Update: Masa Sushi has decided to temporarily close its doors.

Get Your Sushi To Go

This notice is to inform our community that Masa Sushi will temporarily suspend our dine-in service starting on Monday, March 16, and we will be providing pick-up service only to ensure the health and well-being of the entire community. Our proactive decision is being made in light of the recent pace with which COVID-19 (coronavirus) is spreading in New Jersey.

Please note, there are no suspected or confirmed cases of coronavirus at our store. We strongly believe that actions taken now will have the greatest chance of decreasing risk, and that the potential consequences of not acting could far outweigh these short-term disruptions. With early action, we can slow down the virus and prevent infections!

Below are details outlining our early action, as well as possible scenarios for the future:

• All pick-up orders can be placed online or by calling. The dine-in area will not be open to the public.

• During this period, we will perform a deep cleaning of the restaurant and sanitize with sanitizer everyday.

• We will ask our employees to report their itinerary during this period to ensure that everyone does not attend any parties, events, use public transport, or travel.

• We will launch contactless pick-up service to ensure the safety of our employees and guests.

• We will keep up to date with the information. Please continue to visit www.masa8restaurant.com for ongoing updates.

Suspending dine-in service was a difficult decision for us, but we want to be responsible to our community, to protect our employees, our families, and everybody in this community. Thank you for your patience and assistance as we work through this evolving situation.

We will inform you when we can resume serving dine in customers in a further notice.

Masa Management

Masa Sushi, 415 Nassau Park Boulevard, West Windsor
Mori Sushi, 1378 Route 206, Skillman

Parting Wisdom from Dor Mullen

We got the-hand-washing messaging down: do it and do it for 20 seconds!

We got the social proximity rules knocked : avoid!

But what about the obvious flip side: if avoiding large groups is potentially lifesaving, what are we doing indoors?

Faced with such momentous shifts in social norms as school closings nationwide, isn’t it worth asking: if social proximity is our foe, isn’t the outdoors our friend?

Shouldn’t we start a gardening program and get those kids outdoors? But wait, Princeton has that!

When I started writing 20 years ago about the consequences of screen-focused childhood, I had no idea I’d end up defending outdoor education as a national defense strategy. But with more space our friend and close social proximity our foe, can we please look for solutions outside — in our gardens and on our trails?

Yes, sing Happy Birthday while washing your hands, and model good hygiene by keeping children a safe distance from large groups. Also, look outside where Mother Nature’s tender arms are wide open.

Outside we find harm-reduction solutions that reduce Covid-19 risk — with fresh air, large open spaces, and free playgrounds — all readily available, inexpensive, and practical as part of a whole-herd solution.

Dorothy Mullen

Editor’s Note: Dor Mullen died on March 15 at the age of 64. See her obituary.

Help the Children

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month: a time to call attention to the problem of child abuse and neglect in our community. The children who have been subjected to abuse by their caregivers are often further traumatized by removal from their home and parents.

CASA for Children of Mercer and Burlington Counties trains and supervises volunteers to advocate for these children while they are in the foster care system. CASA’s (Court Appointed Special Advocates) are appointed by Judges to insure that the best interests of foster children are addressed until they find a safe and permanent home.

You can help! Serving as a volunteer advocate is one way for concerned adults to directly help a child who needs support, guidance and a voice in the courtroom. CASA volunteers come from all walks of life — you need no special background, just a desire to help. Our volunteers pass background checks and receive over 30 hours of comprehensive training before being assigned to a case. Anyone interested in learning more about our program may register to attend an information session at our website: www.casamb.org.

Laura Wall

Executive Director, CASA for Children of Mercer & Burlington Counties

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