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These articles were prepared by Barbara Fox for the March 13, 2005

issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

Life in the Fast Lane

Evidently worm poop is a growth industry. Terracycle, the Trenton

based firm that was the subject of a U.S. 1 cover story on November

10, 2004, is successfully making organic fertilizer from worm castings

and has landed a contract with Wal-Mart stores in Canada. As it turns

out, a family business in North Gold Drive in Robbinsville has entered

the same market.

This family business was also the subject of a U.S. 1 cover story,

this one on August 14, 2002. At that time the Richards family had

eight employees in three different companies. Now it has 16 full-time

and six part-time employees in four different companies in 50,000

square feet.

The newest company, Tech-Terra LLC, offers Worm-Gold Vermiculture

Solutions with the organic soil enhancement from what is commonly

known as "worm tea," made from the feces, known as castings, of red

two-inch worms, Eisenia fotida, that replicate rapidly.

Unlike TerraCycle, TechTerra does not grow the worms. It buys the worm

castings from a California-based firm, Worm Gold, then concocts a

liquid mixture that can contain different microorganisms for different

kinds of soil. Tech-Terra’s product lineup includes solutions for

farms, vineyards, forestry, greenhouse, nurseries, landscaping, and

golf courses.

The company started out as a "tree and bush service" by doing soil

injections. "We are working with farms, nurseries, and landscapers,"

says Ben Box, the company manager, mentioning Lipinski’s Landscaping

as one of the clients. "We are having a dramatic impact. We are trying

help farmers in New Jersey cut fertilization as much as 70 percent." A

native of Willingboro, he graduated in 1984 from Polytechnic Institute

in Manhattan, has been a daytrader, and is also a certified soil

analyst. He says he is doing studies on disease control and insect

suppression with Rutgers and has also worked with universities and

laboratories around the world.

TechTerra has acquired three trucks, five sprayers, and is hiring. "We

are opening up production sites near the Jersey Shore and looking for

a location in South Jersey to service the farmers there," says Box.

"We can recreate soils, adding the bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and

nematodes necessary for a particular need. We also sell organic


"We are trying to make the public realize that there are lot of other

treatments other than fertilizers," says Matt Richards. His father,

Neville Richards, designs and manufactures electric surface heating

systems that prevent ashes from turning into cement at the bottom of

tanks, pipes, and coal-handling systems. That company is called


Matt Richards has a separate service business, Electric Heating

Systems, which designs electric heating systems for the post-weld heat

treating industry, for utilities, refineries, and big construction

companies that weld pipes, steel beams, and tanks.

The Richards’ son-in-law and Sarah’s husband, Kevin Wright, is a

ceramic engineer who has a company, Stratford Tile Works, that

produces art tiles on a made-to-order basis. Sarah and her mother,

Irene, do various jobs, including office administration.

Now the six Richards family members and the other employees in the

various firms are also processing worm tea.

Their larger competitor, TerraCycle, was founded in 2001 by Tom Szaky,

a Canadian who dropped out of his studies at Princeton University to

grow his new company. Because TerraCycle’s product is not only made

from waste, but is also packaged completely in waste (used soda

bottles and cast-off cartons) it is one of the first certified organic

products that is priced competitively with the leading chemical

alternatives. Szaky, 23, has more than 30 employees, has raised $1.4

million, and last month announced an order to supply his bottled

mixture contract to Wal-Mart stores in Canada (

But the Richards aren’t worried about competition. "Our product is

better," says Sarah Richards.

Tech-Terra LLC, 109 North Gold Drive, Robbinsville 08691.

Neville Richards, president. Ben Box, manager. 609-259-4140; fax,

609-259-4119. Home page:

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Princeton PR for Forrester

Doug Forrester has named Tom Sullivan, president of Princeton

Partners, as the manager of his campaign for the Republican nomination

for governor.

Sullivan, who, like Forrester, is a West Windsor resident, has been

president and owner of the 40-year-old ad agency since 1995, when he

bought out Catherine Mathis, its founder.

A graduate of the College of New Jersey when it was still Trenton

State, Sullivan majored in both English and political science. He is

past chairman of the board for Special Olymics New Jersey and vice

president of the College of New Jersey alumni board.

Forrester, who ran for Senate in 2002, is the owner of BeneCard, a

supplemental health benefits company with headquarters at 168 Franklin

Corner Road. He called on Sullivan on Monday, March 14, just prior to

the Bergen County convention.

Forrester has won endorsements in four counties to date, while his

Republican opponents for the nomination have yet to win any. Yet,

according to the Newark Star Ledger, the race is too close to call.

Jersey City’s mayor, Bret Schundler, is Forrester’s main opponent, but

at least five other people are contending for the nomination.

Forrester and Schundler are "neck and neck" in the polls.

Given the closeness of the race, Sullivan’s marketing background may

be severely tested as he works to secure Forrester’s nomination.

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Hugh Miller has expanded his full-service advertising, public

relations, and special events firm, moving from 116 Village Boulevard

to 3,300 square feet at 117 Rockingham Row.

Among Hollyrock/Miller’s more than 20 local and national clients are

the Westin Princeton hotel at Forrestal Village and Szaferman Lakind

law firm in Lawrenceville. It also has clients in the entertainment

industry, including Little Steven [Van Zandt], an actor on "The

Sopranos" who belongs to the E Street Band. In 2001 Miller created

Cavestomp! Garage Rock Band Search, which included a concert series

and compilation CD.

After graduating from Boston University and Rutgers Law School,

Miller’s first industry job was to develop product endorsements

between musicians and musical instrument manufacturers, working with

artists who belonged to, for instance, the Eagles, Bruce Springsteen’s

E Street Band, and the Moody Blues. As vice president at Grey

Advertising he had such clients as the Time-Warner Music Group, the

New York Yankees, Barbados Tourism, New York Telephone’s sponsorship

of the arts, WNEW-FM radio, Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, and

Madison Square Garden.

Madison Square Garden became his signature account, and, with clients

that also included Ruth’s Chris Steak House, the Marquee Group (now

part of SFX/Clear Channel) and EPIX (a leading professional employer

organization), he founded Hollyrock in New York.

"I’ve always rebelled against how big agencies handle accounts," says

Miller in a press release. "So I created a boutique firm with all the

capabilities of a large agency. We’re talented, personalized, and

efficient – we have no junior staff layer so we don’t have to charge

our clients for that."

He moved the firm to Princeton in 1997. His clients have included

Cablevision and The Wiz, the law offices of Stark & Stark, the CPA

firm Wilkin & Guttenplan, TRI/Princeton (formerly Textile Research

Institute on Prospect Street), Prevent Child Abuse New Jersey, the

Meadowlands Sports Complex, the National Senior Advisory Council

(NSAC), an organization dedicated to senior citizens’ issues, and

Cendant Corporation’s Days Inn.

In 2002, he, along with Dan Gaby, Al Bundy, and Shelley Spector,

formed the New Jersey Marketing Alliance, dedicated to marketing

organizations that are uniquely New Jersey.

"Hollyrock/Miller picked up several new clients in the fourth quarter

of 2004 and we were beginning to outgrow our space," says Miller. "We

wanted an office that allows us to show off the great work of our

team, and the newly designed space really speaks to who we are and

what we offer clients." KSS Architects on Witherspoon Street designed

the office.

Hollyrock/Miller, 117 Rockingham Row, Princeton 08540.

Hugh Miller, CEO. 609-919-9292; fax, 609-919-9299. Home page:

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Law Moves

Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney, 103 Carnegie Center,

Suite 103, Princeton 08540. Lisa P. Wildstein, attorney. 609-452-1558;

fax, 609-452-1559. Home page:

Lisa Wildstein moved her law office from 5 Vaughn Drive to 103

Carnegie Center. A 1992 graduate of Penn State, Wildstein earned her

law degree from Temple and is the only attorney in this seven-person

office; other offices of the 19-year-old firm are in Austin, Chicago,

and Philadelphia.

Wildstein focuses on insurance defense as well as other complext tort

and liability litigation, including personal injury and asbestos

litigation. Among her current asbestos defense cases is one in

Rochester, where she is representing a gasket manufacturer, Garlock.

W.R. Grace is the co-defendant.

Her most notorious case, a love-triangle stabbing, will have its

three-year anniversary on Friday, March 18. It seems that a couple had

established a Internet relationship with a third party, then broke off

the relationship. The third person came to the Prudential building in

Roseland and stabbed the 44-year-old husband, who is now a paraplegic.

Wildstein is representing Spectaguard Acquisision LLC, the security

company that Prudential had employed.

Jerry & Jerry LLP, 101 Poor Farm Road, Box 310, Princeton

08542-0310. Harold A. "Chip" Jerry III, attorney at law. 609-497-0822;

fax, 609-497-0823. Home page:

Chip Jerry moved from 731 Alexander Road and has a new phone and fax.

His general practice focuses on corporate, real estate, civil

litigation, trusts and estates, and employment law.

Joseph D. Priory, Law Offices, 116 Village Boulevard,

Suite 200, Princeton 08540. 609-279-0800; fax, 609-279-0808. Home


Joseph Priory will move from 350 Alexander Street to Princeton

Forrestal Village as of Monday, April 4. Formerly an inhouse lawyer

for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News and Dow Jones & Company,

he focuses on business/corporate, dispute resolution, and

employment/labor law, as well as real estate, wills and estates, and

governmental affairs.

Gordon C. Strauss Law Offices, 116 Village Boulevard,

Suite 200, Princeton 08540. Rhonda Duer, office manager. 609-924-0050;

fax, 609-683-9777.

Along with Priory’s office, Gordon Strauss will be moving from 350

Alexander Street to Forrestal Village on April 4. Strauss real estate,

business and corporate law, elder law, litigation and appeals, wills,

trusts, and estates, auto dealership law, and land use.

Nicholas Z. Hegedus Esq., 65 South Main Street,

Pennington 08534. 609-818-1816; fax, 609-818-1817. Home page:

Nicholas Hegedus moved his general law practice from moved from 5

Independence Way to Pennington.

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New in Town

Best Practices Insurance Services, 23 Route 31, Suite

A-10, Pennington 08534. Dan Delfini, vice president marketing.

609-737-1154; fax, 609-737-1186. Home page:

Whereas some medical malpractice insurance companies have reduced

their New Jersey presence, this Arizona-based firm opened a new

Pennington office in January.

LeasePlan USA, 12 Roszel Road, Suite A-204, Princeton

08540. Steven B. Kantor, regional vice president. 609-720-9339; fax,


A corporate fleet leasing firm based in Alpharetta, Georgia, has moved

to Roszel Road.

Neumed Inc., 800 Silvia Street, Ewing 08628. Jack

Guldalian. 609-882-6403; fax, 609-896-2798. Home page:

Neumed, a 20-year-old firm, moved to Ewing in December. It makes

medical diagnostic instrumentation, "point of care" products. One of

its products can accurately and automatically evaluate a patient, in

the doctor’s office, for such peripheral neuropathies as carpal tunnel

syndrome. The product, the Brevio, displays the results on a screen

and prints a report.

"No other non-invasive device offers such power and convenience for

testing the palm, wrist, elbow, and more," says the company in a

statement on its website.

On Assignment, 103 Carnegie Center, Suite 209, Princeton

08540. Jim Calvin, vice president clinical research. 609-734-0881;

fax, 609-716-1103. Home page:

Last fall John Ricciardi opened an office of a 20-year-old staffing

business that focuses on lab support and healthcare staffing. On

Assignment, Inc. places science and healthcare professionals in

short-term, long-term, and temp-to-hire job assignments.

Sagem Morpho Inc., 1230 Parkway Avenue, Parkway Corporate

Center, Suite 102, Ewing 08628. 877-503-5981. Home page:

An international biometric company has opened a fingerprint

certification service at Parkway Avenue to record fingerprints for

applicants to such jobs as healthcare workers and police. One of 18

similar centers in the state, it is open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4:50

p.m. and second and fourth Saturday mornings. Most appointments are

made through the website. Sagem Morpho is based in London.

General Sullivan Group Inc. (GSGI), 85 Route 31 North,

Pennington 08534-0128. 609-745-5004; fax, 609-745-5012. Home page:

Another steel distribution company has moved into the site formerly

occupied by Barbour Steel.

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Crosstown Moves

Sebastiano Nini Inc., 51B Everett Drive, Building B,

Suite 50, West Windsor 08550. Enzo F. Nini, vice president.

609-799-1782; fax, 609-799-5844.

Nini Disposal LLC, 51B Everett Drive, Suite 50, West

Windsor 08550. Jim Keegan, supervisor. 609-275-7200; fax,


Princeton Woodworking LLC, 51B Everett Drive, Suite 50,

West Windsor 08550. David T. Holsman. 609-936-8225.

Sebastiano Nini Inc. moved its general contracting business to Everett

Drive last fall. Also here at this location is Nini Disposal LLC

(which does recycling, hauling, and demolition, and Princeton

Woodworking LLC, which does custom cabinetry, millwork, and moldings.

Michael T. Remus CPA, 2642 Whitehorse-Hamilton Square

Road, Mercerville 08619. 609-588-8770; fax, 609-540-1751.

The CPA firm moved from 88 Lakedale in Lawrenceville and has a new

phone and fax.

Michael D. Zinn & Associates, 993 Lenox Drive, Suite 200,

Lawrenceville 08648. Michael D. Zinn, president. 609-921-8755. Home


The retainer-based search firm moved from 601 Ewing Street to Lenox

Drive. Zinn is a generalist but focuses on high tech, chemical,

financial services, consumer package goods, and industrial areas.

LPL Financial Services, 34 Wilkinson Way, Princeton

08540. Farida Mistry CPA, president. 609-924-4188. Home page:

Farida Mistry has moved from 100 Overlook. A CPA, a licensed

stockbroker and a licensed brokerage principal, she does fee-based

financial planning, tax investment planning, portfolio reviews,

college and retirement planning, or individuals and businesses

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Leaving Town

VivoMetrics, 51 JFK Parkway, First Floor West, Short

HIlls 07078. Alex Durchak, principal scientist. 973-218-2426; fax,


At the end of last year Vivometrics, now a two-person firm, moved from

100 Overlook to Short Hills. It is marketing a vest, a continuous

ambulatory monitoring device called a Life Shirt that is exponentially

more powerful than the standard cardio-measurement device (U.S. 1,

July 16, 2003). The initial market was to be for use in clinical


CorVel Corporation, 51 Haddonfield Road, Suite 200,

Cherry Hill 08002. 609-936-9400; fax, 609-936-9402.

CorVel Corporation, which does case management for workers

compensation, left its office at 186 Princeton Hightstown Road and is

taking calls from its Cherry Hill office.

Newfields Inc., 22 West Street, Red Bank 07701.

Christopher Finley, associate. 732-224-7066; fax, 732-224-7633.

In February the 11-person environmental firm moved from the Carnegie

Center to its own building in Red Bank, where it has 4,000 square feet

and 11 workers. Based in Atlanta, it does environmental consulting and

engineering, property divestment, and acquisition and litigation

support services.

Christopher Finley, who headed the Princeton office, is an expert on

geostatistics, the science of determining the spatial relationship of

environmental data. For instance, if a smelting plant is discharging

pollutants, the engineers could determine what metals (arsenic?

chromium?) are coming from the smelting plant versus what was already

in the ground. "We determine whether there was a pathway to the

responsible party," he says.

Corigin Inc., 1 Gateway Center, Suite 2600, Newark 07102.

Eladio Alvarez, president, N.A. operations. 973-799-8570; fax,

973-755-0382. Home page:

Corigin has moved from shared office space in Regus at 100 Overlook to

Newark. Based in Israel, it offered mainframe access software products

– open system retrieval solutions (U.S. 1, October 8, 2003).

Ricoh Business Systems, 1004 Eastpark Boulevard, Cranbury


The office equipment dealer moved from Eastpark Boulevard and has no

current telephone number listed in the Princeton area.

Text Excellence, 36 South Broad Street, Trenton 08608.

Robert & Monica Sebald-Kennedy. 609-989-5999; fax, 866-511-3175. Home


Text Excellence has moved from the Trenton Business and Technology

Incubator. It has no listed telephone number.

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Name Changes

Envimetrics, 100 Forrestal Road, Suite D, Princeton

08540. Philip C. Efthimion PhD, president. 908-256-5033; fax,

908-781-1607. Home page:

Philip Efthimion has changed the name of his company from E.E.I. to

Envimetrics because his products are getting closer to being market

ready. He does instrumentation based upon plasma technology to

measure, monitor and control air pollutant emissions from industrial


An alumnus of Columbia University, Class of 1970, he teaches

astrophysics at Princeton University, and his lab is on the

university’s Forrestal Campus.

Extra Space Storage, 2870 Brunswick Pike, Lawrenceville

08648. Eric Steck, property manager. 609-771-3666; fax, 609-771-3636.

Devon Self-Storage is now known as Extra Space Storage at this


Fast PC Support, 127 Hampshire Drive, Box 411, Plainsboro

08536. Allison Charles, partner. 609-799-7997; fax, 609-799-4576. Home


Formerly known as Areyan Technologies, this company offers

telephone-based computer support services. It has a help desk for

software and hardware problems for home and business users

MSCIBarra, 210 Carnegie Center, Cranbury 08512.

609-936-4600; fax, 609-860-8034.

A software engineering firm, Barra Inc., was bought by Morgan Stanley

Capital International, and has moved from 3,000 feet at 101

Interchange Plaza to the Morgan Stanley offices at the Carnegie

Center. With 10 people at this location, it has software for risk


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Cash Tracking Software

Princeton eCom Corporation, 650 College Road East,

Princeton 08540. Ronald W. Averett, CEO. 609-606-3000; fax,

609-606-3297. Home page:

Ron Averett is now the CEO at Princeton eCom and the former CEO, R.

Craig Kirsch, is executive chairman of the board. Averett has been the

president and chief operating officer since 1999, and he is now

responsible for the overall strategic direction.

Founded in 1984, the company has 145 employees on College Road and it

provides electronic payment solutions – software for remote banking.

Its clients include more than 1400 banks and 200 biller customers.

Just announced: a contract with I4 Commerce, the developer of the Bill

Me Later payment solution, to provide the CollectPay Enrollment

solution to enable electronic payments and to offer detailed online

bill presentment.

Bill Me Later is an alternative to credit cards when paying for

purchases online or on the telephone. When customers provide only

basic, "top-of-mind" information such as the birth date and the last

four digits of the social security number, they qualify instantly for

their purchase. Then, in 14 days, they receive a bill from Bill Me

Later. They can pay the bill in full or finance it over time


The multiple scheduling options are provided by Princeton eCom’s

CollectPay Enrollment application, part of a suite of products for

billers. Merchants use it to lower customer service costs and improve

cash flow forecasting. Retail customers can use the Internet to check

their bills and payments.

Cash Gauge Software, 16 Vandeventer Avenue, Princeton

08542. 609-466-9696. Home page:

Arch Davis’s company, Cash Gauge Software, helps organizations project

their true cash position as accurately and as far into the future as

possible. Just released, CashGauge 2.0, uses accounts payable and

receivable data from any accounting system to deliver what is termed

in a press release, "the advanced insight companies need to plan their

financing needs and maximize investment income."

"The software places each invoice into a forecasted payment date

column, calculated using either the invoice due date or a projected

days-to-pay that can vary by customer and vendor. Using drag and drop

functionality, data can be moved from one projected column to another

to reflect current payment assumptions," says the press release.

"Once a realistic cash forecast is prepared, colorful graphs can be

displayed or printed in Cash Gauge to help top management see its

upcoming cash flow." Prices start at $595.

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Stock News

NRG Energy Inc., 211 Carnegie Center, Princeton

08540-6213. David Crane, president and CEO. 609-524-4500; fax,

609-524-4501. Home page:

NRG announced a $9.22 per share cash dividend on its preferred stock

issued December 27, 2004. The dividend is payable on March 15 to

shareholders of record as of March 1. A merchant power company, NRG

has 230 employees on Roszel Road at 211 Carnegie.

Exide Technologies (XIDEW), 3150 Brunswick Pike,

Crossroads Corporate Center, Suite 230, Lawrenceville 08648. J.

Timothy Gargaro, president and COO. 609-512-3000; fax, 609-512-3071.

Home page:

Earlier in February Exide said it would issue $350 million in senior

notes to pay some of its debts and provide greater liquidity. The

notes would be due in 2013 and will require an amendment to the senior

credit agreement. This office is the corporate headquarters for the

manufacturer and recycler of batteries for autos, boats, RVs, and lawn

and garden tools.

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Contracts Awarded

Ardem Inc., 41 Black Horse Run, Belle Mead 08502. Arun

Malhotra. 908-864-0902; fax, 908-864-0903. Home Page:

Ardem has landed a $600,000 multi-year contract with Miami Dade

County, Florida, to scan and extra data from medical service records.

In addition to scanning and data extraction it also does digital and

voice conversions.

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Internet Venture Group LLC, 295 Princeton-Hightstown

Road, Suite 11-236, West Windsor 08550. Greg Harris, president.

888-256-0982; fax, 888-925-7366. Home page:

The Internet Venture Group moved from a shared office at Carnegie

Executive Center to a mailbox address. It offers multiple E-mail

servers for families with different levels of security for children

(U.S. 1, March 31, 2004).

Gynetics Inc., 3371 Route 1, Lawrence Commons, Suite 200,

Lawrenceville 08648. Norman Proulx, president and CEO. 609-919-1931;

fax, 609-919-9409. Home page:

After certain assets of Gynetics were sold last year to Barr

Laboratories, Gynetics continues to have a small back office operation

at Lawrence Commons only to deal with shareholder issues, says CEO

Norman Proulx. The company developed and marketed drugs and devices to

advance women’s health. With the encouragement of the Food and Drug

Administration, it had developed and marketed the first emergency

contraception regimen (U.S. 1, June 17, 1998).

A. W. Financial Solutions, 909 Liberty Street, Trenton

08611. Veronica Lett 609-392-7257; fax, 609-392-7236.

Veronica Lett seems to have closed the collections agency that she

opened last year (U.S. 1, February 18, 2004). It has no current

telephone number. She did debt collection for small businesses,

focusing on high risk credit.

Chameleon Marketing Inc., 4595 Route 27, Box 576,

Kingston 08528. Daniel P.T. Thomas, president. 609-921-6588; fax,

609-921-6516. Home page:

After four years in Princeton Dan Thomas has apparently closed his

pharmaceutical communications business. The Princeton area directory

lists no phone number (U.S. 1, August 26, 1998).

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