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Lesson 5 & 6

Lesson 5: It’s not your fault. Cancer patients have a

tendency to second guess the past. I know that I did. Why did this

happen to me? What did I do wrong? But that kind of thinking does not

help in your treatment or in the outcome.

Getting cancer is not your fault. You just have to know that those

kinds of things happen in life and your objective now is not to dwell

on what might have been but on what is. So I believe the best option

is to get your plan in place and stick with it. Don’t think about who

is to blame. Think about your actions.

Lesson 6: You’ve got to have hope. There is a song in Damn

Yankees called "You’ve got to have heart" sung by the Washington

baseball team in the locker room regarding their game with the

Yankees. One line in the song goes. "You’ve got to have hope; miles

and miles and miles of hope." And that is true with the fight against

cancer. You have got to hope that you will succeed. You have got to

hope that tomorrow will be better than today. You have got to have

hope that the treatment will work. If you don’t have hope in what you

are doing, than the odds are that it will be a self-fulfilling

prophecy and you will fail.

I am now wearing a yellow LiveStrong Bracelet from the Lance Armstrong

Foundation. Any time during the day that I feel that I am losing my

confidence or feeling down about things, I take a look at the bracelet

and it reminds me that I must have hope.

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