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These articles by Barbara Fox were prepared for the June 13, 2001 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

Life in the Fast Lane: American List Counsel

Will propinquity result in profits? That was the


question last year when American List Counsel, the 23-year-old direct

mail firm, moved into 110,000 square feet in the new building on the

Dow Jones campus. Whether physically rubbing shoulders with Dow Jones

helped or not, American List Counsel has landed an impressive contract

— it will broker and manage the Wall Street Journal’s lists and

manage Barron’s subscriber file. This is a major coup.

Kim Lowenthal, executive vice president of ALC Data Acquisition,


to "open communication" between the two companies, and this

will help identify new data sharing opportunities. "With a team

approach," she says, "we can more effectively negotiate


and exchange agreements to create a win-win situation for all


ALC Data Management now offers Wall Street Journal lists with more than 1 million active

subscribers and 123,000 addresses of people who subscribed within

the last 12 months. The consumer-base master file is a whopping


Barron’s has 164,000 subscribers and 234,000 past subscribers.

Nonprofits take note: you get almost half price on these lists. The

fundraiser rate is $75 per thousand as compared to the non-financial

business rate of $140 per thousand. The active subscriber list


costs $170. To select addresses by any additional criteria costs more.

To get them by gender, for instance, costs $11 per thousand, but if

you want women, only 17 percent of subscribers are female.

Have you always wondered about the demographics of Wall Street Journal?

Average age is 54, and the average value of their investments is $1.7

million. Yet the average employment income is $186,900. Apparently

reading the WSJ helps them fatten the portfolio.

Also perhaps not surprising, 69 percent of them have a home office,

if only to manage their investments. About 85 percent are college

graduates and all but 4 percent have had some college, while 64


are professionals or managers. One fifth are in the financial


and one third work for a big corporation, with 43 percent involved

in a small business.

Barron’s demographics are similar, except Barron’s has fewer women,

slightly lower net worth and income levels. The ads gush that Barron’s

editorial "can rock the market. Its subscribers manage enormous

portfolios using cell phones and laptops loaded with the most robust

software. Don’t overlook this select audience for all the trappings

that wealth can provide — exotic travel, fine jewelry, elegant

gifts, the latest fashions, and even sports cars."

"With the rapid proliferation of data and the ability to

affordably employ it," says Jeff Fisher, direct mail manager for Dow Jones,

"we aligned ourselves with a marketing firm that knows how to

acquire it, analyze it, and profitably put it to use."

"The bottom line," says Fisher, "is that we are facing a


period of how we acquire and retain customers."

American List Counsel, 4300 Route 1, Building

5, CN 5219, Princeton 08543-5219. Susan Rappaport, COO. 609-580-2800;

fax, 609-580-2888. Home page: www.amlist.com.

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Dynax Solutions Inc., 4250 Route 1 North, South

Brunswick 08852. Jeff Tranchina, vice president. 732-329-1400.

The information technology company is moving from HQ at Forrestal Village to 4,100 square

feet in the 40,000-foot single story building owned by S.T. Peterson

at 4250 Route 1 North, a former location for HIP-NJ.

The nine-year-old firm provides E-business solutions to middle market

and Fortune 1000 companies. Headquartered in New York City, it has

400 employees and offers Internet/Intranet strategies and development,


implementation, systems integration, network integration, and


architecture and software development. About 10 people will work at

this location. Susan Wolstromer represented the landlord and Matt

Malatich of CB Richard Ellis represented the tenant.

The company has just released SalesTracker 2.0, a


relationship management software program that includes call reporting,

correspondence, product quoting, and customer objectives. It can be

used with Lotus Notes or other web browsers.

Edwin Altman, the president, had been chief information officer and

vice president of a unit of Lucent Technologies. Joel Pietrantozzi

is responsible for this branch office as well as those in Cleveland,

Durham, and Chicago.

Tracer Research, 1 Deer Park Drive, Princeton


Plaza, Suite G, Monmouth Junction 08852. Marjorie Stivers, operations

manager. 732-274-1888; fax, 732-274-2922. Home page:


The environmental engineering firm will move from Princeton Corporate

Plaza to Livingston Avenue in North Brunswick. Tracer Research is

known as a pioneer in the commercial application of soil gas surveys.

Using the Tracer Tight leak detection method for underground and


storage tanks and pipelines it has investigated more than 10,000 sites


Tracer claims it can test a pipeline or tank, with virtually no


of your operation, by injecting inert gas (a formulated product called

Tracer) into the system. After a certain period of time goes by the

company looks for this gas in the soil. "If we find it, we


how it got there," says a spokesperson. "Usually it’s a leak,

but we check again."

This office does leak detection, not repair, for its clients, which

include refineries, commercial airports, military bases, and


facilities. Marjorie Stiver is the operations manager here, and Henry

Brault the project manager. Among the field professionals are Ed


and Kodjo Savi, and more are being hired.

Tracer will take 5,000 square feet or about one third of the new

17,400-square foot building at 1583 Livingston Avenue in North Brunswick.

Matt Malatich of CB Richard Ellis represented the tenant, and Joan

Cenicola of NAI/James E. Hanson the landlord. Headquartered in Tucson,

Arizona, Tracer Research has offices in California, Colorado, Georgia,

and Texas plus London, England, and Florence, Italy.

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Contracts Awarded

Senesco Technologies Inc. (SENO), 34 Chambers


Princeton 08540. Ruedi Stalder, chairman and CEO. 609-252-0680; fax,

609-252-0049. Home page: www.senesco.com.

Harris Moran Seed company is paying $4 million for the exclusive


to commercialize Senesco’s technology in lettuce, cantaloupe, and

honeydew melons. The contract provides for royalties when species

are commercially introduced.

Senesco is a three-year-old gene discovery firm that aims to use


(aging) control to improve crop quality and productivity — meaning

longer shelf life, increased yield, increased biomass, and greater

tolerance to environmental stress.

Based in Modesto, California, Harris Moran is known for unusual


varieties that boost yield, reduce the need for chemicals, and


flavor and quality. Part of the $1 billion Groupe Limagrain, Harris

Moran distributes seeds in more than 65 countries.

"This is a significant step forward for Senesco," says Ruedi

Stalder, chairman and chief executive officer, calling the Harris

Moran deal "further validation of the commercial value of our


Icon Genetics Inc., 1 Deer Park Drive, Princeton

Research Center, Suite C, Monmouth Junction 08852. Newell Bascomb,

president. 732-329-1600; fax, 732-329-1616. Home page:


Research on wheat and rapeseed will be funded by a fifth grant from

an agency of the German government, the Federal Ministry of Education

and Research in Berlin. Icon will use the grant’s $2.9 million to

decrease development time for these European crops by using gene


and plant hybridization techniques.

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Stock News

Orchid BioSciences Inc. (ORCH), 303A College Road

East, Princeton 08543. Dale R. Pfost Ph.D, chairman, president

and CEO. 609-750-2200; fax, 609-750-2250. Home page:


Last week Orchid BioSciences floated 5.55 million shares of common

stock for $6 a share and raised about $33.3 million. Robertson

Stephens was the placement agent. The company operates in the red, but

before the offering, the company had enough cash to run for about a

year, and now it can keep going for 18 to 24 months. Since last month,

Orchid’s stock went from just over $4 to more than $6.

One previous investor, President Life Science Corp., a food maker in

Taiwan, announced in May that it had put more than $6 million into

Orchid. President Life hopes to do research on proteins as well as

spine-related research.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (BMY), Route 206 and

Provinceline Road, Box 4000, Princeton 08543-4000. 609-252-4000.

Bristol-Myers Squibb will pay top dollar — $7.8 billion — for

DuPont’s pharmaceuticals unit and will use the DuPont products to

fill out its inventory. B-MS will acquire the AIDS drug Sustiva and the clot-buster Coumadin but DuPont retains an interest in Cozaar, its blood

pressure medication developed with Merck.

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Leaving Town

ADC Telecommunications Inc. (ADCT), 250 Phillips

Boulevard, Suite 255, Ewing 08628. Barry Zhang, manufacturing manager.

609-771-4370; fax, 609-771-4371. Home page: www.adc.com.

As reported in May, the manufacturing half of this operation

had been closed down, and the R&D division will be gone by the end

of June. Some of the two dozen remaining employees are moving to


to work with the parent company, and some are taking termination


Everyone gets paid through July, says Barry Zhang, and the company

is sending "find another job" trainers to conduct two-day

sessions. Founded by Zhang as Princeton Optics, this division does

R&D on fiber optics components.

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Virginia Murphy Teasley, 49, on June 2. She was a


at the Palmer Inn.

Rosanne M. Chiappardi, 49, on June 4. She was gift


at the Peddie School and secretary to the alumni and annual fund


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