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Life in the Fast Lane

Despite the apparent glut of Route 1 real estate and

the slowdown in the commercial market, the Patrinely Group, a Houston

developer that already has developed two new buildings on Route 1,

has decided to move ahead on a new office complex in the Forrestal

Campus. Patrinely received approval from the Plainsboro Planning Board

on October 15 for an 800,000-square-foot office and research complex

in Forrestal Center, and it is scheduled to begin construction next


The project — called Forrestal Center North Campus — will

be located on a 71.6-acre parcel on Route 1 North adjacent to the

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Patrinely is under contract with


University, the property owner, to buy the land. Patrinely is also

the developer of two buildings totaling 225,000 square feet on a


tract on Route 1 south just below Forrestal Village.

The North Campus plans call for the construction of five, five-story,

160,000-square-foot buildings, and parking lots for 3,200 vehicles.

The complex will be built on a 59-acre portion of the site.

According to a traffic study by Schoor DePalma, the complex —

at full buildout — would generate 1,170 cars during the morning

peak traffic hours (1,030 in, and 140 out), and 1,200 during the


peak (1,000 out, and 200 in).

Southbound traffic would enter the site using the interchange at Sayre

Drive (currently the entrance to the Forrestal Campus). Northbound

motorists could use the Sayre Drive interchange or an entrance at

Stellerator Drive, the L-shaped road that runs between Sayre Drive

and the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.

Located at the rear of the site is the recently built Campus Road,

which parallels Route 1 and runs from Scudders Mill Road to


Drive. Next March, Patrinely plans to construct an extension of Campus

Road to College Road.

When part of Stellerator Drive becomes a one-way road next summer,

that will force southbound traffic leaving the site to use the new

Campus Road connections to Scudders Mill Road or College Road East.

Planners believe this alignment will route traffic away from the


Landing development, located on Sayre Drive. Additional traffic had

become a contentious issue in the planning process, prompting some

residents of Princeton Landing to oppose the complex.

Development on the tract was originally approved in 1999, and the

North Campus is also zoned to allow another 200,000 square feet.

— Bill Sanservino

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