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Life in the Fast Lane

Increased security is now the goal for many


and sellers of at-the-door security devices are doing a brisk


"We have received numerous requests for prices, quotes, and


and we have also had some immediate sales," says Sanjay Sabnani,

spokesperson for Metorex Security Products on Phillips Boulevard in

Ewing. Until now, most buyers of Metorex’ metal detectors were


or international corporations, but commercial and private sector


are calling now.

Metorex Security Products sells walk-through and handheld metal


such as those installed at Continental Airlines’ terminal in Newark.

Carol Fox Shaltis is the head of Metorex Security Products and John

Patterson heads a sister company, Metorex Inc., which sells material

analyzers for chemical analysis. Both were founded in Finland, still

the site of the manufacturing operation, and have United States


at Princeton Crossroads at Ewing (U.S. 1, January 22, 1997). Related

equipment is made in Hawthorne, Louisiana, and Malaysia.

Compared to such technologies as thermal imaging, Metorex’ metal


equipment is fairly low-tech. But the company also has a body imaging

Secure 1000 product that is the equivalent of an X-ray strip search.

It is primarily used on a consent-only basis by customs or



Metorex was acquired in 1998 by California-based OSI, an


manufacturing and components company that trades on Nasdaq. The 1,000

employee firm also owns an X-ray manufacturing company, RapidScan

Security Products, and X-ray and metal detection equipment accounted

for $50 million of its $110 million in annual sales.

Metorex’ walk-through and hand-held detectors may be more expensive

than some of the competition, such as Perkin Elmer Security Products.

But Sabnani says Metorex equipment offers more features, such as the

ability to pinpoint a particular zone to detect a potential threat.

Also, they can be marketed along with RapidScan’s X-ray machines as

part of a complete package. The least expensive metal detector by

itself might cost $25,000, and package prices are in the six-figure

range, depending on quantities.

"Since we are selling the baggage scanners, we can sell the


solution for a particular gate," says Sabnani, speaking from


"When we go in with a complete package, pricing is not as big

of a deal as it might have been for just the metal detectors."

"Our goal is to be a one-stop provider of security solutions,"

he says. Among the clients are embassies, correctional institutions,

customs offices, and airports in the United States and worldwide.

"You need to be able to provide mission critical support, and

we have a 24 by 7 support team."

Metorex Inc./Metorex Security Products, 250


Boulevard, Suite 250, Princeton Crossroads at Ewing, Trenton


John Patterson, president. 609-406-9000; fax, 609-530-9055. Home

page: www.metorex.com

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On Friday, September 14, U.S. Trust Company made a


move from the Mack-Cali building at 5 Vaughn Drive to its own


at the corner of Vaughn and Alexander Road. "We’ve tripled our

size in the past five years," says Harry O’Mealia, president and

CEO of U.S. Trust Corporation. "Our new office provides


client service space, the latest technology, and room for future


needs." His company was represented by Buzz Woodworth of Keller

Dodds & Woodworth. Phone and fax stay the same.

Designed in greens and golds, and cherry wood by New York-based


Duffy, the 28,000 square-foot office was built by the landlord, Nexus

Properties. Of the 66 total employees at the wealth management


five people work at a satellite retail center on Hulfish Street in

downtown Princeton, 14 people in Morristown, and 47 people at the

headquarters here. It offers investment management, fiduciary,


planning, and banking services to affluent individuals, families,

and institutions.

Somehow the company managed to make this move on schedule, just three

days after the World Trade Center disaster. ""We have a lot

of people that depend on us," says spokesperson Dana Lichtstrahl,

"so we keep going while we are in the process of grieving."

U.S. Trust Company of New Jersey, 845 Alexander

Road, Princeton 08543-5209. Harry O’Mealia, president and CEO.


fax, 609-734-7777.

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S.T. Peterson Moves

S. T. Peterson, 4262 Route 1, Suite 5, Monmouth

Junction 08852. Susan Wolstromer, executive vice president.


fax, 732-329-4165.

This real estate development, design, and construction firm had


on Route 1 North since 1946, but when it began to concentrate solely

on development, it moved to Trevose. In June it reestablished the

corporate office at one of its own properties. "We wanted to move

back because it is easier to manage properties and be on site,"

says Susan Wolstromer, executive vice president

The company owns five buildings on Route 1 North totaling 130,000

square feet: 4270, 4266, 4262, 4260, and 4250. In Hamilton, it owns

the 40,000-foot Selective Insurance Building at 1 AAA Drive.

Waddell & Reed Financial Services, 4250 Route 1

North, Suite 5, Monmouth Junction 08852. Ramin Bahar, division


732-274-8838; fax, 732-274-8879.

On September 17 Waddell & Reed moved from 1,500 square feet on


Corner Road in the Atrium at Lawrence to 2,235 square feet in the

S.T. Peterson building. Phone and fax are new. Headquartered in


the company offers financial services, mutual funds, variable


and life and health insurance.

Monarch Storage and Warehouse Corporation, 4260

Route 1 North, Monmouth Junction 08852.

To service a major client, this warehouse company has opened space

for parts storage and distribution in the S.T. Peterson building.

Its main locations are in Thorofare and Lyndhurst.

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LifeCycle Ventures, 3150 Brunswick Pike, Crossroads

Corporate Center, Suite 230, Lawrenceville 08648. Chris Tama,


vice president. 609-493-3000; fax, 609-493-3097. Home page:


After just eight months in this new office, this pharmaceutical


firm will expand to take space across the hall at the end of October,

says Ann Bishop, administrative assistant to Chris Tama. The parent

company, Pharmaceutical Detailing Inc. or PDI, is based in Upper


River (201-258-8450).

Vectramed Inc., Plainsboro Road & Route 1, FMC

Campus Building B-10, Plainsboro 08536. James Pachence, president.

609-919-1007; fax, 609-919-9407. Home page: www.vectramed.com

The five-year-old pharmaceutical firm moved in July from subleased

office space on Village Boulevard to the FMC campus, where it now

has a working laboratory and nine employees.

Vectramed is doing research and development of pharmaceutical


for site-directed drug delivery, and it has incubator lab space at

Rutgers. Vectramed was formerly known as Veritas Medical Technologies.

Strich Law Firm LLC, 4105 Route 1, Wynwood Office

Condominiums, Unit 9, Monmouth Junction 08852. Gabrielle L. Strich,

attorney, mediator. 732-438-3880; fax, 732-438-3885.

Gabrielle Strich expanded from a home office with the purchase of

a 1,000-foot office at Wynwood Office Condominiums and moved in on

September 5. The design features shades of pale green with Oriental

rosewood furniture. "We moved walls, put in internal windows to

make a waiting room, and used every available space," says Strich.

"I even took the fireplace area and made a closet out of it."

Strich graduated from the University of South Florida, went to


Law School, and is licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. After

a stint with a large Philadelphia firm, she opened her own firm in

New Jersey in 1990. She is married to Jacob Katz, president of Matrix

Inc., a Princeton Service Center-based firm that does statistical

analysis of market research.

Her civil practice focuses on family law, and she also does


elder law, employment/labor, estate, and business law. A


attorney in dependency mediation courses for a pilot program in Mercer

County, she is also a mediator for the Equal Employment Opportunity

Commission. Associated with her practice are two "of counsel"

attorneys — Ram Cheerath, who does immigration from his main


in New York, and Bonita Leadem, a former prosecuting attorney.

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Name Changes

Schaeffer Lamont & Associates, 35-37 Montgomery

Knoll, Princeton.

In an amicable parting, the principals at Schaeffer Lamont are going

their separate ways. Linda Schaeffer will offer her litigation


service as a shareholder at WithumSmith+Brown at Princeton Overlook,

and Sharon Lamont is opening an accounting office in Hamilton.

Sharon Lamont & Associates will be located at 2277 Route 33, Suite

412, Hamilton 08690, 609-631-9969; fax, 609-631-9949. (E-mail:


A graduate of Rider University, Lamont has three grown children —

and two grandchildren — and has been a CPA for more than 25 years.

She offers traditional accounting services as well as investment


she has a broker’s license. Her client list focuses on small


and nonprofits.

Schaeffer went to Seton Hall, Class of 1973, attended the master’s

program in taxation at Pace University and is both a certified fraud

examiner and a CPA. She worked as a field agent for the Internal


Service and in the tax departments of Deloitte Touche and Laventhal

& Horvath. "I am looking forward to expanding my litigation


services, to have the backbone of a prestigious firm," says


Schaeffer’s mother was a bookkeeper, and when she began her major

in accounting she thought it would be just the first step to going

to law school. "Then I found out I loved accounting, and I could

practice accounting in the courts." Much of her work is forensic

accounting in divorce cases, looking into how and where a spouse might

have concealed funds from the family exchequer.

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New in Town

Gateway Locksmith Inc., 2277 Route 33 East, Suite

407, Hamilton 08690. Mike DeSiccio, partner. 609-838-4700; fax,


The call center for locksmiths opened at Golden Crest Corporate Center

in August. It takes calls and faxes orders to locksmiths.

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William Hill Kelly Jr. , 30, on September 11 at the World

Trade Center. He worked for Bloomberg LP, first in Skillman, and most

recently at the Tradebook LLC division in Manhattan.

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