A schematic showing the Lawrence Hopewell Trail.

What is the LHT? The Lawrence-Hopewell Trail is a 22-mile public trail through various public and private properties in its namesake towns. The trail is designed to connect Lawrence and Hopewell Township residents to businesses, neighborhoods, and other towns without using a motor vehicle and without walking or riding on major roadways. The trail is 85 percent complete and is composed of asphalt or compacted stone dust.

Who owns the LHT? No one owns the LHT. Property owners and public entities have all agreed to allow the trail to run through portions of their lands.

Who manages and maintains the LHT? The nonprofit Lawrence Hopewell Trail Corporation manages and is responsible for maintenance of the trail. It is governed by a 17-member board of trustees, whose members reside in Hopewell or Lawrence. (For details, go to lhtrail.org.)

How is the LHT funded? Funding comes from public and private sources, including individuals, private foundations, and corporations.

The largest private donor is Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Educational Testing Service is another generous donor. The Delaware Regional Valley Planning Commission has funded projects with grants supported by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the William Penn Foundation. The state Department of Transportation and state Department of Environmental Protection have provided significant grants. (Securing operating expenses is the LHT’s biggest financial challenge, since many public and private funders will not cover those costs.)

Who can use the LHT? The trail is open to walkers, joggers hikers, bicyclists, and skaters. (Horses are allowed on the section that runs through Mercer Meadows.) Dog walking is allowed; owners must keep dogs leashed at all times, and waste must be removed. No motorized vehicles are allowed.

When is the LHT open? The LHT is open year-round, from dawn to dusk, weather permitting.

When will the LHT be completed? It’s estimated that the trail will be complete in two to four years.

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