Princeton Township’s Mayor Phyllis Marchand [who just announced her retirement] is a champion of open space whose legacy benefits future generations well beyond today’s Princeton community. When D&R Greenway sought to preserve the former Robert Wood Johnson estate, now Greenway Meadows, Mayor Marchand jumped in to spearhead the Township Committee’s support.

She demonstrated the same environmental leadership during D&R Greenway’s efforts to preserve Coventry Farm, as well as the recent acquisition of the land to provide the final link in the Stony Brook Trail.

All of us who are committed to this community owe Phyllis Marchand an enormous debt of gratitude for her staunch support of land preservation in Princeton. It is truly up to this generation to determine the future of New Jersey’s environment. Our mayor has been a leader in ensuring that our future will be green, and her presence will be missed.

Linda J. Mead

Executive Director,

D&R Greenway Land Trust

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