It all started in the basement of an unassuming Cape Cod on a quiet street in Lawrenceville in 1952. John Russo, Sr., established Lawrenceville Home Improvement to serve the surrounding neighborhoods, providing them with all of their exterior home improvement needs.

Today, “Pop Pop” Russo’s grandsons, cousins James Russo and Bryan Russo, continue to serve Mercer County, providing the best window, door, and siding projects on the market. Over the years, Lawrenceville Home Improvement has earned a reputation for providing high-quality products with stellar installation, but what has really endeared this business to the community is its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

This time of year as the weather continues to improve (and the impulse to air out the home becomes irresistible) homeowners are beginning to question the viability of their windows. Perhaps a window is difficult to open or once it gets open refuses to stay open; perhaps the windy winter days revealed undeniable drafting that needs to be addressed; or perhaps no one living in the house has any idea as to when the windows were installed (but suspects the age to be decades old). Any or all of these reasons are sufficient to explore replacement window options.

Windows basically fall under three categories in terms of material — wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. Each of these materials have their pluses and minuses. A reputable window dealer should be able to walk a customer through each of them so that they can make an informed decision as to what is right for them. Lawrenceville Home Improvement offers all three and customers can see them on display in their show room located at 2821 Brunswick Pike (Business Route 1).

Customers looking for a historically accurate window often gravitate toward a wood window product. Wood will need to be maintained and will expand and contract with the changing temperatures. This natural expansion and contraction can lead to a looser fit, which can lead to drafty windows over time.

For those customers seeking a more budget friendly option, vinyl windows are often considered. Vinyl doesn’t need the maintenance required of wood, however, they also expand and contract like wood windows with the same drafty results.

The real game changer in the replacement window industry is fiberglass. They are beautifully constructed without the weld scars (rough corner seems) found in vinyl windows. The expansion and contraction is negligible. Ten years from now the window will be just as tight as the day it was installed, which is not the case with wood and vinyl window materials. Furthermore, the strength of fiberglass allows for thinner frames, giving the homeowner more glass for an enhanced view. Fiberglass is top in value, energy efficiency and aesthetics.

Lawrenceville Home Improvement, 2821 Brunswick Pike, Lawrenceville. 609-882-6709.

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