather, sports, traffic, advertisers’ messages,

and PATH service updates to more than 67.3 million commuters annually

( It will partner with www.iSyndicate Inc.,

which has infrastructure and application solutions, to provide this

service (

UCCnet, 1009 Lenox Drive, Suite 115, Lawrenceville

08648. Paul Benchener, president/COO. 609-620-4600; fax, 609-620-4601.

Home page:

On November 14 UCCnet took a major step toward synchronizing the


of global companies. It helped to launch an international standards

system, EAN.UCCC, which has interoperability with systems in Austria,

the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and Canada —

all connecting with UCCnet Global Registry. This will let


business-to-business trading partners communicate with synchronized

data according to the same standards.

This Internet-based universal trading community is a wholly-owned

subsidiary of Uniform Code Council Inc. (July 19, 2000).

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Hopewell Valley Community Bank, 4 Route 31, Box

999, Pennington 08534. James Hyman, CEO. 609-466-2900; fax,


On Friday, December 1, less than two years after it opened, the bank

will pay a 10 percent stock dividend to shareholders of record as

of November 15. Its first monthly profit was in August.

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Betty Redfield , 59, on November 14. She was a senior


at Covance in the Carnegie Center. She was also a romance fiction

writer, and had been published in three consecutive U.S. 1 Summer

Fiction issues. Her last submission was a tale of a hostage crisis

at a commuter train station (U.S. 1, July 26, 2000).

Rosemary Nicol Ricco , 60, on November 22. She had been

an executive secretary with ETS.

Lynne J. Cushman , 60, on November 25. She had been a managing

director at Berlitz.

Max Gershon Frankel , 79, on November 26. He had been director

of graduate studies in mental retardation at Kean College and taught

at the College of New Jersey.

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