New in Town

Cornerstone Pharmaceutical, 1 Duncan Drive, Cranbury 08512; 609-409-7050; fax, 609-409-6035. Bob Rodriguez, president & COO. Home page:

An anti-cancer pharmaceutical firm expanded from an incubator laboratory on Long Island to Exit 8A last fall, and it has 13 full-time employees in a 10,000 square-foot corporate headquarters.

The firm was formed in 1999 as Cornerstone Ventures LLC and it merged into Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals Inc. three years later. It retains some lab space at the Long Island High Technology Incubator in Stony Brook, New York. Though it has filed for registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission, it remains a private firm.

This space was outfitted for the firm. "It’s a great facility, and a lot of our people live in New Jersey," says Robert Rodriguez, the founding president and COO. He majored in technical entrepreneurship at the State University of Stony Brook, Class of 1986, and has a graduate degree from RPI.

Cornerstone has proprietary technologies that focus on anti-cancer drug delivery technology and anti-cancer agents for the treatment of diverse cancers, according to the SEC filings. One technology aims to exploit the metabolic demands of tumor cells to target drug delivery more accurately and with fewer side effects. Known as the Emulsiphan cancer cell selective drug delivery platform, it employs paclitaxel, the active ingredient found in Bristol-Myers Squibb landmark drug, Taxol.

A second platform technology tries to exploit the energy production system found in tumor cells and not in normal cells. A new class of chemical compounds, called AEMD compounds, work in a new way to attack only the cancer cells.


Creations Home Design Studio, 108 Straube Center Boulevard, Suite I-14, Pennington 08534; 609-730-9900; fax, 609-730-9044. Jodi Ann Stasse, president. Home page:

The design consulting firm expanded last summer from South Main Street in Pennington to the Straube Center.

Garden State Fire & Safety Services, 10 South River Road, Cranbury 08512; 732-247-8800; fax, 609-409-3593. Donna Biedenkapp, office manager.

Garden State Fire & Safety Services is slated to move by the end of February from 10 South River Road in Cranbury to its earlier headquarters at 20 Georges Road, New Brunswick. The phone will remain the same, and a new fax number has not yet been obtained.

Power Rooter, 281 Whitehead Road, Hamilton 08619; 609-896-1950; fax, 215-547-1545. Scott Franks, owner. Home page:

Scott Franks moved Power Rooter from rented space on East State Street Extension to space that he purchased on Whitehead Road last summer. Dick Lane of Richardson brokered the move. Power Rooter does sewer and drain cleaning, high velocity sewer jetting, and video pipe inspections.

Family owned, Franks’ company has three servicemen and three schedulers, who work remotely from their homes. He keeps the equipment in this 2,300-foot space. Among his neighbors is another company that uses the space to store equipment, XM Radio’s Effanel Music, a live music and remote recording specialist.

PowerTech Services, 1 South Gold Drive, Hamilton 08691; 609-890-7200; fax, 609-890-7255. Daniel Kulik, owner. Home page:

PowerTech Services, a supplier of emergency power equipment, appears to have vacated its headquarters at 1 South Gold Drive in Hamilton. In April, 2004, the company moved from 7A South Gold Drive and expanded from 30 to 56 employees, but as of January 14, the company’s telephone lines have been temporarily disconnected.

Contract Awarded

e-Healthcare Solutions Inc., 810 Bear Tavern Road, Mountainview Office Park, Suite 102, Ewing 08628; 609-882-8887; fax, 425-671-7796. R.J. Lewis, CEO. Home page:

R.J. Lewis’s firm, e-Healthcare Solutions, has an exclusive contract to sell and deliver online advertising for, owned by the American Academy of Family Physicians. The site offers disease content material in English and Spanish.

The eight-year-old firm is a vertical Internet advertising network dedicated to healthcare. It provides specialty online advertising opportunities for marketers of medical and pharmaceutical products who want to reach consumers, physicians, and other health professionals (U.S. 1, January 10, 2007).

Crosstown Moves

American Iranian Council (AIC), 29A Wiggins Street, Princeton 08542; 609-252-9099; fax, 609-252-9698. Hooshang Amirahmadi, president. Home page:

The American Iranian Council has moved from 20 Nassau Street to 29A Wiggins Street. The non-profit organization was founded in 1993 by Rutgers professor Hooshang Amirahmadi. It organizes and promotes the Iranian-American community and, according to its website, "encourages efforts for a more democratic, transparent, mutually respectful, and sustainable relationship between Iran and the United States."

The AIC has no ties to any governmental entity. Its initiatives include research into state policies, international organizations, and political-economic change, education of both policymakers and the media, conferences, and charitable giving campaigns to aid Iranians and Iranian-Americans.

Eagle Vision Productions Inc., 309 Farnsworth Avenue, Suite 1, Second Floor, Bordentown 08505; 609-372-4913. Jill A. Hargrave, president/producer. Home page:

Documentary producer Jill Hargrave has moved her non-profit company, Eagle Vision Productions, from Lambertville, where it had offices on Swan Street, to Bordentown.

"I work as director of grant development at NJN, and Bordentown is closer to Trenton," she says. "It’s just a 10-minute drive to downtown."

Hargrave is working on a documentary on tennis star Andre Agassi’s charter school in Las Vegas, focusing on how it might improve educational outcomes for under-served children. "It’s changed focus several times," she says of the project. "Now that the school is expanding, I’m looking at what makes a model charter school, and at the growing pains."

The hardest part of her work, says Hargrave, is raising money to get independent films made. That is ironic, because, she says, she has had little trouble raising money for NJN projects. "Apparently I’m very good at it," she says with an engaging laugh.

Upcoming NJN documentaries, she says, are on green builders and on historic preservation.

After a full day of work, Hargrave says that it’s hard to go home and start right in on her own documentary projects, but she is cheerful about it. "Documentaries take time," she says. "They can take five years."

And now, with a shorter commute, Hargrave will have a little more time.

Grand Bank, 3490 Route 1 North, Princeton Service Center, Princeton 08540; 609-514-3900; fax, 609-514-9330. Mark A. Wolters, president and CEO. Home page:

Grand Bank is moving closer to its roots in Hamilton. The bank has moved its operations center from 4287 Route 1 South in Monmouth Junction to 3490 Route 1 North, right across from the Whole Foods supermarket, and is building a new headquarters on Route 33 in Hamilton.

The bank, founded in 2002, specializes in commercial loans and in banking services to small business owners and to high net worth individuals.

Mark A. Wolters, Grand’s president, says that the move down from Monmouth Junction was made because the bank does most of its business in Mercer County, and more specifically in Hamilton and Princeton. Another incentive, he says, is that he, and most of his 32 employees, live closer to Hamilton than to Monmouth Junction.

As it settles into its new operations center, Grand is breaking ground for the new headquarters building. A temporary branch will open within 30 days as the new, 14,000-square-foot building is being erected. The new building will house the bank’s loan department and administrative offices and will contain a banking branch.

Wolters says that the commercial loan business is strong in Mercer County. "We see no slowdown in commercial real estate," he says.

More surprisingly, he is finding a huge demand for residential mortgages through Carnegie Mortgage, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Grand Bank. "We’ve had to hire many more people for that department," says Wolters.

He credits the increase to the fact that "so many mortgage companies have gone out of business." The defunct mortgage companies are casualties of the same subpar lending debacle that has boosted Grand’s business. In addition to supplying conforming loans for the purchase of homes, the bank is doing a brisk business in refinacing as home owners, frightened by news stories of ballooning mortgage rates, rush to get out of adjustable rate loans and into fixed rate loans.

He says that loan applicants "are asking more questions than ever," and are finding assurance in the fact that Carnegie Mortgage is owned by a national bank.

Fusion Marketing, 209 Wall Street, Princeton 08540; 609-279-0606; fax, 609-279-9717. Maeve Egner, president. Home

Fusion Marketing, headed by Maeve Egner, has moved from Nassau Street to Wall Street. The six-year-old firm specializes in consumer and trade marketing, sales promotion, new product launches, and graphic design.

The company has done work for Novartis, Church & Dwight, Dial, and British Airways. A recent project is the launch of Brillo Scrub and Toss sponges.

iXP Corp. (IXP), 989 Lenox Drive, Building 1, Suite 124, Lawrenceville 08648; 609-406-7600; fax, 609-406-7699. Richard E. Dale, CEO.

iXP Corporation is getting set to move from 989 Lenox Drive to Cranbury. A spokesperson says that the company is undertaking a move because it has more space than it needs. Last year the company downsized from 70 employees to 50, a number that has remained stable.

iXP provides a variety of emergency preparedness-related services to municipalities, hospitals, colleges, and public safety organizations, including police, fire, and EMS departments. Its technology includes voice radio communications, 9-1-1 telephony, mobile computing, on-scene incident command, and recording and logging of emergency calls.

New Jersey Primary Care Association, 3836 Quakerbridge Road, Van Nest Office Park, Suite 201, Hamilton 08619; 609-689-9930; fax, 609-689-9940. Katherine Grant-Davis, president and CEO. Home page:

New Jersey Primary Care Association moved its 12-person office from 14 Washington Road to Van Nest Office Park last year. Phone and fax are new. This statewide nonprofit organization represents providers and affiliates of community-based healthcare.

Creative Benefits Plans Inc. (CBPlans), 28 West Railroad Avenue, First Floor, Jamesburg 08831; 732-992-1500; fax, 732-992-1505. Thomas Richman, manager. Home page:

Creative Benefits Plans, which provides insurance and financial products to individuals and employer-sponsored groups, has moved from 101 Research Park in Cranbury to 28 Railroad Avenue in Jamesburg.

Simple Solve Inc., 1 Airport Place, Suite 3, Princeton 08540; 609-452-2323; fax, 609-452-2314. Antony Xavier, president. Home page:

SimpleSolve, a software development company specializing in insurance administration, has moved from its Alexander Road offices to 1 Airport Place, in Research Park, and has added two employees.

Sam Serrapede, one of two partners, said that the company’s sales have been growing recently and so has its need for space. The company’s new offices are 1,700 square feet, as opposed to the 700 square feet it occupied on Alexander Road. The firm moved on January 1 and now has five employees.


Donald Macleod, on January 20. He was professor emeritus of preaching and worship at the Princeton Theological Seminary.

Regina Haig Meredith, 85, on January 18. One of the first women to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, she was a founding partner in the law firm of Meredith, Meredith, Chase, and Taggart. Among her survivors is her brother, General Alexander Haig.

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