On Monday, June 24, The Lewis School will proudly inaugurate its 40th Summer Study Program.

The Lewis School’s Summer Study Program consists of two components — a Morning Academic Program and an Afternoon Enrichment Program that includes Speech and Language courses.

The Summer Study Program runs from June 24 to July 19 and is open to students Pre-K through Post Graduate levels. You do not have to be a current student at Lewis to attend this program, though an educational evaluation is required for proper placement in the Morning Academic Session.

Our Morning Academic Session includes integrated, multisensory classes, which strengthen the student’s academic skills while reinforcing the essential mechanics of language. Areas of focus include Graphomotor Development; Visual Motor Integration; Handwriting Fluency; Directionality Training; Sound Symbol Association; Visual Targeting and Tracking; and Phonemic Awareness, Auditory Discrimination and Processing.

Also Listening Comprehension, Verbal Analysis and Direction Following; Learning Vocabulary for Contextual Meaning and Associative Processing; Weighted Word Meanings; Latin and Greek Roots and Derivations; Decoding and Encoding for Reading Fluency; Grammar and English Composition; Short Essay, Creative and Expository Writing; Active Working Memory Strategies; Task Attention and Tolerance Skills; Organizational, Study and Note-Taking Skills; SAT and Test Preparation; and Time Management Strategies.

Our Afternoon Enrichment Session provides a wide variety of hands-on, discovery learning programs through creative arts, math, science and engineering, athletics, and more. Programs include Computerized Robotics; Design, Create and Enhance Your Art Portfolio; Put Your Best Foot Forward: SAT Preparation; Geocaching: Modern Day Treasure Hunters; Ooey-Gooey Edible Green Science; Gardening for Green Thumb Kids; and Intensive Spelling, Reading and Writing Labs. Athletic programs are available for students ages 10 and up. The Afternoon Enrichment Session is only available to students participating in The Lewis School’s Morning Academic Session.

Our Speech and Language Enrichment Session offers direct instruction to build functional communication skills through multisensory, multimodality learning experiences in various social settings and contexts. Topics include Receptive and Expressive Language; Auditory and Visual Processing; Sustained and Selective Attention; Recall and Word Retrieval; Vocabulary Development; Sequencing and Organization; Social Communication; and Deductive and Inductive Reasoning. The Afternoon Enrichment Session is only available to students participating in The Lewis School’s Morning Academic Session.

For more information, please call our Admissions Department at 609-924-8120 or visit lewisschool.org for more information.

Lewis School of Princeton, 53 Bayard Lane, Princeton. 609-924-8120. www.lewisschool.org.

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