Being a parent in the suburbs these days can feel like running a taxi service.

With schedules that are jam-packed with activities requiring the constant and relentless shuttling of the kids to and from classes, practices, and play dates, most moms and dads across the region probably could hang a taxi and limousine medallion in the family minivan with all the miles they’ve been logging.

According to research, some parents can rack up more than 1,500 miles each year chauffeuring their brood to various activities, adding up to thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. Imagine how much of that time and money could be saved if those activities and programs were all under one roof.

Recognizing this, New Jersey Athletic Club (NJAC) in Lawrenceville is creating the ultimate solution for families by offering an expanded, multi-generational program that has something for everyone, from toddlers on up to their grandparents. Similar to how malls made shopping more convenient for customers by putting stores in one place, NJAC is making fitness more convenient — and cheaper — for families.

“We listened to our members,” says Don Foy, NJAC’s chief operating officer. “They told us they wished we had different programs for their kids. We always had a large facility, but not a lot for kids. Now we do.”

NJAC offers 150 classes each week from novice Kid Fit sessions to high-level, sport-specific speed, agility, and quickness programs designed for elite athletes.

Part of a multi-phase transition from what was one of the largest Gold’s Gym facilities in the country, NJAC is expanding its programming menu and its square footage to appeal to a broader, more practical membership base.

In January, Gold’s became NJAC as part of an ambitious expansion and rebranding that will add almost 20,000 square feet that will house a regulation basketball court, indoor track, cheerleading and gymnastics center, karate and dance studios, and two party rooms. NJAC is creating a cutting-edge, one-stop shop dedicated to fitness and programming unlike any facility in the state. Amenities include towel service, a juice and coffee bar, family locker rooms, personal training, and regular fitness assessments.

“We always prided ourselves on our service, cleanliness, and in providing state-of-the-art programming to our members,” says NJAC President Ed McNeill, who has owned and operated the fitness club for nine years. “This is what the members and families wanted and now we can offer one of the state’s largest multi-generational facilities with the most amenities for everyone, from toddlers on up to senior citizens.”

On top of the convenience of not having to shuttle from dance to karate to cheerleading every afternoon, NJAC memberships cost a fraction of what all of those activities run each month on an a la carte basis. Karate classes alone can cost north of $200 per month.

“We are developing an athletic club that meets the need of the entire family,” McNeill says.

New Jersey Athletic Club, 4152 Quakerbridge Road, Lawrenceville. or 609-275-8900.

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