There is one four letter word that parents dread more than any other: l-i-c-e. They are one of society’s remaining taboo subjects, a topic full of misinformation that can be harmful.

“Head lice have been around possibly as long as humans,” says Rebecca Kolas, owner of Lice Lifters Central New Jersey. “There is evidence of nit combs in ancient tombs still containing lice and nits.”

Conveniently located on Whitehorse Avenue in Hamilton, and serving Mercer, Middlesex, and Burlington counties, Lice Lifters Central Jersey is a family-friendly lice treatment center that removes lice effortlessly and quickly. “Our treatment is safe and natural, non-toxic, and pesticide free,” says Kolas. “All our lice technicians are trained and certified. One of our goals is to educate our customers on the proper steps for cleanup and prevention to eliminate lice in the home and on the head.”

Kolas is both a Certified Lice Technician and owner of Lice Lifters of Central Jersey. She was introduced to the Lice Lifters franchise when her two youngest children contracted lice. Trying over-the-counter and prescription medication, she was unable to conquer lice. Rebecca was then introduced to Lice Lifters as a customer and found that it was the only treatment that was successful, as well as safe and natural.

One persistent myth is that lice are a product of poor hygiene. “Lice are uniquely adapted to live on human beings. In fact, they can only live on us, not on our pets. Moreover, they cannot live long away from a human host,” stresses Kolas. “But they are opportunists, able to move from host to host quickly. Hair touching hair is the most common means of contacting lice. Transmission can be as innocent as sharing a batting helmet, hat or hoodie; heads together taking a selfie; or even a simple hug.

“Head lice are becoming resistant to over-the-counter and prescription remedies, which have a very low success rate. The over-the-counter and prescription treatments contain harmful chemicals and pesticides that can have serious side effects, require multiple, costly applications, and provide insufficient combs that do not remove lice effectively,” says Kolas. “Lice Lifters has the solution and is here to help with our fast, safe, and effective method of detection and treatment. We offer a full line of pesticide-free treatment and prevention products. We provide free educational presentations to schools, nurses, daycares, camps, and salons to assist with prevention and detection of head lice. We will also visit a school, camp, or daycare to provide visual lice checks should an infestation take place.”

Mobile visits are offered for five or more head checks per family. Lice Lifters offers a 30-day guarantee for all customers who follow its treatment plan.

“One treatment, and you are done. No messy home intrusion. Our salons are state-of-the-art, and we can treat the whole family at once,” says Kolas. “We are available seven days a week for questions or to schedule an appointment. Give yourself and your family peace of mind.”

Lice Lifters Central Jersey, 168 Whitehorse Avenue, Hamilton. 609-557-3660.

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