To the Editor: On Being Gay

Coming out and speaking about my family and social/sexual life in U.S. 1’s October 25 issue was a significant moment for me. Thank you for making that possible and for reinforcing the social supports I have through family, friends, and church.

I did want to clarify one point. The quote attributed to me regarding a comparison between two gyms did not accurately reflect my personal beliefs or my intention. My intention, which was to characterize several populations that I have noticed are drawn to one gym over the other (having been a member of both at various times) without any pejorative judgment, may no longer be relevant. Both gyms are fine places to join, regardless of race or orientation. However, my personal belief that was questioned and distorted by the quote does matter to me. I have no negative sentiment or opinion of Hispanic people and/or families. I apologize for any implication otherwise.

Agreeing to this interview was important for my own journey. I am grateful for such in-depth and sensitive reporting. U.S. 1 honored and assuaged my hesitations, and I appreciate the spirit of support, affirmation, and understanding. Thanks for letting me clarify this one point. Jon Weddell

On Patent Rights

I was reading your article on “Managing Intellectual Property” in the October 25 U.S. 1 and I believe that you have misunderstood Mary Hildebrand’s comments about patent protection in the U.S.

If an inventor obtains a U.S. patent, they have the right to prevent anyone from making, using, or importing the invention. The right stands whether they seek protection in Europe or not.

If the inventor publicly discloses the invention prior to filing for patent protection, then they have forfeited their rights in Europe. The loss of rights in Europe has no effect on the rights available in the U.S. After the public disclosure the clock starts ticking and the inventor has one year to file for protection in the U.S. and a few other countries. I’m sure Ms. Hildebrand will confirm this understanding of the law.

David M. Gange, Ph.D.

Registered Patent Agent,

Altimatia LLC, Pennington

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