Our “lesson learned” from an errant Google search, discussed in this space last week, drew a sympathetic response from freelance restaurant writer Pam Parseghian, who wrote the following:

“Thank you for your comments about Google research and for reminding your writers that web-based research isn’t always reliable. But I too needed the reminder. We all use it. Still I cringe when I ask an ‘expert’ for information and they tell me ‘what Wikipedia says.’ It’s good to keep in mind the web’s limits.”

On a related issue, we are now verifying and updating the information contained in some 5,500 company listings that can be found at www.princetoninfo.com. If you do not receive a coupon or if you suspect we have not yet discovered your company, check our database by clicking on “companies” at the top of the page, and then use your company name or phone number on the search page to see what we have listed. E-mail changes or additions to directory@princetoninfo.com.

#b#To the Editor#/b#

The congested Route 1 crossing at Washington Road has been a victim of bad planning and a political football for 10 years. For all this time there has been an obvious and relatively low-cost solution to this congestion.

This solution had two parts: (1.) add a second turn lane where Harrison Street empties onto Route 1 and (2.) greatly expand the Washington at-grade crossing of Route 1. This expanded crossing would have two full lanes crossing Route 1 in each direction as well as turn lanes. Note: the current Washington crossing also provides a U turn capability which has not been needed since the above grade Alexander and Scudders Mill interchanges were built.

So what was proposed 10 years ago in place of the common sense solution enumerated above? A very costly overpass with extensive service roads.

When first proposed a “citizens’ committee” was appointed to consider multiple variations of this extremely costly, land consuming, and disruptive plan. The need for an overpass was a “given.” Other alternatives were never considered.

After extensive study and delay, the citizens’ committee recommended one variation of the overpass plan. An environmental study was performed, then a second more elaborate environmental study. Following completion of this study it was announced that the overpass with its service roads would be delayed for many years due to a lack of funding. And now after about 10 years it has been announced the overpass plan is dead.

So where are we now? The obvious low-cost second turn lane at Harrison and Route 1 has at last been constructed (after a needless 10-year delay) and an experiment to eliminate jughandles across Route 1 is proposed. This is a crazy bandaid.

When will the state finally wake up and expand the at-grade crossing of Route 1 at Washington? We don’t need experiments. What we need is common sense action.

Philip Rhodes

Sayre Drive, Princeton

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