Anniversary Tributes

Congratulations on 25 years. I enjoyed your column & memories on the early days of the paper.

Having just completed our 26th year, I can appreciate the combination of hard work, good planning & execution, as well as some luck that it takes to get where you are.

I continue to find U.S. 1 the most relevant source of news about the local business community. Keep up the great work.

Dave Kaplan

Sir Speedy Printing

3100 Quakerbridge Road


The Saxons & U.S. 1

I was deeply impressed by the 25th anniversary issue of U.S. 1 — and all the years and effort and fine writing it represented. Congratulations on the creation of a fine newspaper, one that has been a part of the lives of nearly every member of the Saxon family.

Of course we know about Jamie and appreciate her contributions to the paper, both during its early years and now, in the middle of its third decade (!).

But I also recall when I worked at Mason Gross School of the Arts as media director in the early ’90s, sending press releases for Summerfest concerts to U.S. 1, arranging interviews for Elaine Strauss and Barbara Fox with various concert performers, and hand delivering photos of head shots to your old office on Mapleton Road.

Furthermore, we remember with fondness the stories Jamie’s father wrote for U.S. 1, having to do with transportation issues, his experiences serving on a jury in Trenton, and as movie reviewer. Bob got a great deal of pleasure seeing his byline in U.S. 1, and so did we.

Richard K. Rein’s “recipes for a newspaper” — thought-provoking and interesting — reminded me of what an integral part of “the scene” U.S. 1 has become over the years. So many people I know read it, comment upon it, and rely upon it for its upbeat, informed, straightforward coverage.

But it’s much more than that. Many of the stories in U.S. 1 over the years have been deeply personal, sharing experiences of serious illness, of relationships, of building new careers, or of unusual travel both local and afar. These are often very affecting and meaningful.

The stories about people beginning second careers or new businesses have been especially fascinating to me. By turns vivid, lively and inspiring, these stories have a way of making unique connections between us readers and people who are out there — in our town or the next — doing interesting things and making a contribution.

Finally, I believe U.S.’s coverage of the arts in this area is unparalleled. In its way, it has undoubtedly contributed to the health and survival of many of our local arts organizations.

So kudos to you for creating a most interesting and alive newspaper, one which has strengthened and deepened connections within all the communities you serve.

Ellen Saxon

Honest Advice

I want to congratulate you and your team for the 25th edition of U.S. 1. As an entrepreneur involved in the information/publishing industry, I cannot thank you enough for the wisdom and “secret sauce” you have shared about what it takes to build and maintain a successful business over this time.

I’ve been in the advertising/marketing field for many years and remember seeing the early editions of U.S. 1 in the mid 1980s. Since I’ve been a Montgomery resident, look forward to picking up a copy whenever I can. While time is precious and I often only read “bits and pieces” of the paper, I was inspired to read your entire article. It was some of the best “real world” and honest advice I have ever read!

My wife and I have been in business for 12 1/2 years publishing an “online” directory/information source in a targeted marketplace (New Jersey wedding planning), and with your suggestions and tips, will look forward to the next 12 1/2 and beyond.

Congratulations again! 🙂

Erik Kent


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