Eleven years and several CEOs later, Orchid Cellmark is still struggling, at least with Wall Street. Just announced: CEO Paul J. Kelly will leave, after three years on the job, and Thomas A. Bologna, who has a reputation on Wall Street for growing and/or selling biotech firms, starts on the job in early April.

Orchid Cellmark offers identity DNA testing services for the human identity area (forensic, family relationship, and security applications) and for agriculture (food safety and selective trait breeding). Five years ago Orchid had a 33,000 square foot laboratory and 180 employees in Princeton. Now it has 25 employees at its College Road headquarters, plus testing facilities in Dayton, Ohio; East Lansing, Michigan; Dallas, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; and the United Kingdom.

Founded in 1995 as Orchid Biocomputers, with technology spun out from the Sarnoff Corporation, the company hoped to use its high throughput microfluidics platforms for both drug discovery and DNA testing (“Honey, I Shrunk the Lab,” U.S. 1, January 29, 1997). By 2000 when the first CEO, Dale Pfost, took the company public, it had bought another DNA testing firm and was ramping up that side of the business.

But two years later the stock had plummeted. In 2002 Orchid sold the life science side of the business, ending Pfost’s dreams of using the technology for drug discovery, and slashed jobs. (Pfost is now CEO of Philadelphia-based Acuity Pharmaceuticals.) An executive with a similar name, George Poste, stayed on as chairman, and then Paul Kelly came in as CEO in 2003.

Bologna’s reputation might win some confidence from Wall Street. After seven years as CEO of Gen-Probe, he took it public and successfully sold it to Chugai Pharmaceuticals in 1989.

Bologna, 57, went to New York University for both his BS and MBA degrees. He was president of a division at Becton-Dickinson. After Gen-Probe he headed Scriptgen Pharmaceuticals and then Ostex, which he sold in 2003 “for a significant market capitalization premium,” according to a press release.

His most recent job was with Quorex Pharmaceuticals, which had big potential but was suffering from a bad investment market. Quorex, based in Carlsbad, California, hoped to use “furanones,” derived from seaweed, to fight infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria with drugs that would clog the communication system that bacteria use to “talk” with each other. But these drugs would take at least five years to get to market.

Bologna was quoted in 2004 as saying that a lot of early-stage drug discovery companies were having a “tough time.” “In the current biotech cycle, people are looking for products that are in the clinic, preferably in Phase 2 testing,” Bologna told the San Diego Union Tribune. Bologna came on as CEO of Quorex in September, 2004, laid nearly everybody off in November, and by December of that year he had sold the firm to Pfizer.

In addition to a salary of $520,000 Bologna gets a $100,000 signing bonus and stock incentives, according to filings with the SEC.

Orchid had predicted a $4 million loss for 2005 but now says the loss will be $8 million. One bright spot is that federal government is ramping up its use of criminal DNA databases, and Orchid Cellmark is a leader in this field.

Orchid Cellmark Inc. (ORCH), 4390 Route 1 North, Princeton 08540; 609-750-2200; fax, 609-750-6405. Thomas A. Bologna, CEO. Home page: www.orchid.com


To Forrestal Center

Princeton Gamma-Tech Instruments Inc., 303 College Road East, Princeton 08540; 609-924-7310; fax, 609-924-1729. Christopher Cox, president. Home page: www.pgt.com

Princeton Gamma Tech has moved 45 workers from 36,000 feet on Route 518 in Rocky Hill to 13,000 feet on College Road East. Sab Russo of CB Richard Ellis represented the tenant in the long-term lease. Thompson Land bought the Rocky Hill property.

PGT was founded in 1965 by Joseph Baicker and Alden Sayres to produce semiconductor radiation detectors of lithium-compensated germanium for nuclear physics research laboratories. Now the firm develops and manufactures gamma-ray and x-ray detectors and micro-analyzers.

Last year Princeton Gamma-Tech was bought by Princeton Gamma Tech Instruments, an investment group led by California-based Finn Partners. The former microanalysis division was bought by Bruker AXS Inc.

In 2004 the company settled with the state on its contaminated groundwater controversy and agreed to pay $21.5 million to remove trichloroethylene from a municipal well in Rocky Hill and from groundwater at a Montgomery Township housing development. Princeton Gamma-Tech did not admit guilt.

Crime Watch

A securities fraud case involving two former Bristol-Myers Squibb executives continues in U.S. District Court in Newark. Co-defendants Frederick Schiff (former CFO of Bristol-Myers Squibb) and Richard Lane (former B-MS president of worldwide medicines) filed motions on March 2. Claiming that Lane was solely responsible for alleged securities fraud and conspiracy, Schiff’s attorney, David Zornow, asked to have his criminal charge dismissed. Lane’s attorney, Richard Strassberg, also filed a motion to dismiss charges or have Lane’s case tried separately. Until U.S. District Judge Faith Hochberg schedules a hearing, Schiff and Lane are free on $1 million bonds.

U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie had charged Bristol-Myers Squibb with securities fraud and said B-MS encouraged wholesalers to take more inventory than they could sell in order to boost the company’s stock prices. As part of a deal that Christie struck with B-MS, the company did admit wrongdoing.

New in Town

Wang Engineering Services, 34 Washington Road, Princeton Junction 08550; 609-750-8860; fax, 609-750-8870. Home page: www.wangengineeringservices.com

The geotechnical and structural information engineering firm has opened an office on Princeton-Hightstown Road, near the Princeton Junction train station.

Medipix Productions, 2 Research Way, Princeton 08540; 609-951-9200; fax. Larry Testa, president/executive producer.

Medipix Productions recently moved from New York City to larger quarters in Princeton. Founded in 1994, Medipix provides video production services for the medical field, capturing symposia and medical education classes throughout the country for the Internet and on CD-ROM.


AIG Financial Advisors, 116 Village Boulevard, Suite 306, Princeton 08540; 609-243-9300; fax, 609-243-9330. Mashood Siddiqi.

AIG Financial Advisors, retirement planners, recently moved to Forrestal Village from 4105 Route 1 South in South Brunswick. The business expects to expand in the near future.

Emcom Systems, 127 Route 206 South, Suite 27, Trenton 08610; 609-585-5500; fax, 609-585-7723. Ron Keppel, owner. Home page: www.emcomsys.com

Emcom Systems, an innovative telecom firm, tripled its space with a move from 2450 Kuser Road to 3,000 square feet on Route 206 last fall. “We have diligently applied our nose to the grindstone and come up with some good VoIP solutions for emergency communications, some of which address first responder incompatibility,” says Ron Keppel.

One client used Emcom’s solutions to survive the hurricane in New Orleans; the client list includes General Electric, various mass transit facilities (Emcom recently refurbished the communications system for SEPTA in Philadelphia), and the Smithsonian.

“We are able to integrate all sorts of audio streams — radio, public switch telephone networks, private PBX, roadside emergency phones, wireless, and public address systems— utilizing voice over IP,” says Keppel, a 1963 graduate of Clarkson University. “We mix and match and patch.”

Electronic Development Assistance Corp., 127 Route 206 South, Suite 27, Trenton, Box 1197, Princeton 08542-1197; 609-585-8881; fax, 609-585-7723.

Jon Zeier moved with his office mates, Emcom Systems and Mextras Associates. He sells emergency head-end communications systems, concept through production, also VoIP telephones.

Mextras Associates, 127 Route 206 South, Suite 27, Trenton 08619; 609-818-9143; fax, 609-585-7723. Richard Mextras.

A real-time financial news distribution and embedded systems firm expanded with a move from Hamilton Square to Trenton. He shares an office with Emcom and Mextras Associates.

Career Moves LLC, 100 Overlook Center, Suite 102, Princeton 08540; 609-524-0600; fax, 609-951-0175. Kenneth Levinson, president. Home page: www.executivecareermoves.com

Career Moves, a fee-based executive career management firm, more than doubled its space with a move from 1,100 square feet at Regus to the first floor of 100 Overlook.

Individuals pay Career Moves for research, marketing, cover letters, resumes, interviewing strategies, and proprietary marketing techniques. “We get individuals in front of decision makers that they would not be able to get in front of on their own, and we help them beat out their competition,” says Ken Levinson. “If anyone in the community needs help, I will meet with them at no charge.”

Ken Levinson grew up in Brooklyn, where his father worked for the city, and he majored in geology at City University of New York, Class of 1979. After working for 10 years for Prudential as a regional recruiter, he opened this business with four people “to do for individuals what I did for Prudential.” Now the firm has offices in Philadelphia, Saddle Brook, and New York City and will soon open near Phoenix, Arizona.

Independence Cafe & Catering, 240 Princeton Avenue, American Metro Center, Suite 117, Hamilton 08619; 609-419-9699; fax, 609-586-9909. Joseph B. Gillies Jr. Home page: www.lunches.biz

Joe Gillies has branched out to offer food service to the American Metro Center and had a grand opening in February. “It’s a cool space,” says Gillies — “green, rust, and tan, with exposed ceilings, an industrial look.”

His company, Independent Dining Concepts, has seven locations. This will be the headquarters for catering, and his site at 5 Independence Way will continue to be the commissary headquarters.

Lander Co. Inc. (ICU), 2000 Lenox Drive, Suite 202, Lawrenceville 08648; 609-219-0930; fax, 609-219-1238. Joe Falsetti, chairman and CEO. Home page: www.lander-hba.com

Lander has signed a lease for 16,000 square feet at the American Metro Center. The firm was represented by Jerry Fennelly of NAI Fennelly.

The parent company is Cenuco Inc., which has changed its corporate name to Ascendia Brands, Inc. in order to focus on its health and beauty care products. The Lander division offers private label health and beauty care products.

Last year Cenuco had bought some Playtex brands, including Baby Magic, Mr. Bubble, and Binaca. This is the headquarters and it has warehouses in Binghamton, New York and Toronto, Canada.

Rapid Response Computer Services, 2313 Route 33, Robbinsville 08691; 609-977-7063; fax, 609-223-3961. Jerry Rovner, owner. Home page: www.rapidresponsecs.com

The computer repair and service firm has expanded from 1700 Sylvan Avenue in Hamilton to 1,000 square feet on Route 33 in Robbinsville. “We’re totally mobile. We can go anywhere and fix anything,” says Terry Ikey, the owner. He earned his computer stripes in four years in the Marine Corps and then freelanced until he opened the company with Jim Hearney in 2005. Hearney had worked for STM Robotics. The company does virus removal, data recovery, networking, security, web design, web hosting, Cisco wireless installation, in-store and at-home diagnostics.

Structure Tone Inc., 242 Princeton Avenue, American Metro Center, Suite 116, Hamilton 08619; 609-588-0362; fax, 609-631-4336. Pat Toner, vice president. Home page: www.structuretone.com

Structure Tone Inc., a general contractor and construction manager, moved last year from Overlook Center in Princeton to American Metro Center in Hamilton. Founded in 1971, the global firm has 1,300 employees, with offices in Boston, New York, Washington, DC, Lyndhurst, NJ, Hong Kong, and London. It also has three affiliated construction services companies. The Hamilton office has 30 employees.


Pharmaceutical Development Partners LLC, 316 Wall Street, Princeton 08540; 609-688-8900; fax, 609-921-3426. Frank Castellana, partner.

In late 2005 the principals in three management consulting firms, Pharmaceutical Advisors, Knollwood Partners, and Hutchinson Associates formed Pharmaceutical Development Partners. The new firm supports biotech, pharmaceutical, and chemical firms and investors with tools and expertise for due diligence, market entry, portfolio management, strategic planning, partnering, development planning and implementation.

The three partners — Frank Castellana, Paul Woitach, and Nan Hutchinson — have experience in technical, clinical and commercial development, marketing research, modeling, operations, and general management.

Roberts & Reymann, 1670 Whitehorse-Hamilton Square Road, Hamilton 08690; 609-586-1141; fax, 609-586-1143. Carmela S. Roberts, president. Home page: www.r-rengineering.com

Engineering firm Roberts & Reymann opened offices last year in Hamilton. It provides plans and contract documents for site development, roadway design, curb and sidewalk installation, sanitary sewer, water distribution and stormwater management facilities, and gas and electric utilities.

The firm, a woman-owned business with seven employees, provides necessary permits and site inspectors, and it oversees the construction process, including contracts and administration.

New Jersey Computer Technologies, 301 North Harrison Street, Suite 435, Princeton 08540; 609-923-2300; fax. Sal Ammirata, consultant. Home page: www.njct.biz

Sal Ammirata has opened a computer services firm with a mailing address at the Princeton Shopping Center.


Hammerhead Ops, Box 1234, Princeton 08542; 609-921-2001; fax, 609-734-0066. David Kahn, owner. Home page: www.hammerheadops.com

David Kahn closed the office he had shared with Technology Management & Funding, which was bought by Princeton Technology Partners and has moved to New York. Kahn has a security consulting and training firm that is based in Israel, and he says that because he is working on security for the federal government, a post office box address is appropriate.

Princeton Technology Partners, 150 East 52nd Street, 11th Floor, New York 10022; 212-980-1118; fax, 212-980-9510. Jeffrey Siegel, CEO. Home page: www.solar-save.com

Alan Hegedus closed the 100 Overlook office of Princeton Technology Partners, and calls are being taken at the Manhattan office of this venture capital firm. It is the successor to Technology Management and Funding.

Lenaz Associates, 349 Nassau Street, Princeton 08540; 609-921-2572; fax, 609-924-2904. Gerald Lenaz AIA, AICP/PP, senior partner.

The two partners in Lenaz, Mueller and Associates, land planning and development consultants, have reorganized after 20 years and closed the office at 12 Roszel Road. Gerry Lenaz has formed Lenaz Associates on Nassau Street. Michael Mueller has moved his practice to Philadelphia.

Maloy Risk Services Inc., 100 Village Boulevard, Suite 200, Princeton 08540; 609-987-0021; fax, 609-987-0449. Richard A. Maloy Jr., president and CEO. Home page: www.maloyrs.com

A Maloy-owned firm, Insure HiTech, moved in July 2005 to 584 Broadway, Suite 912, New York NY 10012; 646-722-9349. It was founded as dotcom for online insurance policies, and now it operates as a wholesale insurance brokerage. Maloy Risk Services, which has its roots in a family firm founded in 1872, has 12 employees and continues with risk management and insurance placement services for the information technology and life sciences industries.

Real Possibilities LLC, 5 Independence Way, Suite 300, Princeton 08540; 609-514-5171; fax, 609-514-5125. Rosemarie Fisher CPA, president. Home page: www.realposs.com

Real Possibilities LLC has just moved from 2277 Route 33, Suite 412, in Hamilton to 5 Independence Way, Suite 300, in Princeton. The company provides outsourced accounting and business consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses. The firm serves Burlington, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, and Somerset counties.

Management Moves

Spherion Workforce (SFN), 3 Independence Way, Suite 103, Princeton 08540; 609-734-0003; fax, 609-734-0013. Susan Loring, branch manager. Home page: www.spherion.com

Susan Loring is the new branch manager of a staffing firm, Spherion Workforce, that focuses on clerical, office support, and data entry jobs. The company is based in Fort Lauderdale.

The daughter of an attorney and a teacher, Loring grew up in New Jersey and South Carolina, and majored in U.S. history at Jersey City State College. She has a master’s degree in Brazilian studies from New York University. She taught at S.U.N.Y Buffalo and was editorial director of the college division of Academic Press. She worked in Manhattan, doing technology sales and software, and her office was near the World Trade Center. She made career switch after 9/11.

“People had been telling me for years I should get into the staffing industry, so I made my move,” says Loring.

Leaving Town

Law Offices of Adelson, Testan, & Brundo, 3 Connell Drive, Berkeley Heights 07922; 908-771-0200; fax, 908-771-0204. Marie Rose Bloomer, managing attorney. Home page: www.atblaw.net

The law office, part of a national firm with 21 offices, closed its Princeton office at 650 College Road East and can be reached in Berkeley Heights. It focuses on workers compensation matters.

Dungarvin New Jersey Inc., 501 Hoes Lane, Suite 100, Piscataway 08854; 732-463-7227; fax, 732-463-8811. Robyn Zippilli, senior director. Home page: www.dungarvin.com

A nonprofit that supports those with developmental disabilities has moved from Cranbury Plaza to Piscataway (888-624-9615).

ETI LLC, 175 Cross Keys Road, Suite 105, Berlin 08009; 856-753-9840; fax, 856-753-9838. Adhish Desai, CEO. Home page: www.eticomm.net

ETI LLC has moved from 4390 Route 1 North to ETI’s headquarters in Berlin, New Jersey. ETI offers Internet access, E-commerce hosting, voice over IP, and DSL.

First Health Services Corp. (FHCC), 101 College Road East, Princeton 08540; 609-919-1892; fax, 609-919-1899. Marion Pardes, director of operations. Home page: www.fhsc.com

A 55-person office of this medical insurance processing firm closed at 101 College Road and moved to Virginia. It had been bought by Coventry Health.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Inc. USA, 750 Corporate Drive, Mahwah 07430; 210-684-8000. Terry Coughlin, president. Home page: www.glenmarkus.com

After three years in Princeton, the pharmaceutical company moved from 1 Independence Way to Mahwah. The 10-person office belongs to a company, founded in 1977 in India, that manufactures generic drugs. This office was opened to help file drug applications and market finished formulations in the United States market.

Mulberry Child Care & Preschool, 510 Lawrence Square Boulevard South, Lawrenceville 08648; 609-584-8777; fax, 609-584-4567. Teresa A. Brookshaw, director. www.mulberrychildcare.com

Mulberry Child Care has closed its school on Lawrence Square Boulevard, according to the national office.

Multimedia Video, 1 Bridge Street, Metuchen 08890; 732-321-2500. Jeffrey R. Wertz, owner. Home page: www.multimediavideo.com

The 10-year-old multimedia production firm moved from 46 Bayard Street in New Brunswick to Metuchen, where it has four staff members and 2,500 square feet. It offers video compression for CD-ROM and web steaming, video production services and duplication, and CD duplication.

American Water Company, 131 Woodcrest Road, Cherry Hill 08003; 856-310-2200; fax, 856-310-2249. Walter Lynch, president. Home page: www.amwater.com

The Northeast Region corporate offices of New Jersey American Water moved in February from 989 Lenox Drive in Lawrenceville to 9,600 square feet in Cherry Hill. Joining the regional offices was corporate procurement and shared services. The new offices are just a few miles from corporate headquarters in Voorhees.

Lendel Jones, a spokesperson, says the move was prompted by the “synergy and savings” of having the three groups under one group and close to headquarters.

With approximately 1,000 employees, New Jersey American Water is the state’s largest water utility, with some 592,000 water customers and 23,000 sewer customers. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Water, which provides services to over 18 million customers in 29 states and three Canadian provinces. The company has grown over time with the acquisitions of Elizabethtown Water and Mt. Holly Water.

Outline Systems Inc., 2 Executive Drive, Suite 230, Somerset 08873; 732-537-1234; fax, 732-537-0888. Kulpreet Singh. Home page: www.outlinesys.com

Outline Systems, an enterprise software development and services company, has moved from 186 Princeton-Hightstown Road in Princeton Junction to larger quarters of 2,500 square feet in Somerset. The new location is also more convenient to employees. The company has 15 employees in Somerset and 60 total, including consultants, and has had revenue growth of 20 percent over the past year. Its sister company is 22nd Century Technologies.

22nd Century Technologies Inc., 2 Executive Drive, Suite 230, Somerset 08873; 732-537-9191; fax, 732-537-0888. Kulpreet Singh, technical recruiter. www.22ndcenturytech.com

22nd Century Technologies’ corporate office has moved from 186 Princeton-Hightstown Road, Building 3A, to larger quarters at 2 Executive Drive in Somerset. The company, which does IT staffing, now has 80 employees total, with 10 in the Somerset office.

PChem Associates Inc., 3599 Marshall Lane, Suite D, Bensalem 19020; 215-244-4603. Gregory A. Jablonski, president.

PChem Associates Inc. moved from 11 Deer Park Drive in Monmouth Junction to Bensalem, PA. Gregg Jablonski and Michael A. Mastropietro had opened their office in 2004 to develop nano particles for printed electronics — circuit boards, RFID, antenna, or interconnect systems. Last year they predicted that, if monies from a Ben Franklin Technology Partnership came through, they would make the move to Pennsylvania, where they have a license agreement to develop RFID tags (U.S. 1, May 18, 2005).

Public Policy Center of New Jersey at Montclair State University: New Jersey Reporter, Bond House, Montclair 07043; 973-655-3300; fax, 973-655-3298. Mark Magyar, editor. Home page: www.njreporter.org

The Public Policy Center of New Jersey at Montclair State University moved from West Lafayette Street in Trenton to Montclair after affiliating with Montclair State University.

The center publishes New Jersey Reporter, a public policy and New Jersey Heritage, a history magazine. The center has just hired an executive director and will be hiring an additional staff person soon. Editor Mark Magyar says the move had both economic and academic advantages.

Rock Solid POS, 3141 Fortune Way, Suite 15, Wellington 33414; 561-333-3640; fax, 561-333-3617. Scott Rubinstein, senior software developer. Home page: www.rocksolidpos.com

The five-person software development moved from 379 Princeton Hightstown Road to Wellington, Florida. It offers inventory and accounts receivable point of sale systems for hardware stores (800-588-5128).

So-Deep Inc., 9 Clinton Street, Delaware NJ 07833-0038, Box 38, Delaware 08902; 732-422-4141.

After three years in North Brunswick on Route 130, So-Deep, based in Manassas Park, Virginia, has moved to Delaware, New Jersey. The 100-person company, founded in 1981, has 13 other offices and specializes in subsurface utility engineering. It provides information to project designers and owners on the existence and location of underground utilities.

Charge Injection Technologies Inc., 11 Deer Park Drive, Princeton Corporate Plaza, Suite 102A, Monmouth Junction 08852; Home page: www.chargedinjection.com

Charge Injection Technologies has closed its eight-person laboratory in South Brunswick. It worked on controlled electrostatic charging of powders and liquids to enhance dispersion. None of the contact phone numbers on its web page — which is still posted — is correct; it had had offices in Boston and Connecticut.

Robert A. Dinardo, Accountant, 395 Ridge Road, Suite 3, Dayton 08810.

Robert A. Dinardo has closed his accounting business in Dayton and left no forwarding address.

Sherland & Farrington Inc., 666 Plainsboro Road, Suite 348, Plainsboro 08536.

A commercial flooring and interiors firm, Sherland and Farrington, Inc., has left the area. The phone number has been disconnected.

Epanel Inc., 55 Route 31 South, Pennington 08534.

Epanel Inc., which manufactures luxury electric towel warmers, has closed this office. The phone number is disconnected.

Peter Hexter (University of North Carolina, Class of 1940) and his business partner, Helen Brown, had founded Epanel as a towel warmer manufacturer after they sold their previous company, Lenape Products, which at one point was the largest porcelain bath accessory manufacturer in the United States.

Gemini Wireless, 3100 Quakerbridge Road, Clover Square, Mercerville 08619.

Gemini Wireless, a telephone sales firm, moved out of the area. The phone number is disconnected.

HKS Associates Inc., 379 Princeton-Hightstown Road, Cranbury 08512; www.hksassociatesinc.com

HKS Associates Inc., a computer consulting firm, has left Princeton-Windsor Office Park. The phone has been disconnected and no other area phone listing is available. It resold hardware and software and did system building.

Internet Venture Group LLC, 295 Princeton-Hightstown Road, West Windsor; Greg Harris, president. Home page: www.kidzmail.com

The Internet Venture Group LLC has closed its office at 295 Princeton-Hightstown Road. There were no answers to telephone calls and the domain name, www.kidzmail.com, is for sale. The firm, which had an earlier office at the Carnegie Center, focused on safe and secure E-mail for children (U.S. 1, March 31, 2004).

Keefe’s Mobile Lock Service, 1324 Parkside Avenue, Trenton. J. Richard Keefe, owner.

The phone number for Keith’s Mobile Lock Service has been disconnected.

Thomas V. Lavin Public Accountants, 830 Raymond Road, Princeton.

Thomas Lavin closed his accounting office in Jefferson Plaza. The company has no Princeton-area telephone number.

Out of Business

Management System Professionals Inc., 1230 Parkway Avenue, Ewing 08628.

The computer consulting company dissolved, according to a company representative. Founded in 1996 it had seven employees at one time and did computer consulting, network integration, software applications, custom report writing, and accounting software training.

PC Shows Inc., Box 37, Kendall Park 08824-0037; Ken Gordon, president. www.pcshow.com

According to its website, PC Shows, Inc./KGP Productions, which ran computer shows on the East Coast and managed the Trenton Computer Festival, has closed after 26 years due to reduced vendor participation and attendance. Management of the Trenton Computer Festival has reverted to the founders.

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