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Life in the Fast Lane

French telecommunications company Alcatel named the

Sarnoff Corporation to its prestigious research partner program. While

10 international educational

institutions have already become partners with Alcatel, Sarnoff is

the first private company to join this program. "Alcatel’s


with Sarnoff grew out of professional associations among scientists

from both companies," said Niel Ransom, chief technology officer

for Alcatel Americas.

Sarnoff, which has been working on wireless technologies for some

60 years, already has completed the first stage of a wireless project

for Alcatel. Called DAMAN, it is a routing protocol that allows


to link to one another without the need for a central infrastructure.

At a press conference on November 15, Jim Carnes, president and CEO of


said DAMAN has broad implications. Not a specific product, but rather

a technology that could be included in any number of devices, Daman

means that, "You will be able to get any information anywhere

in any form," said Carnes.

Jim Kaba, a member of Sarnoff’s technical staff, demonstrated the

technology. "DAMAN allows one laptop to reach distant laptops

by routing through a series of other laptops," he explained. The

routing is fluid: As one group of laptops moved around the room, they

adjusted to their slightly altered geography by connecting to one

another differently.

Theoretically, Kaba said, the chain of linkage could go on


connecting over any distance. It would be especially useful in


where communications needs to be set up quickly, or where a greater

than normal number of users suddenly come together. Examples include

the scene of a disaster, a military campaign site, or even a city-wide


Jacque Magen, Alcatel’s director of external affairs, said the company

is now scouting for test sites for the technology, which would be

layered onto existing software applications. The company has signed

a second contract with Sarnoff for further development of the


Sarnoff’s work on DAMAN was one reason the research company

was chosen as an Alcatel partner, according to Magen. It has named

seven research partners

for this prestigious program and is looking for three more. Sarnoff

is the only partner so far that is not a university.

Through the partnership Sarnoff and Alcatel will collaborate on


may exchange researchers, and may form early stage companies to


new technologies. Terms of the partnership are fluid, and will be

reviewed every year, said Magen, "to prove that each side is happy

with the collaboration."

Alcatel’s $32 billion bid to acquire Lucent Technologies fell through

last May. The French telecommunications maker has 110,000 employees

and operates in more than 130 countries.

Sarnoff and Alcatel have not yet announced specifics of any other

projects on which they might collaborate.

Promising avenues for Sarnoff, however, were on display throughout

its auditorium during the press conference. The central theme was

security. A display on perimeter security drew a great deal of


On a laptop, a man was tracked as he moved along a row of hedges.

Other displays showed "bug-eye" cameras, stereo 3D motion

detectors, tracking devices, voice ID, unmanned tanks, night vision,

and more.

Sarnoff and Alcatel both say they see a bright long-term

future for telecommunications. But for now, at least, security is a

hot field, and DAMAN will certainly have a role.

Sarnoff Corporation, 201 Washington Road, CN 5300,

Princeton 08543-5300. James E. Carnes, president & CEO. 609-734-2000;

fax, 609-734-2040. Home page: www.sarnoff.com

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Stratus Engineering (SERV), 2525 Route 130,


E, Cranbury Plaza, Cranbury 08512. Charles Sahyoun, president.


fax, 609-409-9788. Home page: www.stratusservices.com

In an usual twist for an architecture and engineering firm, this


has a staffing organization, Stratus Services Group in Manalapan,

as its parent company. Charles Sahyoun, the president of the growing


firm, and Joseph Raymond, CEO of the staffing group, are cousins.

With 55 employees, Stratus Engineering firm has added an additional

3,200 feet at Cranbury Plaza for a total of 15,000 feet.

Founded in 1997 by Charles Sahyoun and four partners, the


group does construction, expansion, or retrofits for industrial,


and utility clients. Their clients include ConEdison New York, Lucent

Technologies, and Hoechst Celanese, Hartford Steel Technology, the

Plainfield Fire Department, Orion Energy, and Entergy.

Sahyoun went to New Jersey Institute of Technology, Class of 1981,

and worked at Nuclear Power Services, later acquired by Day and


There he met Tom Foley, Al Ribaudo, Gene Porzio, and Art Abrusseze.

"My cousin Joe already had the infrastructure — the financing,

human resources, and the benefits and 401k plans — so we started

as a subsidiary of his firm," says Sahyoun.

The two cousins’ firms enjoy a limited synergy. Some of staffing


may need engineers. Or the engineering firm may need IT-related


that the staffing company can fill. "We helped them out to go

public two years ago and now we own shares in Stratus Services,"

says Sahyoun.

"We usually work for final customers, not subcontractors to


architect," says Foley, a graduate of Penn State, Class of 1992,

with an MBA from St. Joe’s. "Many of our clients have their own

architects on staff and know what they want. Lucent is consolidating

their spaces so we are doing lab retrofits."

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Crosstown Moves

Shawnee Chemical Company, 600 College Road, Suite

3600, Princeton 08540. Terrence Hurley, president. 609-799-3930; fax,


When its landlord, Montessori Corner, needed more space, Shawnee moved

from a one-story office building in Princeton Meadows Office Center

to the third floor at the Forrestal Center but keeps its phone and

fax. Founded in 1980, the company has a dozen employees in about 2,000

square feet. It sells PVC resins and additives.

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Leaving Town

MediCom of Princeton Inc., 101 Washington Street,

Morrisville 19067. Lynn Sturgis, CEO. 215-337-9991; fax, 215-337-0960.

Home page: www.medicaled.com

Earlier this fall Medicom expanded from 4599 Main Street in Kingston

to Morrisville, where the firm now has 25 employees. The firm offers

medical communications, specializing in continuing education media

for physicians, pharmacists, and nurses.

Nabisco Food Services, 200 DeForest Avenue, Second

Floor Wing 2, East Hanover 07936. Mark Sale, regional vice president.

973-503-3828; fax, 973-503-4046.

When Kraft bought Nabisco, this two-person Nabisco regional sales

office moved from 2681 Quakerbridge Road to Kraft’s headquarters in

East Hanover. Mark Sales is responsible for sales of cookies,


and sauces to the food service industry, says his assistant, Pam


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Contracts Awarded

Synthon Chiragenics, 7 Deer Park Drive, Monmouth

Junction 08852. Scott E. Coleridge, president & CEO. 732-274-0037;

fax, 732-274-0501. Home page: www.synthoncorp.com

The carbohydrate-based drug discovery company has signed a research

agreement with Boston-based Brigham and Women’s Hospital to work on

potential antibacterial candidates to treat highly resistant germs.

An oxazolidonone compound used in the drug Zyvox is

the most effective drug available today to treat drug-resistant


but already there is one type of staph infection that Zyvox cannot

cure. So Ying Wang, a Harvard Medical School professor and staff


at the hospital wants to speed up the search for more oxazolidones.

Synthon will create a wide variety of new oxazolidonone compounds.

Synthon, a privately held company, launched its drug discovery program

last May. Hollingsworth, a professor at Michigan State University,

moved the company from Michigan to New Jersey to get better access

to current and potential clients. (U.S. 1, May 24, 2000).

Medarex (MEDX), 707 State Road, Princeton Gateway,

Suite 206, Princeton 08540. Donald L. Drakeman, president.


fax, 609-430-2850. Home page: www.medarex.com.

Medarex and m-phasys GmbH will collaborate on developing and


a large number of cell membrane receptors that could affect disease


Medarex Inc. develops monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics to fight

cancer and other life-threatening and debilitating diseases. Founded

four years ago, it has nearly 80 employees, including those at its

laboratory in Annandale. M-phasys, which was founded two years ago

in Tubingen, Germany, works on membrane protein drug discovery


"We are pleased to be working with M-phasys," said Donald

L. Drakeman, president and CEO of Medarex. "We believe that their

unique protein folding technology will help in accelerating the


and development of fully human antibody products."

Medarex doubled its R&D budget this year, raising it from $5.5 million

to $11.2 million, yet its losses went down, from $2.8 million last

year to $2.7 million this year, or four cents a share.

Princeton Financial Systems, 600 College Road East,

Suite 2400, Princeton 08540. James C. Russell, CEO. 609-987-2400;

fax, 609-987-9320. Home page: www.pfs.com

Princeton Financial Systems has licensed its investment management

and accounting system to Horace Mann Educators Corp., the largest

national, multi-line insurance company focusing on the insurance and

financial service needs of the educational community. Based in


Illinois, the firm sells annuities and insurance to teachers and their


Princeton Financial Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of State

Street Corp. with investment management software that can be licensed

for in-house use or accessed via the Internet.

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James Edwin Loder, 69, on November 9. He was professor

of the philosophy of Christian Education at Princeton Theological


Michael F. Collito on November 15. He was a staff


at the Medical Center at Princeton and director of the Pain Management


Janice B. Stonaker, 61, on November 19. She and her

husband had a law firm on Leigh Avenue.

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