With some 27 acres of prime central New Jersey real estate squandered on surface parking lots, the Princeton Junction train station has long been considered for possible mixed use development. Now, with a West Windsor ordinance in place that makes 350 acres surrounding the train station a redevelopment area, and with New Jersey Transit actively supporting the development of mixed use transit villages, the talk has reached a new level.

Last Saturday, March 17, about 300 West Windsor residents cleared the snow from their driveways and gathered at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South to participate in the second of three scheduled “charrettes” reviewing the station area and its potential as a village center.

One of the four schemes presented by Hillier Architecture, the firm hired by the township to lead the planning process, was based on some reported commercial real estate trends that — if realized — could have an impact on office development in the greater Princeton area. That scheme, called Plan B or “The Squares” by Hillier, calls for some 800,000 square feet of office space on the west side (or Princeton side) of the tracks — with development rights obtained in a trade with the Sarnoff Corporation. That space, noted Bob Hillier, might be especially desirable to companies now located in New York, where a large number of leases are now coming due and are expected to be offered as renewals at twice the current rate.

Faced with that sticker shock, the reasoning goes, some Manhattan firms might look to central New Jersey for relief. And a transit village at West Windsor, with office space that is walking distance away for reverse commuters, might be highly desirable from a commercial real estate point of view.

Commercial broker Jerry Fennelly of NAI Fennelly, who attended the charrette, confirmed the basics of Hillier’s analysis. New York did “incentivize” companies to come to Manhattan, and leases written in 2001 and 2002 now “are rolling over,” says Fennelly. “In 2007-2008 the abatement is gone, and the rents have doubled — or tripled, in some cases. People who manage their operating costs will move. The question is, where? Having a large amount of office product on the train line will help.”

While at one time West Windsor would have jumped at the chance to attract a major property tax ratable with a development that would add no new children to the public school system, the participants at this charrette seemed largely unimpressed with another 800,000 square feet of office space. Citing such projects at the new five-story University Plaza, with 313,000 square feet of still empty space, many residents at the charrette worried about another office building being contemplated at the same time several buildings in the township are standing empty.

But, as Mark Hill of Hilton Realty says, “the transit village is a much bigger concept than any cyclical changes in the real estate market.” In greater Princeton, Hilton owns and manages over 1 million square feet of retail space plus 1.5 million square feet of office space, including the new 904 Carnegie, which has 140,000 square feet available. Hilton is still seeking tenants for that building. “No doubt there is space right now, but this is a 20 and 30-year scenario, and one tenant could swoop down and take an entire 300,000-foot building in a heartbeat.”

The next redevelopment and transit village charrette, at which Hillier is scheduled to present one scheme based on the participants’ feedback, is set for Thursday, April 19, from 7 to 10 p.m., at Grover Middle School in West Windsor (www.wwallaboard.org).

Japanese BioTech Expands

In February BioWa Inc. moved out of its parent company’s offices at 212 Carnegie Center to 29 Emmons Drive, where nine employees occupy 6,200 square feet. BioWa is wholly owned by Kyowa, a Tokyo-based drug development firm that has been at the Carnegie Center since 1999 and has 110 employees there now.

Founded in 2003 by CEO Nobuo Hanai, BioWa licenses its “Potelligent” technology, which can add potency to monoclonal antibody function. For one project, it is working with another Princeton-based firm, Medarex. BioWa’s antibodies show a marked increase in antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC), which helps antibodies to kill tumor cells.

Hanai, the son of an entrepreneur, graduated from the University of Tokyo and has a doctorate from Yamaguchi University. Among his postdocs were one in biochemical oncology at the Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. He came to Kyowa’s Princeton office in 2003.

The name of his company suggests a desire to improve the quality of life. It refers to the Western term, bio, for “life,” and the eastern term, “Wa,” associated with “heart” or “harmony.”

BioWa Inc., 29 Emmons Drive, Suite C 10, Princeton 08540; 609-919-1100; fax, 609-919-1111. Nobuo Hanai, president and CEO. Home page: www.biowa.com

Mutual Fund


Critical Math Advisors, a mutual fund asset management firm, moved in November from Skillman to larger office space of 2,000 square feet on Emmons Drive. The firm was launched about a year ago to manage the assets of the Critical Math Mutual Fund.

Under the name of Financial Planning Analysts, the firm’s president, Lewis Arno, has been offering investment advice since 1986. The Critical Math fund is part of the Northern Lights Fund Trust, a family of mutual funds, which handles fund administration and accounting.

Derek Bilcik, treasurer and chief compliance, distinguishes between the Critical Math fund and others that call themselves either small or large capital funds and always stay invested in their chosen sectors. Success depends on how well stocks are selected within those categories.

The Critical Math fund uses technical models that follow different indexes to determine whether the fund stays in the market or, if the climate is too risky, moves to a cash position. “We have the flexibility to be anywhere from 0 to 100 percent invested in the equity market,” says Bilcik.

To select individual stocks, the fund uses fundamental models.

Arno, the president and managing member of Critical Math Advisors, is also president of Financial Planning Analysts Inc. and a registered representative of Brookstreet Securities Corporation, which the firm uses to place brokerage business. Arno began his financial planning business in 1974, focusing on advanced estate planning and in 1986 began concentrating on money management, developing proprietary investment models and strategies designed to provide risk-averse returns. Donna McGill serves as vice president and systems supervisor for Critical Math Advisors.

—Michele Alperin

Critical Math Advisors LLC, 29 Emmons Drive, Suite A-20, Princeton 08540; 609-734-9290; fax, 609-734-9280. Lewis Arno, president. Home page: www.unusualfund.com

Crime Watch

The case of the convicted blood bank official has a new twist. Patrick Deschenes, former CEO of the Community Blood Council of New Jersey, had pleaded guilty in 2005 to first degree money laundering and theft. He sentenced to 10 years in state prison, but he failed to report to prison. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested him last month, and he was returned to New Jersey on March 15.

Prosecutors had charged Deschenes with artificially inflating the purchase price of blood products sold to area hospitals in order to generate and keep more than $640,000 in illegal profits (U.S. 1, December 22, 2004).

James J. Gosnay, meanwhile, has taken over as CEO of the non-profit community blood center, which has 70 employees and is one of four independent regional not-for-profit blood centers in the state.

“This defendant could run, but he couldn’t hide — not even after leaving the United States,” said Attorney General Stuart Rabner in a press release.

Community Blood Council of New Jersey Inc., 1410 Parkside Avenue, Ewing 08638-2996; 609-883-9750; fax, 609-883-9449. James Gosnay Jr., CEO. Home page: www.communitybloodcouncil.org

Business Dispute? Or Criminal Matter

Clear Advantage Title Inc., 1670 Whitehorse-Hamilton Square Road, Hamilton 08690; 888-245-5051; fax, 888-245-5052. Edward A.M. Furfey, president. Home page: www.cattitle.com

Clear Advantage Title Co. has filed a civil suit in Superior Court in Trenton against a former employee, Jeffrey Gibb, for allegedly embezzling more than $1 million.

Gibb is charged with redirecting checks that were issued for client expenses. The checks were allegedly used for, among other items, the purchase of at least one vehicle, jewelry, private school tuition, and credit card payments. Gibbs is also the subject of a criminal investigation, according to the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office.

Gibb’s attorney, Kevin Hart of Stark & Stark, is an expert on white collar crime and is giving a seminar on that subject on Thursday, March 22 (see page 5). Hart says, in court documents, that this matter is merely a dispute between two business partners, that Gibb was a part owner and was promised a share of the business.

In court papers, Gibb denies all of the allegations in the civil suit and has requested dismissal of the civil suit. The title company had no comment on the case.

Management Moves

Mercer County College Bookstore, 1200 Old Trenton Road, Box B, Trenton 08690; 609-586-4800, extension 3416; fax, 609-570-3876. Mike Massa, manager.

Yet another college bookstore has been sold to a chain. On the heels of Princeton University Bookstore being sold to a Boston-based chain, the Follett Book Company bought the community college bookstore on December 1. Follett also owns the Rutgers bookstore.

Szaferman, Lakind, Blumstein, Blader & Lehmann PC, 101 Grovers Mill Road, Quakerbridge Executive Center, Suite 104, Lawrenceville 08648; 609-275-0400; fax, 609-275-4511. Barry D. Szaferman, managing partner. www.szaferman.com

Daniel S. Sweetser closed his Quakerbridge Road-based law practice (Lozier, Lazzaro & Sweetser) and joined Szaferman Lakind. A Rutgers alumnus, he earned his law degree from Widener University in 1991.

He represents clients in state and federal courts in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in cases involving employment law, labor law, municipal law, civil rights law, contract law, insurance law and securities law.

Roselli Griegel PC, 1337 Route 33, Hamilton Square 08690; 609-586-2257; fax, 609-586-2476. Mark Roselli, president. Home page: www.roselligriegel.com

Kenneth Lozier and James Lazzaro closed their law practice on Quakerbridge Road (Lozier, Lazzaro & Sweetser) and joined Roselli Griegel last November. The full-service firm focuses on real estate, complex litigation and government law.

New Jersey Bankers Association, 4365 Route 1 South, Box 573, Princeton 08542-0573; 609-520-1221; fax, 609-520-2038. John E. McWeeney Jr., president.

John E. McWeeney Jr. is replacing W. Stuart Cameron as CEO of the New Jersey Bankers Association, a trade association with 80 commercial banks.

An alumnus of Stonehill College in North Easton, Massachusetts, Class of 1977, he has an MBA from Boston College. He will be retiring from Bank of America and coming to the NJBA in April.


CoWorx Staffing Services, 742 Alexander Road, Suite 101, Princeton 08540; 609-452-0176; fax, 609-452-0173. Debbie Mallard, district manager. Home page: www.coworxstaffing.com

CoWorx Staffing Services has moved from 12 Roszel Road to larger quarters at 742 Alexander Road. The firm provides temporary and direct hire staffing for office support functions, from upper management to clerical staff and customer service. It expects to hire a fifth employee in the near future.

International Medical Press, 202 Carnegie Center, Suite 104, Princeton 08540; 609-375-9700; fax, 609-275-5029. Donna Hilton, vice president client services. Home page: www.intmedpress.com

MediTech Media Ltd. (USA), 202 Carnegie Center, Suite 102, Princeton 08540; 609-275-5030; fax, 609-275-5029. Jim Perry, VP client services. Home page: www.meditechmedia.com

International Medical Press, a small publisher of medical books and journals, recently moved out of Suite 102 at 202 Carnegie Center, which it shared with MediTech Media, into its own suite next door.

MediTech Media (609-275-5030) was founded in 1987 as an agency providing medical education and mixed media communications for the healthcare industry. Both organizations are owned by Nuclear Holdings.

Self Pay Solutions, 447 Bellevue Avenue, Trenton 08618; 609-858-0200; fax, 609-858-0219. Paul Mesgleski, manager. Home page: www.selfpay.com

A privately-owned healthcare administration firm expects to move from 447 Bellevue Avenue in Trenton to 1,500 square feet at Ibis Plaza Office Suites, 3525 Quakerbridge Road (866-622-5486).

Established in 1993, Self Pay Solutions is privately owned and has about 100 employees in the state. Headquartered in Bloomfield, with satellite offices in Landing, West Long Branch, and Trenton, it offers financial consulting services to healthcare providers.

Its product lines include eligibility programs for charity care and Medicaid, accounts receivable follow-up programs, letter series and collections, and outsourcing services for the self-pay accounts. For those with insurance, the “self-pay accounts” represent the deductible amounts, but for the uninsured, they are the entire bill.

“We help hospitals in New Jersey with charity care. We go to see the patients to see if they are eligible, and if they are, we collect the documentation that entitles them to enroll in the charity care programs, and feed that back to the hospitals so they can get paid,” says a spokesperson.

Toromont Office Systems, 993 Lenox Drive, Suite 200, Lawrenceville 08648; 609-219-7470; fax, 609-219-7471. Paul Weiss.

Toromont Office Systems moved from shared space at the Carnegie Center to Lenox Drive, and the phone and fax are new. It sells large refrigeration and office equipment.

New in Town

Altman Investment Management LLC, 34 Chambers Street, Suite 001, Princeton 08540; 609-252-0048; fax, 609-497-3236. Peter J. Altman, president. www.altman-investment.com

At the end of February Peter Altman moved his six-year-old investment advisory firm from a home office to the Henderson building on Chambers Street.

The son of a vascular surgeon in Rye, New York, Altman went to Hobart College, Class of 1979, and spent his career at Merrill Lynch, where he was a senior portfolio manager, specializing in value-oriented portfolios that focused on stocks in the S&P 500 index. He started his own firm six years, and staffed it with his former cohorts.

Gaby Altman, his wife, now works in marketing for the firm. A 1980 graduate of Mount Holyoke, she is a marketing specialist, most recently for Wells Fargo. They have four school-aged children and live in Lawrence.

“For a percentage of the assets, we manage money for individuals, corporations, and some institutions,” says Peter Altman. The company’s minimum individual account is $1 million for an equity portfolio and $5 million for a fixed income portfolio, and it is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Greenlight Financial Services, 371 Route 1, Suite 205, Lawrenceville 08648; 609-945-6937; fax, 949-428-6837. Mick Kelly, east coast team manager. Home page: www.greenlightloans.com

Mick Kelly was working in the Pennsylvania office of Greenlight Financial Services when he was asked to take over the New Jersey office and be east coast regional manager. He moved the office from Greenbrook, New Jersey, The firm is a direct mortgage lender (866-663-2783, extension 6937).

Tudor Investment Corporation, 14 Washington Road, Building 2, Building 2, Suite 22, Princeton Junction 08550; 609-897-9452; fax, 203-552-8795. Tommy Zovich. www.tudor.com

Tudor Investment Corporation opened an office at Washington Park last fall. A spokesperson declined to be interviewed.

According to the website, the company is based in Greenwich, Connecticut, and was founded in 1980 by Paul Tudor Jones II. With $15.4 billion under management, the firm’s investment strategies, according to the web page, include global macro trading, fundamental equity investing in the U.S. and Europe, emerging markets, venture capital, commodities, event driven strategies and technical trading systems.

Talent Development, 1378 Route 206, Skillman 08558; 609-945-3983; fax, 609-945-3908. Kalyan Krishnamurthy. Home page: www.talentdev.us/art

Talent Development recently opened offices in Skillman. The owner of the business, Kalyan Krishnamurthy, began by providing support for home schoolers as well as ballet dancers at the Princeton Dance and Theater Studio.

His offerings include both art instruction and after-school academic programs. “This is not a hot house for young geniuses,” he says. “We’re not pushing kids; we just want kids to be happy.”


W.B. Mason Company, South River Drive, Cranbury 08512; 609-860-0365; fax, 609-860-0392. Tom Colombo, branch manager. Home page: www.wbmason.com

Last fall Dan Nazzaro sold his firm, Quakerbridge Office Supplies, to W.B.Mason, and he now works in the 668,000 square-foot facility on South River Drive. About 65 people, mostly sales people, work for the company from this site. According to sales manager Chris Vido, “We’re the only company in this industry that doesn’t require our employees to sign non-compete industry. We take care of our people.”

Based in Brockton, Massachusetts, W.B. Mason was founded in 1905 and is said to be the oldest office supply firm in the country.


Lakeview Child Center, 98 Somerset Street, New Brunswick 08901; 732-828-6828; fax, 732-418-8320. Jennifer Bradshaw, executive director.

The Lakeview Child Center in New Brunswick has closed. The company, whose headquarters is in Lawrenceville, operates a network of seven childcare centers throughout Central New Jersey.

Lawrence Landscapes Inc., 1383 Lower Ferry Road, Ewing 08618; 609-883-3999; fax, 609-883-3988. Cesar Ortiz, owner. Home page:

Cezar Ortiz sold his property at 209 Bakers Basin Road to a regional nursery, Shemin, and moved to Lower Ferry Road. Phone and fax are new. He no longer has a retail greenhouse, and he is focusing on design/build and site management, including masonry, lighting, and outdoor water gardening.

Leaving Town

Remote Play Inc., 207 Penns Trail, Newtown PA 18940; 215-860-2928; fax, 775-898-6557. Ari Naim, CEO. www.remoteplay.com

In January Remote Play expanded from 2500 Brunswick Pike to Newtown, Pennsylvania, to be in a better location for demonstrating its RFID tracking technology for hospitals. The firm has RFID command and control and RFID distance estimation wireless technology. With the move came Pennsylvania’s Ben Franklin Technology Partner Award.

“We ran out of space,” says Gideon Naim, CFO of Remote Play, and brother of CEO Ari Naim. “Here, we can demo to our providers and installers how the technology works for hospitals.”

The firm has 15 workers, half in Newtown and the rest overseas in India and Hong Kong. Dan McCloskey of ReMax helped find the 3,000 square-foot office in Newtown.

Remote Play is Naim’s third company. The first, which he started in 1987, did R & D and government contracts. The next one, Digital 5, was founded in 1993 to commercialize portable digital audio. The firm still manufactures its In-Reach child-monitoring device and a valuables tracking system Tag Alert (U.S. 1, February 22, 2006).

DanJon Management Corp., 714 Woodbury Lane, Whitehall PA 18052; 610-435-6015.

DanJon Management, which overseas such apartment complexes as Village East and Hampton Arms in East Windsor, has changed its office address from Research Park to Pennsylvania.

Infinite Computer Solutions Inc., 3371 Route 1, Lawrence Commons, Suite 116, Lawrenceville 08648; 609-716-8600; fax, 609-716-8160. Raghu Rajagopal, senior manager – business development. www.infics.com

After two years at Lawrence Commons, Infinite Computer Solutions, a IT solutions and services provider, has closed that office, but this firm has a dozen other United States offices. Based in India, it has grown to 5,000 employees globally.

It offers data warehousing, middleware development, and web-enablement of legacy applications to the telecom, finance, and healthcare industries.

Pressman Toy Company, 121 New England Avenue, Piscataway 08854; 732-545-4000.

The toy company moved from 745 Joyce Kilmer Avenue in New Brunswick to Piscataway.

The National Networker, 18 Rockwood Road, Levittown 19056; 215-945-3411; fax, 215-945-3411. Adam Kovitz, owner. www.thenationalnetworker.com

Adam Kovitz changed the name of his consulting firm, Mid-Atlantic Development, and changed its purpose, and he moved from East Windsor to Levittown. He offers strategic planning, human resources development, coaching, and facilitation.

He is known for what he says is the world’s first consumer reports of networking, the National Networker, a free online magazine with a weekly newsletter. “We have well-known writers, with more than 30 writers across North America,” he says. Advertising rates begin at $125 per month for sections arranged by geography or professional interest.

A 1992 mechanical engineering graduate of Penn State, with a degree in mechanical engineering, Kovitz was a consultant until seven years ago. In the first six months his newsletter grew from 900 readers to 20,000 readers around the globe. “What they are looking for is, what are the hot networks, places to go, hot events, and the movers and shakers in a particular area,” he says. “We look at networking as an industry.”

As head of Adam J. Kovitz International, he helps entrepreneurial start-ups and member-based organizations with strategic planning and organizational culture. He used to share a radio show with radio host Milton Paris, and he has been the BNI director for Mercer County.

The reason for his move: “I always wanted to be in eastern Pennsylvania.”

NewEgg.com, 45 Patrick Avenue, Edison 08837; 732-321-0624; fax, 732-321-1108. Steven Bautz, warehouse manager. Home page: www.newegg.com

NewEgg.com, an online computer hardware and software retailer, has moved one of its warehouses from 1 Capital Drive in Cranbury to Edison. Founded in 2001, Newegg.com has more than 5.5 million registered customers and more than 1,200 employees globally. Newegg.com headquarters are in City of Industry, California.

Sylvester Consulting Group, 1000 Stony Hill Road, Yardley 19067; 215-504-8466; fax, 215-860-3934. Derek Sylvester, president. www.sylvestergroup.com

Derek Sylvester has moved his hospitality consulting practice from 20 Nassau Street to Yardley. He does hospitality consulting — market research, market studies, valuations, operational studies — and his current client is the management of the new Hilton Garden Inn on Route 130 in Hamilton.

Athletic Consulting Services (ACS), Box 6850, Lawrenceville 08648; Janet L. Baker.

After four years in business in Lawrenceville, Athletic Consulting Services has left town. The phone is disconnected, and directory assistance has no listing. It consulted on school athletic programs, particularly on athletic hall of fame programs.

Esoterix Inc., 750 Walnut Avenue, Cranford 08016; 800-553-8836. Home page: www.esoterix.com

In December the clinical trials division at 20 Lake Drive in East Windsor closed and moved to Cranford. About 50 people worked in 32,000 square feet at this Lab Corps firm, based in Austin, Texas (800-886-8992).

My Parent’s Concierge, 5960 Richmond Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46254; 317-293-9839; fax, 317-293-9840. Velvet G. Miller PhD, president & CEO. Home page: www.myparentsconcierge.com

Velvet Miller has moved her personal brokerage service to Indiana. Her service helps those making decisions on behalf of elder and dependent relatives, personalized beneficiary plan, household bill payment, personal services, and health care arrangements.

Real Estate Essentials, 812 State Road, Suite 223, Princeton 08540; 609-683-8080; fax, 609-683-8083. Albert Wilking, licensed broker. www.reeonline.com

Real Estate Essentials, which opened last July to offer a menu of separately priced real estate services, has left town. The web site is not functional, the phone has been disconnected, the space does not appear to be occupied, and directory assistance has no listing.

Tecker Consultants LLC, 301 Oxford Valley Road, Suite 1803, Yardley 19067; 215-493-8120; fax, 215-493-8125. Glenn Tecker, president and CEO. Home page: www.tecker.com

Tecker Consultants, which specializes in helping associations manage change, has moved from 427 Riverview Executive Park in Trenton to Yardley.

Vela Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Pharmos), 99 Wood Avenue South, Suite 311, Iselin NJ; 609-771-8660; fax, 732-452-9557. Kevin Keim, CEO. www.velapharm.com

Vela Pharmaceuticals has moved in with the company that bought it, Pharmos, which is located in Iselin. The Bear Tavern Road location was being cleared out in February and March. Some of the 14 employees will now work in Iselin.

Last March Pharmos bought Vela Pharmaceuticals for $29.7 million in cash and stock. Pharmos focuses on drugs for neurological, inflammatory and other disorders, while Vela had a similar focus, particularly on the brain-gut axis. Vela was working on a drug to treat irritable bowel syndrome. It was formerly Janus Pharmaceuticals.

Name Changes

Distinctive Design and Supply, 87 East Broad Street, Hopewell 08525; 609-466-1735. Rick Scarlatella, owner. www.tsgllc.org

In March Rick Scarlatella plans to move his building supplies firm from Lawrenceville to a 1,000 foot space on East Broad Street in Hopewell. He is changing the name from the Scarlatella Group to Distinctive Design and Supply, and he offers specialty building materials, construction estimating, design consulting, and project coordinating.

Borek & Associates, 100 Overlook Drive, Second Floor, Princeton 08540; 609-375-2392; fax, 609-375-2001. Home page: www.borekassociates.com

A law firm that focuses on real estate, Borek & Cooper, has changed its name to Borek Associates. In addition to a general practice, it does community association law.

JR Associates LLC, 86 Poe Road, Princeton 08540; 609-921-6605; fax, 609-921-6960. Janet R. Pickover CMP, director and owner. Home page: www.siteinspectionsplus.com

After 25 years of running a speakers bureau and a meeting planning company, Janet Pickover has changed her business model. Now she does site selection for corporate meetings. The website and E-mail have changed, but not the name of the parent company.

Nerwinski and Dembar & Fox LLC, Counselors at Law, 600 Lawrence Road, Lawrenceville 08648; 609-530-9301; fax, 609-530-9304. www.nerwinskianddember.com

In January 1 Kevin P. Nerwinski and John V. Dember added a third partner, Lawrence Fox, to their firm, and the name changed. Fox, who focuses on bankruptcy law, majored in history at Hofstra in 1973 and went to Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles.

The three attorneys do personal injury, criminal, real estate, divorce, and general litigation.

Strategic Exit Advisors LLC, 2 East Broad Street, Second Floor, Hopewell 08525; 609-466-3100; fax, 609-466-0285. Craig O. Allsopp, managing partner. Home page: www.seadvisorsllc.com

Craig Allsopp has changed the name of the Harbourton Group LLC to reflect his core business — mergers and acquisitions consulting for emerging and middle market companies.

Out of Business

C.A. Chianese & Associates, 20 Nassau Street, Suite 226, Princeton 08542.

C.A. Chianese has closed his accounting business.

Findreseller.com, Princeton 08540. www.findreseller.com

Larry Hookey has closed his business, Findreseller.com, which had a mailbox address in Princeton. It offered a resellers’ link to New Jersey businesses and reseller partners, website and printed directory.

Joseph D. Lazar, 395 Province Line Road, Hopewell 08525-3223; 609-466-3480; fax, 609-466-3480.

Joe Lazar, a patent attorney and consultant, has retired and closed his practice.

Schreyers Give $5M to Hospital

William A. Schreyer, former CEO of Merrill Lynch, and his wife, Joan L. Schreyer, have given $5 million to the Princeton HealthCare System Foundation. According to an announcement made on March 19, the monies will be used for a state-of-the-art education center at the new University Medical Center at Princeton, scheduled to open in 2011 on Route 1 North, just north of Harrison Street in Plainsboro. This gift is the largest single gift, so far, from private individuals to the healthcare foundation.

William Schreyer grew up in Williamsport, PA, where his father ran a Merrill Lynch office from 1936 to 1952. He graduated from Penn State in 1948 and joined Merrill Lynch in 1950. He was CEO of Merrill Lynch in 1984, when it was new in Princeton, and became chairman in 1985, and chairman emeritus in 1993.

The Schreyers have been long-time supporters of Penn State. Last November the Schreyers gave $25 million to Penn State to support an honors college that they founded in 1997.

Princeton HealthCare System Foundation Inc., 253 Witherspoon Street, Princeton 08540-3213; 609-497-4190; fax, 609-497-4991. Edward J. Gwazda Jr., executive director. Home page: www.princetonhcs.org

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