Make Your Plan: Vote Early, Vote Safely

With just a few weeks left before the general election on November 3, the League of Women Voters of the Princeton Area urges everyone to vote early and vote safely. The election is being conducted primarily by mail-in ballot this year, due to COVID-19. Ballots have been mailed to all registered voters, and the time is now to make a plan to vote.

Plan how you will vote: There are multiple ways to cast a ballot in 2020. Considering public safety during a pandemic as well as the possibility of long lines, voting by mail may be the best option for many in this election. Your prepaid ballot can be mailed through the US Postal Service, delivered to the county board of elections office or placed in one of many secure drop boxes located in each county. You can also drop off your completed ballot at your polling place on election day. If you choose to vote in person at your polling place, you will be required to use a provisional (paper) ballot. Only those with disabilities will be allowed to use a machine at the polls.

Plan when you will vote: All ballots returned through the mail must be postmarked by November 3rd and received no later than 8 pm, November 10th. Ballots returned in-person or in drop boxes must be returned by 8 p.m. on election day, Tuesday, November 3. Due to the high volume of mail-in ballots expected, election officials are encouraging everyone to vote as early as possible.

Get the facts: This year’s ballot will contain federal, state and local races along with three public questions. For reliable information about the candidates and the pubic questions, The League of Women Voters recommends The NJ Division of Elections provides links to check your registration, track your ballot and find your local polling places and secure drop boxes. Go to www.Vote.NJ.Gov for that information.

Be patient: Voting this year has already exceeded normal levels. Election officials anticipate a much higher number of ballots to be processed, and that may take more time than usual. Anticipate a delay in getting results.

Cindy Gordon

League of Women Voters of the Princeton Area

The League of Women Voters of the Princeton Area is a non-partisan political organization. The league welcomes men and women from the central New Jersey communities of Kendall Park, Kingston, Montgomery, Plainsboro, Princeton, Rocky Hill, South Brunswick, and West Windsor to join at

Support for Courthouse Square

A rendering of the proposed mixed-use Courthouse Square development in Flemington.

Editor’s note: Flemington is typically considered to be out of U.S. 1’s coverage area, but over the years events focused on the kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh’s baby have brought issues facing the borough’s historic downtown to our attention. Lindbergh’s history is relevant in the U.S. 1 area because the kidnapping occurred at his home in Hopewell, but the trial took place in Flemington. The area surrounding that courthouse, including the former Union Hotel, where several trial participants stayed, is at the center of substantial redevelopment plans that have been in the works since 2016.

The proposed demolition of historic buildings and replacement with a mixed-use development caused some controversy and consternation when Major League Baseball player-turned-businessman Jack Cust first presented his plans, but substantial revisions have led to a plan with broad support, as indicated by the letter below.

I am writing on behalf of the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce to express our gratitude and congratulations to the Developer, the mayor and borough council of Flemington, and the interested citizens of our county seat who are working diligently to make the Courthouse Square project a reality.

The alternative plan recently proposed by Jack Cust and his team appropriately addressed issues raised by some concerned citizens, which included reduced density, building heights, and required parking. The revised plan also manages to save some buildings from being replaced. The mayor and borough council actively solicited opinions and input from residents, interested businesses, and non-profit groups in order to make the project the best it can be for Flemington.

We are confident that the proposed revisions will make the project come to fruition and improve the vitality, commerce, and quality of life for the borough, its citizens and the entire county. Be confident that you can count on our ongoing support for this project from the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce, interested parties, and the businesses community sharing in this noteworthy effort.

Christopher J. Phelan

President, Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce

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