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This article by Barbara Fox was prepared for the May 28, 2003 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

Life in the Fast Lane

Anyone can file a complaint. That’s the concept that

supporters of Mercer County Community College are clinging to, now

that a criminal sexual contact charge has been filed against the


of the college, Robert R. Rose.

The complaint was filed by an 18-year-old woman, a Mercer County


who alleges that on Friday, May 9, when she had come to Rose’s office

to seek assistance in gaining admission to the college, Rose sexually

touched several areas of her body.

The woman signed the complaint on Wednesday evening, May 21. When

West Windsor police notified the college president of the


felony charge on Thursday morning, May 22, he went to police


and was released on his own recognizance.

Rose then hired attorney Jack Furlong, of Furlong and Krasny at


View Office Park, and submitted a request for a 30-day leave of


The request was accepted by the college’s trustees at a previously

scheduled board meeting on Thursday night. Robin Scheiner, assistant

prosecutor and chief of the child abuse and sexual assault unit for

Mercer County, is in charge of the case, and West Windsor Detective

Sergeant Dave Mansue is leading the investigation. Rose is scheduled

to be arraigned on Tuesday, May 27, in West Windsor Municipal Court.

Rose, 63, came to MCCC in 2001 for a salary of $142,000 on a four-year

contract. A graduate of the University of Alberta, he has a master’s

degree from the University of Oregon and a PhD in community college

leadership from the University of Texas at Austin. He had been


dean at a community college in Minnesota, vice president of Galveston

College in Texas, and president of Massasoit Community College in

Massachusetts. Coauthor of "Shared Vision: Transformational


in American Community Colleges," he is known as a skillful


and catalyst for change.

In Massachusetts Rose had been the subject of some controversy, first

over an audit in 2000, in which he denied wrongdoing and said no money

was missing or misused. He hired a police sergeant as a part-time

criminology professor, and it was later revealed that the officer

had mentioned that he wanted a job when he pulled Rose over to give

him a traffic warning. (Rose said he merely gave the name to the


official). The officer was later dismissed for enlightening his


justice class with an exhibition of a stripper’s nude lap dances.

Tom Wilfrid, an administrator who has been at Mercer for 34 years,

most recently as vice president of academic and student affairs, has

been named the college’s acting administrator.

Rose’s attorney, Furlong, notes that the complaint was signed by the

woman, not the police. "Anyone can sign a criminal complaint


anybody," he was quoted as saying. "The chips may fall where

they may."

"MCCC is in the best position we have ever been, thanks to the

leadership of Bob Rose," said Bill Baroni, who chairs the


trustee board. He told reporters that the trustees take the


extremely seriously. "We want Bob Rose to clear up this matter

and at the same time we must vigorously defend the interests of the


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Women’s Law Firm

Carol Novinson and Jill F. Ray officially opened their

law practice in April at Research Park. Long-time friends and parents

of children who attend the same Princeton elementary school, the


do family law and residential real estate.

Ray went to the University of Delaware, Class of 1981, and Rutgers

Law School in Camden. She clerked for Judge Morton I. Greenberg, who

at that time was in the appellate division of New Jersey Superior

Court. Then she joined McCarthy & Schatzman, where she was a litigator

for five years. When she had her first child in 1990, followed by

two more at two-year intervals, she worked as a per diem lawyer, then

as an international tax specialist at Princeton University. Her


is an editor for NBC’s Dateline program.

Novinson went to Barnard, Class of 1978, and to New York University

Law School. She did real estate law at Rosenman & Colin in Manhattan,

and did family law for a municipal employees organization. In


she worked at Smith Stratton. She and her husband have two children,

the eldest 13. Novinson is married to Frank Castello, acting CEO of

Children’s Specialized Hospital (U.S. 1, May 21).

Both attorneys did mid-career internships at the Department of Youth

and Family Services, representing indigent parents involved in


and termination of parental rights cases.

"I am now very thrilled to be a partner in my own firm," says

Ray. "While running my own law firm has many challenges, I highly

value the autonomy I have. By being my own boss, I can much more


balance the demands and pleasures of raising my three children with

my career goals. I believe that working mothers still face incredible

obstacles in the working world, and women have a long way to go to

correct the inequities."

Novinson and Ray LLC, 475 Wall Street, Princeton

08540. Carol Novinson and Jill Ray. 609-921-2191; fax, 609-921-0328.

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PVI to Sell

But Stay Open

A fast growing technology company does not always mean

a profitable company. Princeton Video Image announced on May 21 that

it would file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and sell its assets to its

secured creditors, who could then run the firm. The stock is so low

it was delisted from Nasdaq, and shareholders are not expected to

get anything from the sale. The company will continue after


but will no longer be a public firm. It has about 75 employees in

six locations, including 50 in 25,000 square feet at Princess Road.

Ranked 15th last year on the Deloitte & Touche Technology Fast 50,

PVI showed a revenue growth of 2,104 percent for 1997-2001, compared

to an average of 794 percent recorded by the other companies on the

list. But since it was founded in 1990, it has lost a total of $65

million. In 2002 it had revenues of $10.8 million, but it lost $21.2

million that year and $4 million in the first quarter of this year.

Though current investors have infused funds, new investors were


Using technology first devised at Sarnoff Corporation, PVI could


insert the first-down line and virtual advertising images into


broadcasts. It had the National Football League contract for this.

The secured creditors, Cablevision Systems and Presencia en Medios,

hold about 45 percent of the common stock and are expected to form

a buying entity to provide debtor-in-possession financing, money


to make the next payroll. The sale would be subject to bankruptcy

court approval. As a private company, PVI would be able to save more

than $1 million in insurance and other costs.

"We believe that this proposed transaction will allow us to


to service all of our customers," says James Green, president

and COO. Clients include the National Football League, the Southeast

Conference in college football and the Philadelphia Phillies baseball


Princeton Video Image Inc. (PVI) (PVII), 15


Road, Lawrenceville 08648. Brown Williams, chairman. 609-912-9400;

fax, 609-912-0044. Home page:

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Voxware Doubles

Voxware has cut its net loss to less than half of what

it was last year, because it nearly doubled its revenues. The maker

of voice-activated software has six employees on Franklin Corner Road.

Net loss was $429,000, down from $1.1 million during the same period

last year. Last month the firm announced that it had obtained $5.6

million in private financing. For the quarter ending in March,


were $2.3 million, up from $1.5 million during the same period last


"While we continue to expand our presence in the food service

industry by winning key new accounts, we are also experiencing solid

growth in the retail sector, having recently been selected by two

major companies headquartered in the U.S.," said CEO Bathsheba

J. Malsheen in a statement.

Voxware Inc. (VOXW), 168 Franklin Corner Road,

Suite 3, Lawrenceville 08648. Bathsheba J. Malsheen, CEO.


fax, 609-514-4101. Home page:

ITXC Corp. has added Moscow to its global list of


In the past year it has opened sales offices in Australia, Argentina,

Brazil, Chile, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan and the Philippines.

The firm provides phone calls over the Internet worldwide.

"The relative strength of the Russian economy, the growth in the

telecom sector itself and the demand for exactly the kind of


global access that ITXC provides, make strengthening our presence

in Russia a huge opportunity for us to deliver high-quality voice

services to the carriers in this region," says Chris Haller, ITXC

managing director for central and eastern Europe, Russia and the Newly

Independent States.

ITXC Corp. (ITXC), 750 College Road East, Princeton

08540. Tom Evslin, CEO. 609-750-3333; fax, 609-419-1511.

NexMed will appeal a decision by Nasdaq to delist its

stock because it has less than $10 million in stockholders equity.

As of March 31, the equity was $2.8 million, but in the meantime it

obtained an $8 million private placement of its securities. Half of

that was put in escrow, awaiting the results of Phase 3 studies for

Alprox-TD on June 16.

NexMed is developing transdermal drug delivery technology —

Alprox-TD and Femprox creams for ED and female sexual arousal

disorder, respectively.

NexMed (USA) Inc. (NEXM), 350 Corporate Boulevard,

Robbinsville 08691. Also 89 Twin Rivers Drive, Hightstown. Joseph

Mo, chairman, CEO, and president. 609-208-9688; fax, 609-208-1868.

E-mail: Home page:

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Joseph A. Pingitore, 53, on May 14. He owned Web First

Ltd., on Crest Avenue in Hamilton Square (

B. "Randy" Linthurst, 71, on May 17. He had


after many year as the spokesperson for the state Department of


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