Leigh Visual Imaging knows best that your recognizable brand is invaluable to the success of your business, as is your ability to adapt and grow when facing new opportunities.

"While our photography has been the back bone of our 65 years in the industry," says Peter Dawson, President of Leigh, "it has also afforded us growth, opening up opportunities that have taken us in new and exciting directions.” Leigh has been making digital p rints for more than 15 years. And as technology has evolved so has Leigh. Not only does Leigh specialize in high quality archival prints, it also now offers large and grand format services.

Miles Truesdell, Director of Operations at Leigh, recalls, "When we started offering wide format printing, we found a whole new market to reach out to, and many of our clients have told us that they are really excited about this service." Leigh’s wide format printing capabilities exploded into markets for POP posters, tradeshow booths, and now signs.

Leigh Sign and Graphics was born out of Leigh’s wide format services. "It was the next logical step," said Dawson. "Clients who needed large format prints also needed outdoor graphics. The sign business has been an exciting addition to our list of services, and is another opportunity for us to work together with our clients to find solutions that best meet their needs."

"For some time now we have been using a progressive business model here at Leigh," stated Miles. "We feel that for every expectation and budget there is a solution. As we have expanded our services to include signs and large format printing, we continue to use the same business model proven by our photography business… by working together with our clients we review goals and budget, then working together, find the solution that works best for their application."

There has been a lot of change at Leigh in the past 65 years, but our core values and goals have remained the same. Not only do we strive to meet our clients’ expectations, we are driven to exceed them.

Leigh Visual Imaging Solutions. 45 Everett Drive, Building C, Princeton. 609-799-8880. www.leighimaging.com

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