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D&R Canal: Plans For Kingston

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This article by Barbara Fox was prepared for the December 4, 2002

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Learn to Risk And Learn to `FISH’ — Neil Orkin

It sounds like a young man’s dream. Upon graduating

from college, pack two suitcases, one with winter clothes and one

with summer clothes, and travel to a foreign country where you don’t

know the language and don’t have a job. Survive — and prosper

— by finding a job, learning the language — and build your

career on the experience.

Neil Orkin, now a trainer and motivational speaker, uses his

own experience to inspire others. A graduate of the University of

Michigan, Class of 1982, he has a master’s degree from Columbia


and an EdD in adult education and corporate training from Rutgers,

where he ran the corporate training program, focusing on cross


challenges. He opened his own firm, Global Training Systems, in


in 1996.

Orkin also comes to the training field with genetic as well as


qualifications. His father was the first dean of Somerset Valley


(before it was Raritan Valley), and was president of Union County


Orkin will teach "Motivating Yourself and Others through Positive

Communication" on Thursday, December 5, at 9 a.m. at the North

Branch campus of Raritan Valley Community College. Presented in


with the Small Business Development Center, the full-day course costs


"Motivating yourself goes far beyond saying affirmations in front

of a mirror," says Orkin. "I’m a big believer in getting


to build your skills." He is vice president of the Society for

Human Resources Management, active in the National Speakers


and also involved in the Princeton Institute of Management


Orkin advocates getting to know people as opposed to playing business

card frisbee. "Words on a piece of cardboard won’t do it,"

he says.

Do what you say you are going to do , which will give you

a competitive advantage. Simply doing what you say you will do 100

percent of the time is rare enough to set you apart.

Plan , whether for your education or for meeting people.

Feed your mind . "My car is like a library, with tapes

and CDs and books by Tom Peters, Ken Blanchard, Brian Tracy. It gives

you confidence."

Take calculated risks . Just to take a risk may not be

a good idea. "When I went to Japan, I had done some research.

For instance, go to a professional group to find out the


As part of Orkin’s presentation, the course will include a screening

and discussion of the video "Fish," filmed at the World Famous

Pike Place Fish, a fish market in Seattle that has turned into one

of the city’s premiere tourist attractions. Created by ChartHouse

Learning of Minneapolis, the video shows how applying the principles

of teamwork and personal accountability helped the fishmongers change

a failing business into a hugely successful venture.

A fish market seems like a strange place to hunt for management


gold, but Seattle saw it happen: the transformation of a failing


into a successful one. "Selling fish can be an unpleasant


says Orkin. "It’s cold, smelly, and you have to get up at the

crack of dawn. But they changed how they look at their work. To them

it is much more than selling fish, it is communicating with the


They call out orders to each other, create a lot of energy and have

a lot of fun. People walk by there just to get the energy. It started

informally. Then, by having meetings, it gave people some


and they started to do better."

A consultant noticed the change, made a video, and four years after

the video’s release it is a best-selling corporate education film

and is available in 14 languages. There is also a book, "FISH!

A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results!" by Steve

Lundin, John Christensen of ChartHouse Learning, and Harry Paul of

the Ken Blanchard Companies, published by Hyperion


Among the keys of the FISH! Philosophy:

Enjoy what you do. Have fun, play, be spontaneous, on

the theory that if you enjoy something, you put more effort into it,

and creativity results.

Think of others. Make someone’s day, or moment. A small

kindness or special attention, lifts the spirit of two people, the

giver and the receiver.

Don’t take life for granted. Be present. You have only

one life to live. Why miss it? Focus on the person or task with which

you are engaged. Listen at a deep level. What wears you out is doing

something halfheartedly while thinking about something else.

Be positive. Choose your attitude. Look for the worst

and you will find it. Look for the best and you will find it.

Accept responsibility for your choices . If you find


with an attitude you don’t want, you can choose another.

The fishmongers call the business people "yogurt dudes"

because they would come to the market to buy their lunch. Now the

yogurt dudes come to the market to pick up something else — a

dose of energy.

— Barbara Fox

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Insurance Knowhow

Some insurance costs are rising, and some are falling.

Learn about the major forces and variables affecting several types

of key insurance — liability, casualty, terrorism — at a


of the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties on

Thursday, December 5, at 7:30 a.m. at the Woodbridge Hilton in Iselin.

Alan Geisenheimer of Geisenheimer Insurance Agency will moderate

a panel that includes Congressman Michael Ferguson; James

Balcam of Corporate Risk Advisors; Douglas Kelly of Douglas

R. Kelly Associates; and Jack Fersko of Farer Fersko. Cost:

$75. Call 732-729-9900.

With extensive expertise in commercial and residential real estate,

Geisenheimer provides consulting services for law firms involved in

commercial real estate. Congressman Ferguson (Republican, 7th


serves on the financial services, transportation and infrastructure

and small business committees in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Balcalm’s focus is on risk management programs, and Fersko, who chairs

the organization’s real estate and business department, has expertise

in environmental law. Kelly has a commercial mortgage banking company

and will consider insurance from the perspective of different kinds

of loans, including portfolio loans, CMBS transactions, construction

loans, bridge loans, floating and adjustable transactions done with

life insurance companies, commercial and savings banks.

The panel will discuss strategies for dealing with current challenges

in the industry, how the current market is responding to the September

11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States, and what the future

holds for commercial property owners.

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D&R Canal: Plans For Kingston

The Delaware and Raritan Canal Commission has issued

a 10-year master plan to improve the 60-mile course of the historical

canal. This ambitious plan contains 31 projects, ranging from adding

signs to promote use of the park to making big changes where the canal

intersects with Route 27 in Kingston.

Meetings on the plan will be held on Tuesday, December 10, at 7:30

a.m. at the commission’s headquarters at Prallsville Millsite,


A second discussion will be Thursday, December 12, at 7:30 p.m. at

the Lawrence Township municipal building on Route 206. Call


for information.

The proposed plan would create a link to the 600-acre Institute for

Advanced Studies property, which is now separated from the canal by

one privately-owned property and a channel of water. "If that

property can become part of the preserved land in this area there

will be a 1,300-acre natural area in the heart of the Route 1


says the plan. Also included are projects to increase the parking

capacity for where the canal intersects with Washington Road and



Kingston Lock (near the former Winepress restaurant) would be


as a major access point, but a separate master plan and special


would be needed for this. The plan notes that Kingston contains


structures, the Millstone River and Lake Carnegie, a canal lock,


areas, a linking path to the Cook Natural Area, and enough space for

people to congregate. "Add to this the fact that Kingston is right

next to a bus stop that connects Princeton with New York City and

it is obvious that this should be a major access area," suggests

the plan.

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