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Life in the Fast Lane

The Sarnoff Corporation looms large in any account

of New Jersey’s Video Valley, and its influence extends even to


that it does not sponsor. A former vice president at Sarnoff, Brown

Williamson, had a hot video idea — to electronically insert


banners or other images into live television broadcasts so that the

image is viewable only to the public watching the game on TV, not

the spectators or the players.

Williamson left Sarnoff to start his own company for video processing

hardware and software. Princeton Video Image (PVI) opened its doors

as Princeton Electronic Billboard in 1990. It uses a patented


called pattern recognition, in which a computer seeks out a particular

area on a playing field or stadium, and then pops a paid advertisement

in that area every time it appears on camera.

PVI has been developing and marketing a product called L-VIS since

1993, when Williams received patents for the hardware and software

he invented. L-VIS hit the market in 1995 and the company went public

in 1996 (Nasdaq: PVII). It moved from Hulfish Street to Princess Road.

Just this week it named a new CEO, Dennis Wilkinson. Now PVI has


with three major league baseball teams (Phillies, Padres, and Giants)

to use virtual ads on the backstop behind home plate. It has also

tested racing ads with Indianapolis Speedway’s Brickyard 400 race.

Some competitors have fallen by the wayside, but there always seems

to be a new one popping up. The latest is SportVision, based in


and composed of former Fox television employees who had figured out

how to make a hockey puck "glow." Now they are using a similar

technology to Williamson’s to draw virtual first down lines on


football broadcasts.

SportVision’s contract is with ESPN for Sunday night games, whereas

PVI has an agreement with CBS to provide first-down lines for seven

national Football League regular season and playoff games: the


Bills game on December 19, the Kansas City Chiefs-Oakland Raiders

game on December 26, and four AFC playoff games in January, including

the AFC championship game on January 17. The first game on this


was Pittsburgh at Detroit on Thanksgiving Day. PVI is also doing


signs for the SuperBowl.

"Some of the stuff is so new, we don’t know if there is a patent

issue or not," says Sam McCleery, vice president of marketing.

"In baseball we are the only vendors."

Princeton Video Image Inc. (PVI), 15 Princess Road,

Lawrenceville 08648. Brown Williams, chairman. 609-912-9400; fax,

609-912-0044. Home page:

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Penny Photos

Remember those old photo booths at the shore? You put

a quarter in the slot, made all kinds of faces, and out came your

mug shots. Those booths are still around in new and modern versions.

Susan Florentine is now regional coordinator of firm that started

making them nearly 50 years ago, and she has opened the regional


and warehouse on Route 130. Five employees work there, and 63


serve the area from New Hampshire to West Virginia; they change the

chemicals and the paper and collect the quarters.

Florentine went to Jersey State, Class of ’74, and worked as project

manager for the computer firm, Bannex Corp., on the site of First

Union Bank in Summit. When Wang bought Bannex, she left to join this

half-century old firm, based in Grand Prairie, Texas. She has two

sons, ages 15 and 20.

Malls or roller skating rinks earn $200 to $800 monthly from hosting

the booths. But you could rent one for a company party for $2,000.

That includes transportation, having a technician on hand, and all

the photos your guests want to shoot.

Rosie O’Donnell had one on her show, says Florentine. "Every time

a new guest came on the show they got to sit in the booth with her.

David Letterman wanted to rent a booth for a skit." A celebrity

host will have a collage made from pictures of all of the guests.

"And we do have one school inquiring about next year’s prom."

Point Pleasant’s boardwalk still has some of the old black and white

booths. Black and white lasts forever, Florentine points out. "I

have a picture taken when I was 17 years old and it still looks


Image Dynamics, 2553 Route 130, Campus 130, Suite

2, Cranbury 08512. Susan Florentine, regional coordinator.


fax, 609-409-7753.

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All-Business Radio

Relationships, they say, fail because of one of two

issues — money or sex. WHWH has chosen to focus on money. The

Nassau Broadcasting-owned station (1350 AM) has changed from offering

music to focusing on business, financial, and lifestyle information.

It is now a "Financial News Talk Radio" station.

"We are offering programming that is about one of the most


life issues — the management of money within an entertaining and

informative perspective," says Tim Anderson, program director.

"If you listen an hour or more, you will learn something useful,

whether you’re managing a business, trying to increase your


or keeping a budget, and all in a spontaneous and interesting."

Using the new slogan "We Mean Business" WHWH will tap the

resources of Bloomberg, ABC RAdio, Business News Network, and CNN.

Bruce Williams and Jim Bohannon lead the nighttime roster, and late

night time will be taken by CNN Radio Headline News. On Saturdays,

the Kim Kommando Komputer Show is at 10 a.m., the Motley Fools Radio

Show airs from noon to 3 p.m., and Bob Brinker’s Money Talk from 4

to 7 p.m. Weekday shows include the Bloomberg Morning Show, Business

for Breakfast, Market Track, the Don McDonald Show, Business Day,

Market Wrap, and the Finance Hour.

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Advanced Energy Systems Group, 103 Airpark Drive,

Suite 305, Princeton 08540. Alan Todd, manager accelerator design.


Advanced Energy Systems Group is completing its spin-off from Northrup

Grumman and has moved from 103 Carnegie Center to a space off of Route

206 near the Princeton Airport. The group specializes in accelerator

and energy technology, such as electron accelerator systems, free

electron lasers, and plasma physics projects.

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New Jersey Economic Development Authority, 36 West

State Street, Box 990, Trenton 08625-0990. Caren S. Franzini,


director. 609-292-1800; fax, 609-292-5722. E-mail:

Home page:

The NJEDA has moved from 31,000 feet of leased space at 200 South

Warren Street to a four-story building it bought for $1.3 million

at 36 West State Street. Only the street address changed. The post

office box, the phone, and the fax remain the same. "We bought

and renovated an old four-story building to accommodate the latest

technology," says Rose Smith, spokesperson. "We’re also in

a more central location, near the State House."

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Crosstown Moves

D.A.R.E. New Jersey Inc., 329 Culver Road, Monmouth

Junction 08852. Denise Zimmer, executive director. 732-438-8300.

The six-person social service agency moved from one temporary space

in Forsgate Corporate Center to another one, but it will make yet

another move next month to 329 Culver Road, Monmouth Junction, 08852,

and will have a new phone and fax. Currently it is at 1095 Cranbury

South River Road, Suite 2, Jamesburg 08831, 609-860-2800; fax,


It is the state-wide fundraising arm for the Drug Abuse Resistance

Education program.

Delaware Valley Payroll Inc., 163 Route 130,


1, Suite C, Bordentown 08505. Alex Bothwell. 609-298-7373; fax,


The payroll service firm moved from Farnsworth Avenue in Bordentown

to an office park on Route 130, also in Bordentown. Phone and fax

are the same.

Construction Financial Management Association,

29 Emmons Drive, Suite F-60, , Princeton 08540-1413. William M.


executive director. 609-452-8000; fax, 609-452-0474. E-mail:

Home page:

The non-profit professional association has moved from 707 State Road

to Emmons Drive and has a new phone and fax. It serves 5,500 financial

managers in the construction industry.

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Name Changes

Futurekids School Technology Solutions, 135


Road, Pennington 08534. Frank Dutko, director. 609-897-9595. Home

page: http://www.futurekids.


Just as computer sellers are finding that retail is

a tough way to go, so have computer trainers. FutureKids Computer

Learning Center has changed its name to FutureKids School Technology

Solutions. The parent company provides a wholesale service that it

can contract out to schools to train teachers and provide curriculum.

Frank Dutko has chosen this path. He has given up the retail


at Clarksville Road, and now has several contracts with area schools.

Dutko was raised in Pennington and went to Rensselaer Polytechnic

Institute in Troy, New York, Class of 1977, and has his PhD in biology

from RPI. He worked in the pharmaceutical industry before opening

his "We supply instructors or we work with school systems and

lease teachers," he says. He provides lesson plans and templates

for a strong technical curriculum.

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Leaving Town

Meridian Property Services, 11 Marriott Drive,

Mount Holly 08060. Paul Van Cleve, owner. 609-734-0303.

This real estate development firm has moved from 29 Emmons Drive to

Mount Holly and has a new phone number.

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