Expansions: Assist America

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Contracts Awarded

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These articles by Barbara Fox were prepared for the April 13, 2005

issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

Life in the Fast Lane: ABN Holographics

Kenneth Traub, CEO of American Bank Note Holographics, announced that

his firm has an exclusive contract with Visa for a holographic

magnetic stripe that will eventually replace the dove hologram on the

front of the card. Visa, the largest issue of credit cards, has 21,000


ABNH, which is in the process of moving into Applegate Drive in

Robbinsville, is also the exclusive supplier of holograms to

MasterCard, and its latest technology will soon appear on new American

Express cards.

"This is big news worldwide," says Traub. "The look of a Visa and in

some ways the functionality of the Visa card will change."

Counterfeiting is an escalating problem, he says. "The dove did a good

job preventing counterfeiting starting 20 years ago, but we need to

stay ahead of the counterfeiters."

His product, HoloMag, is a tightly controlled security product that

integrates overt and covert security features into magnetic tape.

Replacing the traditional magnetic tape, it will begin appearing on

Visa branded cards starting late this year.

Says Brian Buckley, senior vice president, International Risk

Management, Visa International: "By incorporating the hologram into

the magnetic stripe on the back of the card, we enhance security and

create a more flexible card format."

Merchants will need no special equipment to read the cards.

"The ubiquitous Visa dove hologram has become one of the most widely

recognized authentication devices in the world," says Traub. "We are

delighted to be able to fulfill Visa’s current objectives for enhanced

card security while simultaneously improving the attractiveness of

Visa branded cards. We look forward to working with Visa for many more

years to come."

American Bank Note Holographics Inc. (ABHH), 2 Applegate Drive,

Robbinsville 08691. Kenneth Traub, CEO. 609-632-0800; fax,

609-632-0850. Home page: www.abnh.com

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Expansions: Assist America

Assist America, 202 Carnegie Center, Suites 302 A & B, Princeton

08540. George Howard, president. 609-921-0868; fax, 609-921-0933. Home

page: www.assistamerica.com

Assist America has expanded by moving its headquarters from Palmer

Square to 8,200 feet at the Carnegie Center. For now, its call center

remains at Lawrence Commons.

The company is the nation’s largest provider of assistance services

through employee benefit plans. It protects more than 250,000 American

companies and enterprises and more than 20 million people worldwide.

It covers those who travel 100 miles or more away from home, and

includes a global network of pre-qualified medical providers with

worldwide response capabilities.

A sister company, SecurAssist, provides global security solutions to

thousands of U.S. businesses and academic institutions. SecurAssist

recently signed a contract to cover the group life customers of Sun

Life Financial.

Under the SecurAssist plan, employers can prevent and plan for

security threats. Experienced advisors help develop and implement new

security initiatives, review existing procedures, and answer questions

regarding overall vulnerability. Sun Life Financial already offers

emergency travel assistance to its group life customers.

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Crosstown Move: Steel

General Sullivan Group Inc. (GSGI), 85 Route 31 North, Pennington

08534-0128. 609-745-5004; fax, 609-745-5012. Home page:


A steel distribution company has moved from Sullivan Way in Trenton

into the site formerly occupied by Barbour Steel. Founded in 1919, the

company has 18 employees. Al DeBlasio is the president.

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Contracts Awarded

Princeton eCom Corporation, 650 College Road East, Princeton 08540.

Ronald W. Averett, CEO. 609-606-3000; fax, 609-606-3297. Home page:


Princeton eCom has announced a contract with I4 Commerce, the

developer of the Bill Me Later payment solution, to provide the

CollectPay Enrollment solution to enable electronic payments and to

offer detailed online bill presentment.

Bill Me Later is an alternative to credit cards when paying for

purchases online or on the telephone. When customers provide only

basic, "top-of-mind" information such as the birth date and the last

four digits of the social security number, they qualify instantly for

their purchase. Then, in 14 days, they receive a bill from Bill Me

Later. They can pay the bill in full or finance it over time


Voxware Inc. (VOXW.OB), 168 Franklin Corner Road, Suite 3,

Lawrenceville 08648. Tom Drury, CEO. 609-514-4100; fax, 609-514-4101.

Home page: www.voxware.com

Save-A-Lot, a limited assortment grocery store chain, is using

VoiceLogistics, Voxware’s voice-directed logistics system. Save-A-Lot

operates a network of 16 warehouses serving more than 1,150 stores in

38 states, and it with the new system it saw an 80 percent improvement

in selection accuracy.

Princeton Power Systems Inc., 501 Forrestal Road, Forrestal Campus,

Suite 211, Princeton 08540. Darren Hammell, CEO. 609-258-5994; fax,

609-258-7329. Home page: www.princetonpower.com

Princeton Power Systems won a Small Business Innovation Research Grant

worth nearly $100,000 from the defense department to design and

develop a megawatt-scale AC-link Active Transformer. The company,

which has AC-link technology for advanced electrical power conversion

and conditioning, will work on a voltage step-up and step-down

transformer for aircraft carriers and other ships. The Phase I grant

is for a six-month feasibility study.

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Leaving Town

Kalison McBride & Jackson PA, 3131 Princeton Pike, Lawrenceville.

908-647-4600; fax, 908-647-6226.

John Zen Jackson has moved his law office to 25 Independence

Boulevard, Warren 07059.

Ryder Integrated Logistics, Cranbury Business Park. 609-395-0400; fax,


At the request of its client, Delphi, Ryder Integrated Logistics

closed its office on March 30 and moved to Virginia.

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Victoria Eastmond, 24, in an April 11 accident on Route 1 South. She

worked at EMR Photoelectric (Schlumberger) on Wallace Road in

Princeton Junction.

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