If the thought of speaking in public sends shivers down your spine, speech coach and author Eileen N. Sinett has tailor-made a program to support your specific presentation needs. You will discover life-changing skills and receive the support you need to grow and become comfortable expressing yourself naturally and authentically at her “Public Speaking for the Shy, Introverted or Anxious” program scheduled to begin in late January in Plainsboro.

“Reducing the anxiety one feels around speaking is more than just a performance issue,” explains Sinett. “It is a positive action we can take to improve our emotional well-being.”

No matter what profession you are in, today’s business environment demands that you develop excellent speaking skills. “More and more I am seeing people whose professions used to keep them in the ‘back room.’ Now they are being asked to present their information, their data or statistics to other groups in their organization. If they are not used to speaking in public, this can make them very uncomfortable,” says Sinett.

There may also be a multi-cultural aspect to shyness or reluctance to speak publicly. “People who are not confident with their English proficiency, or who feel that their accent makes it difficult to be understood, are often not as confident when asked to speak before groups. Practice and validation of their skills can give them the confidence they need to succeed,” Sinett explains.

Participants who attend Sinett’s “Public Speaking for the Shy, Introverted of Anxious,” will find a safe and conscious environment where they will learn to:

• Manage fear and neutralize anxiety

• Organize a clear presentation message with ease

• Maximize body language and minimize distractions

• Engage audience attention

• Communicate their message with confidence and connection

The eight-hour program takes place on four Tuesdays (January 29, February 5, 19, 26) from 7 to 9 p.m. at Sinett’s Studio: 610 Plainsboro Road, Plainsboro. The fee is $150 for four sessions. To ensure personalized attention, class size is limited, so be sure to register early.

Eileen N. Sinett is a corporate communication consultant and facilitator. Her book, “Speaking that Connects,” provides techniques and inspiration to achieve presentation excellence and become comfortable speaking to groups. In addition, she offers services to the community and entrepreneurs at various times throughout the year. “Sometimes you need a little extra listening to find your voice. Being heard is an essential ingredient to confident speaking,” says Sinett.

To learn more about Sinett’s programs, register for this program or purchase her book, visit her website at www.speakingthatconnects.com.

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