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These articles by Barbara Fox were prepared for the February 4,

2004 issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

Life in the Fast Lane

Another large Pennsylvania firm has found a foothold in Princeton.

Sixteen attorneys including nine partners have left Smith Stratton

Wise Heher & Brennan for Stevens & Lee PC. They include Smith

Stratton’s entire estates group, the entire real estate group, and

many of the litigators in the business practice group. These attorneys

have not physically changed their Forrestal Center offices, but the

phone and fax are new, and their names and biographies have been added

to the Stevens & Lee website ( Clients received

letters on Monday, February 2, announcing the change.

Richard J. Pinto (Yale, Class of 1975, and the University of Virginia)

will manage the Princeton office of Stevens & Lee and will head the

life science, emerging technology, and venture capital practices.

Christopher S. Tarr (Lafayette, Class of 1970, and Cornell) is the

lead partner in Princeton in charge of the real estate group, and Ann

Reichelderfer (Swarthmore, Class of 1972, and NYU) heads the estates


"We’ve had the good fortune of having many major law firms come

knocking on our door, but Stevens & Lee is a one-of-a-kind firm," says

Pinto, who emphasizes that the parting was amicable and points to how

the new firm is not moving out yet. "Stevens & Lee is regional, and

its lawyers are tied to the community, but it has the breadth and

depth of experience that one finds typically only in national firms."

"They are incredibly good, incredibly focused, and incredibly well

managed," says Pinto.

As to why the rest of the attorneys did not make the move, Pinto says

that those offers were made. But a hallmark of the Smith Stratton

litigation practice is to represent a number of insurers in complex

coverage matters. "Some of my partners who do litigation and focus

primarily, though not exclusively, with insurance companies thought it

would be best for them and their clients to operate independently,"

says Pinto. "In a big commercial firm there are many more

opportunities to have conflict of interest disputes with their

insurers." Left unsaid is that, for cost reasons, many large insurers

are happier with a midsized firm.

Thomas E. Schorr (University of Virginia, Class of 1984, Phi Beta

Kappa, and UVA law school) is the managing partner at Smith Stratton,

and he issued a statement extending good wishes to his former

partners. "We look forward to continuing our 50-year tradition of

providing legal services throughout the state of New Jersey. In the

last several years, our additional offices in New York and

Philadelphia have allowed the firm to extend its litigation practice

into each of those jurisdictions, and we have also been pleased to

respond to clients’ requests to represent them in litigation venues in

other jurisdictions across the country. We believe that our current

size and structure will enhance the firm’s ability to provide its

legal services under innovative and flexible fee arrangements."

Smith Stratton’s website as of February 2 listed 10 partners,

including William J. Brennan III (son of the late United States

Supreme Court justice), Schorr, Wendy L. Mager, Peter R. Freed, Thomas

E. Hastings, William E. McGrath, Jr., Gerald D. Wixted, Richard J.

Orr, Christine L. Nici, and Patrick J. Dwyer.

Other former Smith Stratton partners who left are Miyuki Kaneko,

Suzanne M. McSorley, Bradley L. Mitchell, Marsha E. Novick, Brian P.

Sullivan, and Megan E. Thomas. Those leaving also include four

associates (Nanette M. Embres, Laurajane B. Kastner, Priscilla Maye

Kugel and Christine Beyer Savoca) and three of-counsel attorneys

(Robert D. Frawley, John R. Heher and Robert C. Johnston).

Stevens & Lee employs more than 200 people in 11 offices . Its

practice areas are heavily weighted to business. Counting the new

additions from Smith Stratton, for example, Stevens & Lee lists 10

estate attorneys, 11 attorneys that focus on real estate, but 40

attorneys that work in the corporate finance area.

Stevens & Lee, a PA Professional Corporation, 600 College

Road East, Suite 4400, Princeton 08540, 609-987-6655; fax,

609-243-9333. Home page:

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Crosstown Moves

American List Counsel, the mailing list management service, is moving

from 55,000 square feet in Building 5 to 55,000 feet in Building 2 at

4300 Route 1. Building 2 had housed the top Dow Jones executives, says

COO Susan Rappaport, who says that for now ALC will occupy 48,000

square feet on one floor, with 7,000 feet yet to be built out on the

second floor. The move takes place Friday, February 6, and the first

day of business in the new space will be Monday, February 9. ALC has

160 workers at this location.

American List Counsel, 4300 Route 1, Building 2, CN 5219,

Princeton 08543-5219. Don Rappaport, CEO. 609-580-2800; fax,


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Out of Business

Computer Training Center of Princeton, 401 Wall Street,

Princeton 08540-1504. 609-921-7900; fax, 609-921-6908. Home page:

On Friday, January 30, the Computer Training Center of Princeton sent

a letter to its vendors stating that "effective immediately" it has

ceased business operations.

Founded in 1986, it had employed as many as 10 people. It had offered

training both on-site and at its offices.

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Robin D. Smith, on December 23. She had been an editor at Opinion


Clara G. Lidz, 74, on January 14. She had been director of nursing

education at Mercer County Community College.

Patricia L. Tuck, 47, on January 16. She was an office manager at

Health Science at Research Park.

Sandra Schreiber Berger 43, on January 18, in an auto accident. A

registered nurse, she had worked at Mercer Medical Center and at

Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Anne Marie Haltmeier, 58, on January 21. A registered nurse, she was a

child health care coordinator for the Mercer County Division of Youth

and Family Services.

Joseph R. Logue Sr., 80, on January 23. He had been the sports editor

for the Trentonian.

Bernard W. Leammari, 78, on January 23. He was the founder of Glendale


Josephine Peiser on January 30. An interior designer, she worked at

Altina’s Custom Interiors.

Hans K. Sander, 79, on February 2. An architect, he had a firm on

Nassau Street.

Jerome I. Bodin, 73, on February 2. He had directed R&D at the former


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