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These articles by Kathleen McGinn Spring and Barbara Fox were

prepared for the September 3, 2003

issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

Life in the Fast Lane: iPhysicianNet Shuts Down

One more Internet company has quietly slipped away

into the corporate night.

Outside the iPhysicianNet office at 214 Carnegie Center, where eight

people once worked for the virtual pharmaceutical detailing company,

the appearances are business-as-usual: Two full water cooler jugs

are ready to be opened. Alongside the door, propped up against a


is a take-out menu from Sultan Sushi. But a black message sign —

the kind with small white letters announcing daily happenings —

reads "Welcome, July 31."

That date, as it turns out, was an auspicious one for the Scottsdale,

Arizona-based E-health company, which was founded in 1996 and


racked up at least $80 million in venture backing and partnerships

with 10 major pharmaceutical firms, including pharmaceutical/consumer

goods giant Proctor & Gamble, which signed on less than one year ago.

The company, had filed for, and then withdrawn, an IPO registration

statement in February, 1999. While it was not able to tap the public

markets, the company did very well in the private markets. After


its IPO, the company raked in tens of millions of dollars in three

major funding rounds. Participants included BioAsia Investments, Veron

International, Co-Investment 2000 Fund, Cordova Ventures, Far East

Capital Corp., MDS Capital, Fireman Fund Insurance, KBL Healthcare

Ventures, Patricof & Co. Ventures, Valley International, and Cardinal

Partners, a venture firm with offices at 221 Nassau Street in


The company’s business plan revolved around putting pharmaceutical

salespeople right on doctors’ desks — virtually, of course. The

idea was to give doctors computers and high speed Internet access

in exchange for a promise that they would chat with a representative

of each of its pharmaceutical partners once a month.

In all approximately 7,000 physicians agreed that the concept was

valuable enough to try out. But that wasn’t enough.

In a letter dated August 6, Peter Moriarty, the company’s chairman

and CEO, told shareholders that ". . . one of our major clients,

GlaxoSmithKline, notified us in June that it would be discontinuing

our service. This was totally unexpected, and devastating, news."

As the company scrambled to pull in still more venture capital, Eli

Lilly pulled out too, informing the company that "the size of

our network (number of physicians) was not large enough."

Still, iPhysicianNet did not give up hope. An investor was dangling

$5 million in further funding, but would only commit the funds if

other investors would join in. A scramble to find additional backers

followed; pharmaceutical partners were asked to accept price


and some agreed. iPhysicianNet’s board gave the company until 9:30

a.m. on Thursday, July 31, to obtain additional funding.

It didn’t happen.

In his letter informing stockholders of iPhysicianNet’s demise,


writes, "We were left with no funding and very little cash."

At 1 p.m. on Thursday, July 31, Moriarty informed his Scottsdale,

Arizona staff, 115 people, that their jobs no longer existed. He told

investors that he was "saddened" that they had suffered a

financial loss.

Employees, he writes, were thanked for their efforts, and responded

with a round of applause for management. There was no word as to


iPhysicianNet’s Carnegie Center employees had been conferenced in

on the termination speech — or whether they applauded. Whatever

the response, the message sign never got updated to August 1.

— Kathleen McGinn Spring

iphysiciannet, 214 Carnegie Center, Suite 204,

Princeton 08540. Robert L. Maio, vice president, sales and service.

609-275-8818; fax, 609-275-8819. Home page:

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New Medical Offices

In Hamilton

Jerry and Joseph Salzano are building a 47,478 square

foot office project, Madison Corporate Center, at 1262 Whitehorse

Hamilton Square Road, in Hamilton Square. They will break ground on

this project, intended to be a showpiece for Hamilton Township, on

Thursday, September 4, at 4 p.m. John Simone Realtors will be the

exclusive broker (

The first half of the project, 23,739 square feet, is slated for


next summer. Office units as small as 1,800 square feet will have

separate entrances and will be sold as condominium units but can also

be leased. The 4.5 acre site, near to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital,

has parking for 214 cars.

Architect Frank S. Aiello of Calhoun Street in Trenton designed the

project with an eye to appealing to medical doctors who prefer to

own their own offices. It features a stucco and brick exterior, a

two-story glassed entry with porcelain tile foyer, elevator service,

and upgraded finishes. Medical offices will have private entrances,

and suite doors will have side windows.

"This office project will set us apart from all others in Mercer

County," says Joseph Salzano. His family-owned business


in masonry work but is also involved in other phases of construction.

Other Salzano projects have been Quakerbridge Office Campus, the


Hamilton Office Campus, and several residential communities.

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New at Exit 8A

La Jobi, a baby furniture company, is in the process

of moving into Cranbury East, the warehouse at Exit 8A owned by


Properties. Now based at 125 Jackson Avenue in Edison (732-346-5150),

the firm imports BonaVita cribs and other furniture made in Italy,

and it also has a factory in Virginia. Its wares are sold at Babies

R Us and other retail stores.

Across the street, at Cranbury West, another Keystone-owned warehouse

is occupied by the cosmetics division of LVMH and Sanmar, a


imprintable clothing import firm. Sanmar is currently hiring fork

lift drivers, warehouse workers, and a supervisor, says Lucy Garcia,

in the human resources department.

La Jobi Industries, 257 Prospect Plains, Cranbury

08512. Miles McGrath, distribution manager. 609-409-2495; fax,


Home page:

LVMH, 283 Prospect Plains, Cranbury West, Cranbury

08512. 609-860-9822.

Sanmar, 283 Prospect Plains, Cranbury West,


08512. Robert Manganelli, distribution manager. 609-395-1333; fax,

609-395-6744. Home page:

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Energy Grants

Jeanne Fox, president of the Board of Public Utilities

(see related story, page 46), just announced the board’s first grants

under the Renewable Energy and Economic Development Program. Ten


businesses are getting from $50,000 to $500,000 — a total of $2.7

million, and the monies are predicted to create 200 high-technology


These grants, awarded by the BPU’s Office of Clean Energy, are


to give the state a leadership position in energy conservation. The

BPU hopes that soon 20 percent of the state’s power will be generated

from solar or wind power or other renewable energy sources


EPV (Energy Photovoltaics Inc.), 276 Bakers Basin

Road, Box 7456, Princeton 08543-7456. James F. Groelinger, CEO.


fax, 609-587-5355. Home page:

Energy Photovoltaics received the biggest grant, $500,000 to help

the commercialize solar electric panels. Founded in 1991 by Zoltan

Kiss as Chronar, it has 34 employees at this location, where it makes

the machinery to manufacture photovoltaic modules.

Ocean Power Technologies, 1590 Reed Road, Building

A, Suite 1, Pennington 08534. George W. Taylor, president.


fax, 609-730-0404. Home page:

Ocean Power Technologies received $499,486 to commercialize its


that could use the mechanical energy of ocean waves into electricity.

Founded in 1984, it has 12 employees here, and it develops,


and sells equipment to generate this power.

WorldWater Corp. (WWAT), 55 Route 31 South,


Business Park Building B, Pennington 08534. Quentin T. Kelly, CEO.

609-818-0700; fax, 609-818-0720. Home page:

Worldwater received a $300,000 grant to work on a power drive to


solar systems to electric grids. This is the same company that was

featured in the Patents column of the New York Times on September

1 for a backup solar power system, invented by Anand Rangarajan and

Thomas McNulty, which can integrate solar and electric power


Founded in 1984, Worldwater is a principal supplier of renewable


and remote water supply for emerging nations. It offers water


and solar energy, and it designs, develops, and markets its


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Corbeau Technologies, 1009 Lenox Drive, Building

Four, Suite 107, Lawrenceville 08648. Tyler McWhorter. 609-896-1500;

fax, 609-896-1525. Home page:

The software development firm moved into 7,000 square feet on Lenox

Drive earlier this year. It specializes in developing and

implementation of financial software systems, particularly the

PAM for Securities product offered by College Road East-based

Princeton Financial Systems.

Among its clients in financial services are Northwestern Mutual and

American Express Financial Advisors. Additionally, Corbeau offers

enterprise solutions, knowledge systems, E-commerce and customer

relationship management, and infrastructure design. It also has

clients in the travel industry.

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Crosstown Moves: Zeno Marketing

Nosh Nalavala knows how to wear multiple hats, changing

from a job as a reporter and editor to duties as a publicist or


consultant. Nalavala has moved his businesses, Zeno Marketing


and Travelers India magazine, from East Windsor to Princeton Junction

and he has a new phone and fax.

His marketing communications firm does all aspects of marketing —

advertising, public relations, direct mail, publishing, and Internet

management — but specializes in travel, and it represents travel

companies from different countries. He has a small office in Delhi

and an agent in Bombay, and he commissions freelancers to write


for the magazine he writes and edits, Traveler’s India


"For Air India I do public relations and advertising, and they

buy large quantities of my magazine, Travelers India," says


Other clients are India Tourism, International Ventures and Travel,

the Malaysia Tourism Board, and the United Nations Development


"It is a misconception that you need gobs of money for


he says. "It can be done extremely inexpensively."

The son of a business man, Nalavala was educated at St. Joseph’s


in Dehradun, in northern India near Delhi, and has a certificate from

the University of Cambridge. He has nearly 30 years experience in

travel marketing, starting out with Air India and the Taj group of

hotels. He came to this country in 1983, and his sister also lives

in Central New Jersey. Nalavala and his wife have one son, an


Nalavala was raised as a Zoroastrian, a religion that emphasizes good

thoughts, good words, and good deeds. He named his business after

a Greek philosopher. "Zeno believed that in order for Nature (i.e.

God or a divine presence) to play a positive role in your life, you

need to put in every effort honestly and sincerely, and God will take

care of the results."

Zeno Marketing Communications, 7 Whitney Place,

Princeton Junction 08550. Nosh Nalavala, president. 609-716-1296;

fax, 609-716-1297. E-mail: Home page:

Katz & Dougherty, 4020 Quakerbridge Road,


08619. George T. Dougherty, partner. 609-587-1199; fax, 609-587-0550.

The law firm of Katz & Dougherty has moved from 100 Overlook Center

to 4020 Quakerbridge Road. The four-person firm’s specialties include

contracts and personal injury.

RWD Technologies (RWDT), 214 Carnegie Center, Suite

106, Princeton 08540. Peter Watson, director of center of


excellence. 609-734-0600; fax, 609-419-3780.

RWD Technologies, which provides software support for manufacturing

and industrial applications, has moved from Suite 101 to Suite 106

in the same building, 214 Carnegie Center.

The company, which is down to 15 employees, some 25 fewer than in

1999, and has downsized from 15,000 square feet to 3,000. Its services

include client/server applications on major platforms and desktop

applications, and performance improvement in complex technical


Kuller Travel, 344 Nassau Street, Princeton 08542.

Ken and Trudy Dougherty. 609-924-2550; fax, 609-924-0340.

Kuller Travel moved from 108 Nassau Street to Nassau and Harrison

Street, where the rent is less expensive and free parking is


The travel agency is located in the first floor of the Mazotas


at 344 Nassau Street.

Snelling Personnel Services, 600 Alexander Road,

Princeton 08540. Kelley Geraty, branch manager. 609-683-4040; fax,

609-683-5621. Home page:

The employment agency has moved across Route 1 from 350 Alexander

to 600 Alexander. It does permanent and temporary staffing agency

specializing in office support, information technology, accounting

and finance, and light industrial.

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Printers’ News

Print-It/Pequod Communications, 36 University


Princeton University Store, Princeton 08542. Andre Liu, owner.


fax, 609-921-7293.

A 25-year-old copy shop closed its doors on Witherspoon Street in

downtown Princeton and moved in with Pequod at the Princeton


Store. "We had been cooperating over the years," says Andre

Liu of Pequod, "and their rent wasn’t justifying the location.

It made sense to have one location in town. So we just combined a

few retail customers." He points out that, at the U-Store, parking

is free.

ADK Graphics, 2525 Route 130 South, Box 692,


08512. Drew Griffiths, production manager. 609-655-9132; fax,


Home page:

A family-owned printing business expanded from an office in the town

of Cranbury to 1,200 square feet at Route 130 South; it has presses

elsewhere. Walter Griffiths, a Rutgers alumnus, started his career

in sales and then became a printing broker before operating as a full

service commercial printer. He is assisted by his wife, Susan, and

two of their three children — David (Rider, Class of 1995), and

Andrew (Roger Williams, Class of 2000). Among ADK’s clients are


retailers, pharmaceuticals, chemical companies, and service firms.

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Leaving Town

Experience Works! Staffing Service, 2139 Route

33, Lexington Square Commons, Box 8303, Trenton 08650-0303. Sydelle

Norris, state director. 609-890-2121; fax, 609-890-2124.

The New Jersey office of Experience Works!, a non-profit serving


job seekers, is closing its doors on Friday, September 5, after losing

its funding on July 1. Located at 2139 Lexington Square Commons, the

non-profit was an office of a nationwide organization with


in Arlington, Virginia, and a presence in 44 states.

The New Jersey office, which handled paperwork for the entire state

as well as for Maryland, is moving to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania,

according to office manager Sue Dilks, who says that she, along with

the office’s other five employees, have lost their jobs.

The office’s six field workers were terminated on July 1.

Some Experience Works! clients are women who have never worked, or

who have no work recent work experience, and who find themselves in

need of a job after the death of a spouse. Others, says Dilks, are

individuals, both men and women, who have been downsized, or who have

to come out of retirement as their savings dwindle.

Ages of clients range from 55 to, in Dilks’ words, "Oh my


Over 80? Oh yes, certainly, she says, some of the jobseekers her


has seen have been well into their ninth decade.

Dilks has been too busy to look for a job, but plans to start doing

so as soon as her office is packed up. As for her agency’s clients,

they will now be served by Easter Seals.

The Concierge Inc., 1347 Stelton Road, Piscataway

08854. Howard Rich, president. 732-247-4900; fax, 732-247-4916.

Howard Rich moved his event planning and advertising specialty


from North Center Drive in North Brunswick to Piscataway. Founded

in 1985 the firm has six employees and 3,000 square feet. Rich offers

a full range of corporate meeting and VIP services, including setting

up meetings, dinners, theater and sports events, and he also does

advertising, particularly focusing on ad specialties.

Pre-Diction Tech Inc., 100 Nassau Street, Princeton

08542. Ursula Meyer, business manager. 609-924-1441; fax,


Home page:

Pre-Diction Tech, a market research company with proprietary


is no longer maintaining its office at 100 Nassau Street. Phones at

the office have been disconnected.

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Moving Out

Kestler & Company, 115 Wall Street, Princeton


Julian Kestler, president. 609-683-1322;

Kestler & Company, a marketing communications firm, is moving from

its offices at 115 Wall Street, according to Julian Kestler, the



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