I just read your “haunted” article in the October 31 issue. I worked for the New Jersey Division of Mental Health for 25 years, the first 10 in central office where I became acquainted with Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, and the last 15 as an administrator on the TPH staff. In spite of all that was presented in the U.S. 1 piece, I can’t recall that over any of those years I ever heard the word “haunted” with reference to TPH from anyone across the hospital staff or patients.

I am aware of Dr. Cotton and his tragic “mental illness/focal sepsis” procedures, at times erroneously praised in its day, which was based on his falsified “research” data reporting (see the Princeton Alumni Weekly, May 11, 2005). And somewhat ironically his family had even established the “Cotton Award for Kindness,” which was given to selected staff for each of many years, including when I worked there.

— Jim Floyd Ph.D., Princeton

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