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These articles were prepared by Barbara Fox for the May 11, 2005

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Life in the Fast Lane

Four Princeton area companies – ExSar Corporation, Signum Biosciences,

Visible Tech-knowledgy, and Energy Photovoltaics – will each get,

almost for free, the services of a post doctoral fellow next year,

thanks to a new program of the New Jersey Commission on Science and

Technology (NJCST). The New Jersey Technology Fellowships will pay a

$50,000 salary to nine researchers who recently earned the PhDs.

Up to $495,000 was allocated for the fellowship program, aimed at

encouraging collaborations between the state’s research universities

and the business community, providing needed talent to entrepreneurial

companies, and developing innovative ideas into commercial products.

Also recently announced is the commission’s budget item of $1 million,

through the new University Intellectual Property program, so that

research universities can speed up the transfer of innovations from

lab to marketplace. SBIR Bridge Grants (to help early stage high-tech

firms to pursue federal research funding) were awarded to Advanced

Cerametrics in Lambertville and Innovative Power Solutions in


Alan Delahoy, vice president of R&D at Energy Photovoltaics (EPV) on

Bakers Basin Road, did the paperwork to get the fellowship for Anamika

Patel. "We are not directly paying the employee, though we will

support the health insurance and benefits," Delahoy says. Founded in

1991, the 50-person firm does research and development on photovoltaic

products ranging from machinery to photovoltaic modules (

Patel, who earned her PhD in electrical engineering from the New

Jersey Institute of Technology, will work on developing efficient

solar cells at EPV. She has a bachelor’s degree from K.I.T.S. in

India, and her doctoral thesis was on the "sputtering" of tantalum

films (coating tantalum onto steel for corrosion control). "The

research is not directly related to what we do, but her experience

with sputtering is useful here," says Delahoy. "We use sputtering for

depositing various thin films onto large pieces of glass." He explains

that sputtering is conducted in a vacuum system by bombarding the

target with inert gas ions. It ejects atoms from the target material

that then coat the substrate.

How the fellowship selection worked: When EPV received the

commission’s notice of the fellowship program, Delahoy E-mailed four

New Jersey colleges – NJIT, Rutgers, Princeton, and Stevens –

informing faculty members of this program and asking if they knew

anyone who was about to receive a PhD in the areas of thin films and

photovoltaics. "It was curious that we did not hear about Dr. Patel

from NJIT but from a professor at Rutgers," says Delahoy, who earned

his PhD from Rutgers (his bachelor’s degree was from Oxford University

in England in 1971).

The matching of candidates with jobs got a little confusing because,

as he says, "we had a couple of irons in the fire." Delahoy actually

selected two candidates, but the other one chose a competing offer

that included a partial salary in addition to the fellowship. That

candidate lost out altogether.

Once the link was made Delahoy and Patel put together the joint

applications – getting them typed, bound, and hand delivered – in

three days. "That’s what small companies have to do – be nimble, and

seize every opportunity we can," says Delahoy. "This fellowship gives

us an extra pair of hands that we didn’t think we could afford." The

fellowship could be extended for a second year. It also includes

$5,000 for the post doc’s equipment, training, or conference

attendance needs.

Additional Princeton recipients:

Gregory Kornhaber, a PhD in molecular biosciences, who will help to

jumpstart ExSar Corp.’s efforts to develop new drugs by analyzing

human proteins. Founded in 2000, the five-person firm based at

Princeton Corporate Plaza (Deer Park Drive), analyzes and profiles

potential drugs using proprietary methods of mass spectroscopy


David Fela, who has a PhD from Rutgers, will help Signum Biosciences,

also based at Princeton Corporate Plaza, find compounds in exotic

plants that could treat Alzheimer’s disease. The five person firm was

founded in 2002 (

Rabin Bhattacharya, who has an electrical engineering PhD from

Princeton University, will help Visible Tech-knowledgy generate new

intellectual property in the field of flexible electronics and help

resolve issues with current products.

Visible’s CEO Alex Gelbman moved the five-year-old company from

Hoboken last year. Based at 501 Forrestal Road, the company is trying

to develop and commercialize what it calls "Visible Labels," which

have the look and feel of ordinary paper labels but are smart – they

can be changed remotely via wireless networks. "We’re still very early

stage," says Gelbman. "We had to wait for the RFID market to be

recognized before people could appreciate the benefits of our


Several of the companies note that they had less than a month from the

time of notification until the deadline. Next year there will be more

competition, because other companies will be poised and ready to

pounce. For information call 609-984-1671.

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Roebling Condos

West End Capital Partners LLC will renovate a landmark building, a

former Hungarian community center in Roebling, to create four

loft-style residential condos that are planned to sell for under

$250,000. The 2,800 square-foot building will also have a lounge,

fitness center, and a laundry area.

Manhattan-based developers Rich Tola and Greg Swenson say that after

West End makes renovations worth more than $500,000, the property will

be worth nearly $1 million. In 1925 this property at 111 Norman Avenue

was a church center where immigrants learned English.

Tola used to be an investment banker at Goldman Sachs and CEO of, the first web-based "commission-free" listings

resource for investment property owners. Swenson used to be a Trammell

Crow developer and the regional manager of fixed income sales for

McDonald Investments/Key Capital Markets.

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Crosstown Moves

Christoffersen & Wenczel, 795 Parkway Avenue, Suite A-1 Lexington

Mews, Trenton 08618-2704. David G. Christoffersen, managing partner.

609-452-2999; fax, 609-844-9770.

Louis Innocenzi, 795 Parkway Avenue, Suite A-1 Lexington Mews, Trenton

08618-2704. 609-882-2544; fax, 609-844-9770.

Two law offices moved from Lawrence Commons and continue to share

quarters. Attorney Louis Innocenzi is now subletting space in the

offices of Christoffersen and Wenczel, located in Lexington Mews in


Ventura Wealth Management, 23 Route 31 North, Suite A20, Pennington

08534. Nicholas Ventura. 609-730-0068; fax, 609-730-0083.

Ventura Wealth Management, a four-person financial planning firm

headed by Nick Ventura, has moved offices from Lawrenceville’s Main

Street to 21 Route 31 North, Suite A20, Pennington. Phone and fax are

new, and a website is under construction.

Battelle Ventures LP, 103 Carnegie Center, Suite 100, Princeton 08540.

Mort Collins, general partner. 609-921-1456; fax, 609-921-8703. Home


Battelle Ventures has moved from 7,500 square feet in Suite 200 to

6,500 feet on the first floor in the same building, 103 Carnegie. Also

making this move was Early Stage Ventures, which shares the space and

some of the personnel.

Valcopy Inc., 1589 Reed Road, Unit 5, Pennington 08534. Mark D.

Snyder, CEO. 609-737-7100; fax, 609-737-0090. Home page:

Valcopy Inc. has moved from 1580 to 1589 Reed Road, Unit 5. The phone

number is now 609-737-7100. The E-mail address has changed to The company sells and services printers, copiers,

and faxes by such brands as Hewlett Packard, Minolta, and Lexmark.

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Jantorno Financial Advisors LLC, 29 Emmons Drive, Suite C-40,

Princeton 08540. Lisa H. Jantorno CFA CFP, president. 609-919-0006;

fax, 609-919-0220.

Jantorno Financial Advisors, a fee-only financial planning and

portfolio management firm, has moved from Suite G-10 into a larger

suite, C-40, at 29 Emmons Drive. The phone and fax number remain the


The Travel Center, 3562 Route 27, Town Place Shopping Center, Kendall

Park 08824. Mary E. Eichler, manager. 732-329-1000; fax, 732-329-3083.

The Travel Center has moved its eight-person office from 960 square

feet in South Brunswick Square into 2,500 square feet in the Town

Place Shopping Center in Kendall Park. The phone number remains the


Mary E. Eichler, the manager, says, "We’ve almost tripled our space

and were the first tenant to move in. Once the other stores, like CVS

and Cold Stone open for business, we’ll have a grand opening."

The company offers corporate, leisure, cruises, groups, packages.

ZS Associates, 150 College Road West, Suite 300, Princeton 08540.

Craig Stinebaugh, principal. 609-419-3830; fax, 609-419-3801. Home


ZS Associates moved from 100 to 150 College Road West when Novo

Nordisk expanded. It is a global management consulting firm, focus on

sales and marketing in healthcare.

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Contracts Awarded

Mikros Systems Corp. (MKRS), 707 Alexander Road, Building 2, Suite

208, Box 7189, Princeton 08543. Trish Kapp, secretary treasurer.

609-987-1513; fax, 609-987-8114. Home page:

Last month Mikros Systems released an optimistic year-end report for

2004. For that year revenues were approximately $1,044,000 compared to

$231,000 in 2003. Net income was $92,000 in 2004 compared to a net

loss of $114,000 for the previous year.

Some of the good news can be traced to a 2004 Small Business

Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I contract from the Office of Naval

Research worth about $100,000. Mikros is working on techniques to

minimize interference between U.S. Navy radars and commercial wireless

communication systems, and it anticipates working on a follow-on Phase

II project.

Alphion Corporation, 196 Princeton-Hightstown Road, West Windsor

08550. Bharat P. Dave, founder. 609-275-9001; Home page:

Alphion Corporation, a privately-held corporation, has closed a

third-round of funding for $10.6 million, bringing the total company

funding to $42.6 million. A developer and manufacturer of integrated

photonic components, Alphion owns the rights to more than 30 issued

and pending patents related to design, fabrication and applications of

photonic integrated circuits. The company has a class 1000 cleanroom

on Princeton-Hightstown Road for opto-electronic chip processing,

device packaging, and in-process testing.

Founded in 2000 by Bharat P. Dave, the company’s technology is used

for photonic regeneration, signal conditioning, wavelength management,

and performance monitoring. In a prepared statement, Dave said, "This

funding will allow us to expand our QLight product family while

addressing new applications in datacom, telecom, and high performance


Funding was led by Tallwood Venture Capital, with participation from

Goldman Sachs, Axiom Venture Partners, ICCP Venture Partners, Narra

Venture Capital, and industry executives.

New Jersey American Water Company, 989 Lenox Drive, Suite 224,

Lawrenceville 08648. Andrew Chapman, president. 609-512-9400; fax,


Lenox Drive-based New Jersey American Water Company announced plans to

save energy by installing a ground-mounted solar electric system in

Somerset. It will be the largest such system in the state, and it is

expected to pay for itself in seven years.

With more than 2,800 solar panels, it will be able to supplement 15

percent of the peak-usage power needed to run the plant and save

$125,000 a year in energy costs. The savings is largely due to a

rebate available from the New Jersey Energy Program.

The parent firm of this 60-person office is RWE AG, a 100-year-old

German company with core businesses in electricity, gas, water and

wastewater, waste disposal, and recycling. It serves customers in

Mercer, Middlesex, Hunterdon, Morris, Somerset, and Union counties.

Pharmacopeia Drug Discovery Inc. (PCOP), 3000 Eastpark Boulevard, CN

5350, Princeton 08543-5350. Leslie Browne, president and CEO.

609-452-3600; fax, 609-452-3672. Home page:

As a result of a five-year collaborative program, Schering-Plough will

begin preclinical development of Pharmacopeia’s small-molecule drug

candidate targeted at inflammatory disease. Pharmacopeia will receive

cash milestone payments (not specified) and royalties on commercial

sales of any products that result.

This is the fifth of Pharmacopeia’s development candidates that

Kenilworth-based Schering-Plough has worked on for this collaboration.

So far, Schering-Plough has advanced two of these candidates into

Phase I clinical trials.

Based on Eastpark Boulevard, Pharmacopeia has patented chemical

screening libraries for early drug testing and development.

Universal Display Corporation Inc. (PANL), 375 Phillips Boulevard,

Ewing 08618. Steven Abramson, president. 609-671-0980; fax,

609-671-0995. Home page:

Samsung SDI has signed a patent license agreement with Universal

Display to use flat panel technologies in its products. Samsung SDI is

the largest supplier of passive-matrix organic light emitting diode

(OLED) displays in the world, and Universal Display has phosphorescent

materials (PHOLEDS) that use less power and generate less heat.

"We are very excited to enter into the next phase of our relationship

with Samsung SDI, as they move forward into volume manufacturing using

our proprietary technologies," said Steven V. Abramson, COO of

Universal Display, said in a statement. The worldwide market for OLED

displays is estimated to grow to more than $5 billion in three years.

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Name Changes

Krutman & Eustace, 2525 Nottingham Way, Hamilton 08619. 609-890-2525;

fax, 609-890-2509.

Attorney Joseph Eustace, formerly at 2681 Quakerbridge Road, has

joined with Michael Krutman to create Krutman & Eustace law firm. The

partners purchased a new 1,700 square foot office at 2525 Nottingham

Way, but the phone number remains the same.

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Leonid G. Khachiyan, 52, on April 29 of a heart attack. He was a

computer scientist professor at Rutgers known for combinatorial


Brian Joseph Christie, 45, on May 3. He was vice president of

commercial lending at Sovereign Bank.

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