In Memoriam Addendum

I appreciated the recent recognition of Princeton notables who died last year (U.S. 1, January 1). I thought I’d find my friend — Princeton’s friend — Michael J. Spicer, who died on September 9 at 87, but did not.

So, I’d just add Mike’s name to the list: a Dartmouth and Harvard Law School graduate, a tank commander in his U.S. Army service, Mike was a named partner at Jamieson Moore Peskin and Spicer, a partner at Pepper Hamilton, Rider University’s chief counsel, a tireless volunteer at Family Guidance, Mercer Street Friends, Lawrence Little League and, as his children, grandchildren and wife, Willa, noted at his memorial service at Stonebridge, a deeply ethical, intelligent, kind, and generous man. He was a man for all seasons, well-loved and now, missed by many.

Mark Lamar

More Support for Princeton TV

I am writing to you as a new member of Princeton Community TV who wishes that this valuable service to the community continues. I’m so sad that it took me so long to join, for I have wanted to for years but never made the time. I’ve been a guest on a few shows as a director and playwright of theater. It is such a professional organization, and I was honored to be interviewed.

Now that I have made the time and have the inspiration to host my own show for kids on PCTV I found out that the money promised from the city isn’t going to be given. I completely disagree with the thinking of those in charge of the purse strings. There is a huge need for more community organizations that bring together positive, creative people from all walks of live and all different ages to work together, especially to learn from one another.

I have gained valuable skills from just a few workshops and gatherings at PCTV that I couldn’t have received anywhere else. I have learned how to work professional video cameras, create content that is worthy of an ever-increasing discerning audience, and gained valuable knowledge from those in the filmmaking business.

Even just having access to the professional equipment and technical guidance has not only helped me produce my own show but as a theater/film public school teacher I am proud to be able to take this ever-changing modern technical knowledge and pass it onto future generations.

I know how important it is to have a place for the young and old to go to that is a welcoming and mentoring group. We all need to open our minds and learn from each other more and focusing on the community. This is how we are going to change the world. I am happy to join together to bring content to the surrounding community as well as, help the community organizations and local businesses get the word out about what they have to offer. It is a joy that I hope others are able to experience for decades to come.

I hope you will have the chance to visit the station and see what we have to offer you, the local businesses, the future generations and everyone at home watching the shows.

Let us all remember to come together in community this 2020 and make the next decade one of listening, learning, and joy instead of divisiveness. Support Princeton Community Television with everything and anything you can. Why? Because it is not only the right thing to do for our community but will make you remember that community is like a family, it needs to be supported to continue.

Thank you and happiest of new years to you!

Lynne Elson

East Windsor

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