After receiving the May 31 issue of U.S. 1 I was about to put our two copies in the reception area of our office, until I noticed the photo from the Nude Olympics at Princeton University. Since you are not a tabloid newspaper I was surprised to see one of the photos used for your front cover. What was the point to putting this on the front cover? Do you think that as a woman sitting at the front desk, meeting and greeting people all day, that I would want to display this cover on our tables, so that our male visitors could look upon this as they sat in my area?

Maybe I would have felt differently if some male nudity was exposed in your photo. What happened? Didn’t any males participate in the Nude Olympics at Princeton? Certainly you weren’t going to increase sales, as this is a free publication to offices and businesses within the Princeton area. So what was the point?

As you may or may not be aware, the administration of Princeton University banned the Nude Olympics in 2001 for safety and decency reasons. Imagine that. It was only a few years ago when some of us still tried to hold on to decency. Now it appears that some of us like to just “Do things” because we can in the name of “Free Press,” “Freedom of Speech,” or “Oh get with it, this is 2006!”

I do enjoy your publication as it contains some useful information and interesting articles. I just was not comfortable with this week’s cover, and I wanted you to know.

Gloria Wargo

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