Lives will be saved in the Sudan because of your feature on Emmanuel Mathiang, who escaped being killed by his government and now lives in New Jersey (“A Sudanese Refugee Finds Peace,” U.S. 1, April 26). The Piano Teachers Forum of Central New Jersey is very grateful to both you and Mr. Mathiang, who spoke at our recent benefit concert for the Sudan, which raised nearly $7,000 for “Doctors without Borders.”

Anyone who was unable to attend but still wants to help can mail a check made out to “Doctors without Borders” c/o 8 DeLotto Drive Hamilton 08619. Thanks, U.S. 1!

Marianna Torres


I am writing regarding my poem “The Linear Life,” which was published in U.S. 1’s Summer Fiction issue in July, 2003. It is my understanding that I retain the rights to the poem and am able to republish the poem without requesting permission. Just want to clarify this, as another publisher has expressed interest in possibly publishing the poem.

Donna J. Gelagotis Lee

Editor’s note: Authors do retain all rights for work published in the U.S. 1 Summer Fiction issue. Contrary to our usual practice (all of the articles from 1998 onward are posted on our website) we do not post the fiction on the Internet.

We have begun reviewing the nearly 100 pieces submitted for this year’s issue, which will be published Wednesday, July 26. Watch this space for the time and place of the annual writers’ reception.

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