Karen Hodges Miller’s November 25 article on the Jobseekers support group at Trinity Church in Princeton generated comments at our princetoninfo.com website from two readers:

Years ago, when I was downsized by a major insurance firm, I wrote a series of articles for U.S. 1 on the experience. One of the best aspects of that time was my interaction with the people of Trinity Church. I am gratified to see that this opportunity still exists.

I am impressed that your article remains upbeat without being facile. As U.S. 1’s long-term nature writer, I surely align with you and your readers on the importance of getting OUT there — not ONLY in a gym — many times a week. Nature ministered to me until I found a new role.

Carolyn Foote Edelmann

Karen Hodges Miller wrote another outstanding article, this time depicting so vividly the issues facing people in-transition (never say “unemployed,” which has a negative connotation and stigma attached, while “in-transition” is more realistic and upbeat).

Most of the article is about Greg Wheeler, whom I know personally — a terrific human being with all the right credentials and experience and still caught up in this unprecedented phenomenon (at least in recent years) and struggling back into the job market.

I just want to add that there are a number of similar groups in Central Jersey equally valuable for jobseekers. A comprehensive and updated list can be found via my website: www.landingexpert.com under the Networking tab. Another very good and similar group to Jobseekers in the Princeton area is St. Gregory the Great Networking Group in Hamilton Square. This group meets twice a month, Saturday morning and Wednesday evening. It is open to the entire community.

Alex Freund


Memories of 1984

I too want to add my voice to the congratulations on U.S. 1’s 25th anniversary.

I feel a special kinship with U.S. 1 since we both started our businesses the same year, and observed the change from old, stodgy Princeton to the growth and sophistication of the Route 1 corridor. It was an exciting time. I remember going into a Chamber luncheon at the same time U.S. 1’s new editor did, and we both were a little nervous about “networking” with so many unfamiliar faces.

I want to tell you also how useful U.S. 1 is for my own information and as a tool for the many job seekers I see each year. Not only the annual directory, but also the features on individual companies and industries are very useful for a job seeker and help them find innovative ways to bring themselves to the attention of hiring companies.

Lastly, I want to say how much I appreciate the values you exhibit both in the content of U.S. 1 and in your editorial comments. You have a great BS-detector and don’t get carried away by corporate jargon, public relations spin, or political groupthink. That is a characteristic of the old Princeton that deserves to be preserved.

Sandra Grundfest

601 Ewing Street,

Certified Career Counselor

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