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Albert & Levy PC, 1230 Parkway Avenue, Ewing. Philip Albert.

609-882-6010 609-882-8040


Tax, estate planning, labor; two attorneys.

Allegaert, Berger & Vogel LLP, 475 Wall Street. Michael S. Vogel.

609-688-9700 609-688-9701



Full service law firm with offices in Princeton and

New York; 2 attorneys.

Stephen N. Allen, 115 Harris Road.

609-924-7500 609-924-7588


Entertainment law; musicians and authors, also copyright

and trademark, commercial litigation, employment law, real estate,

family law, estates and trusts.

Irene M. Amarel Esquire, 35 Tamarack Circle.

609-921-0268 609-683-0523



Divorce mediation and consultation.

Archer & Greiner PC, 993 Lenox Drive, Building Two.

609-896-0011 609-895-0055


Corporate and banking, tax, litigation, environmental,

personal injury, health care, labor and employment, estates and trusts,

matrimonial, bankruptcy, real estate and land use; Haddonfield-based

firm with 120 attorneys.

Franklyn Z. Aronson Law Offices, 1 Pennington-Washington Crossing

Road. Franklyn Z. Aronson.

609-737-6688 609-737-7703


Estate planning, estate and trust administration,

one attorney.

Avolio & Hanlon PC, 3150 Brunswick Pike. Robert P. Avolio.

609-219-1810 609-219-1812

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William C. Baggitt, Attorney, 16 Vandeventer Avenue. William

C. Baggitt.

609-924-7132 609-924-6027

General practice — real estate, zoning and planning,

divorce, and wills.

Christopher R. Barbrack, 5 Independence Way.

609-497-1111 609-497-0242

Employment/EEOC issues involving psychology and psychiatry.

Albert C. Barclay Jr., 4444 Route 27. Albert Barclay.

609-924-5500 609-924-5506

Estates, trusts, wills; one attorney.

Frank F. Barr, 65 South Main Street, Pennington.

609-737-2129 609-737-8932

General practice with focus on labor and employment

law; one attorney.

Ray J. Barson, 350 Alexander Street.

609-921-1100 609-921-8886



Emphasis on real estate and business law; one attorney.

Bennett & Yoskin, 229 Nassau Street. Herbert B. Bennett/Neil


609-279-0900 609-497-2377


Legal counseling and litigation services in environmental,

land use and related transactional law; 3 attorneys.

Bolster & Bruder, 168 Prospect Plains Road. George F. Bolster.

609-655-3200 609-655-5332


Borrus, Goldin, Foley, Vignuolo, Hyman & Stahl, 2875 Route 1

South, North Brunswick. James Stahl.

732-422-1000 732-422-1016


Corporate, bankruptcy, family law real estate; 12


Law Offices of Francis J. Brennan III PC, 73 North Main Street,

Cranbury. Francis J. Brennan III.

609-395-5533 609-395-0999


Commercial litigation, commercial transactions, environmental

law, corporate law, land use, commercial real estate and trusts, estates

and succession planning; 3 attorneys.

Brotman, Graziano & Hubert PC, 3673/3685 Quakerbridge Road.

Daniel J. Graziano Jr.

609-890-0400 609-587-8331

Family law, wills, estate planning, commercial litigation,

real estate, zoning and planning; 9 attorneys.

Buchanan Ingersoll Professional Corporation, 650 College Road


609-987-6800 609-520-0360


Business and commercial, corporate, banking, litigation,

healthcare, bankruptcy, and employment; 26 attorneys.

Buckley & Theroux, 932 State Road. William Theroux.

609-924-9099 609-924-9660


Emphasis on health care, personal injury, civil litigation,

and trial work; 8 attorneys.

Burbage & Ramsey Attorneys at Law, 436 Hamilton Avenue, Trenton.

Jerry Martini.

609-396-7979 609-587-9385

Caldwell Megna, 224 West State Street, Trenton. Wesley Caldwell


609-396-2000 609-396-2285



Insurance legislation, regulation, lobbying, transactional;

5 attorneys.

M. Daniel Cantor, 132 Franklin Corner Road.

609-895-6990 609-895-0886

Emphasis on bankruptcy, real estate, municipal court,

matrimony, personal injury, one attorney.

Carchman, Sochor, Schwartz & Ragsdale LLC, 457 North Harrison

Street. Richard A. Ragsdale.

609-924-7179 609-683-9501


Litigation, corporate and commercial, employment,

real estate, zoning and land use; 7 attorneys.

Steele R. Chadwell, Attorney at Law, 134 Nassau Street.

609-924-8262 609-921-9468


Health law focusing on long-term care and elder law,

commercial litigation, estate planning and estate administration.

Kathleen Scott Chasar Esq., 2500 Brunswick Pike, Lawrenceville.

609-882-2200 609-883-5000

Family law, elder law, and real estate; 1 attorney.

Christoffersen & Wenczel, 123 Franklin Corner Road. David G.


609-844-0800 609-844-9770

General practice, personal injury, estate planning/administration,

real estate taxation; 2 attorneys.

Law Office of Julia Bowers Coale, 506 Carnegie Center.

609-951-6888 609-951-6892


Focus on residential and commercial real estate transactions,

financing and development, also zoning and planning, sole practitioner.

Dale E. Console, Attorney at Law PC, 4478 Route 27, Box 363,


609-683-0003 609-683-3930

Matrimonial law; 2 attorneys.

Lowell F. Curran Jr., 3490 Route 1 North.

609-987-8000 609-987-8131


General practice, litigation, estates; one attorney.

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Dechert Price & Rhoads, 997 Lenox Drive, Building Three. James

J. Marino.

609-620-3200 609-620-3259

Corporate, healthcare, environmental, emerging growth

and venture financing, litigation, intellectual property and patents,

real estate, labor; 30 attorneys in Princeton.

Grace A. Dennigan Attorney at Law, 5 Independence Way.

609-514-5135 609-452-7263


Devlin Cittadino & Shaw PC, 3131 Princeton Pike, Trenton. Benjamin

N. Cittadino.

609-896-2222 609-896-2279

Personal injury, workers compensation, medical negligence,

litigation; 4 attorneys.

Gianni Donati, 230 Nassau Street.

609-921-3993 609-921-2629

Commercial litigation and collection of unpaid accounts.

Michael V. Dowgin, 2413 Route 130, Dayton. Cathy Dowgin.

732-274-2110 732-274-0453

Certified civil trial attorney.

Michael E. Downey, 4 Mercer Street, Hopewell.

609-333-0900 609-333-0311


Business and tax law, criminal law, family law, estates

and wills, litigation, admitted to bar in New Jersey and Maryland;

2 attorneys.

Drinker Biddle & Shanley LLP, 105 College Road East, Box 627.

Jonathan I. Epstein.

609-716-6500 609-799-7000



Full service firm — environmental, banking, real

estate, tax and estate planning, corporate & securities, litigation,

and labor; 400 attorneys, 45 here.

Duane, Morris & Heckscher LLP, 100 College Road West. M. Elaine


609-919-4400 609-919-4401



Employment law and litigation, intellectual property,

healthcare, civil litigation, international, professional liability,

information technology, financial institution regulation, antitrust,

bankruptcy; 450 attorneys, 12 here.

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Farrell & Thurman PC, 714 Executive Drive, Box 685. James M.


609-924-1115 609-924-5266


Labor and employment law; 2 attorneys.

Catherine Fitzpatrick Esq., 132 Franklin Corner Road.

609-219-0700 609-219-9030

Certified matrimonial law attorney; one attorney.

Fox, Rothschild, O’Brien & Frankel LLP, 997 Lenox Drive, Building

Three. Phillip E. Griffin.

609-896-3600 609-896-1469



General litigation, corporate, tax, estate planning,

environmental, creditors’ rights, intellectual property and patents,

labor, employment and benefits, franchise, mergers and acquisitions,

family-owned businesses, bankruptcy, health law, domestic relations,

real estate and securities; 50 attorneys.

Robert D. Frawley, Attorney at Law, 600 College Road East.

609-987-6656 609-987-6651


Business law, also at 64 Maple Avenue, Morristown


Gallagher, Briody, Butler, 155 Village Boulevard. Kevin Briody.

609-452-6000 609-452-0090


Corporate and securities law; 9 attorneys.

Garces Grabler & Grayson, 235 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick.

William Garces.

732-249-1300 732-745-1258

Linda R. Gardner, 475 Wall Street.


David B. Gaynor, 1 Palmer Square.

609-279-0704 609-497-1439


Wills, trust and estates, business and tax planning.

Marta Gold, 601 Ewing Street.

609-924-8400 609-921-8982


Real estate, immigration, and bankruptcy; one attorney.

Richard A. Goldberg & Associates, 170 Scotch Road, Ewing.

609-538-1900 609-538-8338

Representative of non-profit organizations, IP law,

and employee law.

Goldfein & Hosmer, 5 Vaughn Drive. David Katzenstein.

609-520-0400 609-520-1450


Multistate practice, litigation services in product

liability, medical malpractice, insurance and environmental law; 2


Law Offices of Gruber & Fee, 3086 Route 27, Box 8, Kendall Park.

Andre Wm. Gruber.

732-297-7600 732-297-0924

Hale and Dorr LLP, 650 College Road East. David J. Sorin.

609-750-7600 609-750-7700

Corporate finance law; 32 attorneys.

Hale & Schenkman, 13 Roszel Road. Russell Schenkman.

609-452-0110 609-799-1555


Corporate, litigation, real estate, employment, tax,

estates and wills; 2 attorneys.

Harry Haushalter, Attorney at Law, 2119 Route 33, Hamilton Square.

609-631-7388 609-631-7329

Emphasis on state and local property taxation; one


Haveson and Otis, 194 Nassau Street. Hal K. Haveson.

609-921-0090 609-683-4636


General practice specializing in personal injury,

real estate, and criminal; 2 attorneys.

Herrick, Feinstein LLP, 104 Carnegie Center. Ronald J. Levine.

609-452-3800 609-520-9095



Corporate, workout and bankruptcy, litigation, real

estate, sports and entertainment, intellectual property and patents,

tax, trusts and estates, 11 attorneys, 150 in New York City.

Hill Wallack, 202 Carnegie Center. Robert W. Bacso.

609-924-0808 609-452-1888



Insurance defense, real estate, tax, corporate &

business, wills & estates, banking & secured transactions, creditors

rights/bankruptcy, workers’ compensation, municipal/school law.

Hoagland, Longo, Moran, Dunst & Doukas, 40 Paterson Street,

New Brunswick. Kenneth Doukas.

732-545-4717 732-545-4579


Corporate, commercial, construction and civil litigation,

healthcare, real estate, trusts and estates, worker’s compensation,

matrimonial, criminal, 47 attorneys.

Yong H. Hyon, Attorney at Law, 947 State Road.

609-497-4911 609-497-4910

Emphasis on immigration and naturalization law with

an office in Manhattan, 212-239-4788; fax, 212-629-5659.

Indik and McNamara, 10 Jefferson Plaza. Martin K. Indik.

732-355-0500 732-355-1010

Commercial litigation, professional malpractice litigation;

four attorneys.

Mark J. Ingraham Esq., 2 Tree Farm Road, Pennington Point West.

Louise Hartman.

609-737-0513 609-737-0207

Specializing in residential real estate; one attorney.

Louis Innocenzi, 123 Franklin Corner Road.

609-844-9895 609-844-9770

General law practice.

Law Offices of Carl M. Ippolito, 1 Pennington Washington Crossing


609-818-1222 609-818-1170


General practice, also at 1060 South Clinton Avenue;

one attorney.

Hanan M. Isaacs PC, 601 Ewing Street. Hanan M. Isaacs.

609-683-7400 609-921-8982



General civil trial practice, personal injury, commercial

litigation, family and divorce, alternative dispute resolution, arbitration

and mediation, negotiation; 2 attorneys.

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Sahbra Smook Jacobs Esq., Princeton-Windsor Office Park.

609-448-1850 609-448-2588


Criminal, matrimonial, litigation.

Mark H. Jaffe, Attorney, 20 Nassau Street.

609-683-7575 609-683-0906

General practice with specialty in real estate, family,

and municipal court, and juvenile matters.

Jerry & Jerry LLP, 731 Alexander Road. Chip Jerry.

609-419-8940 609-419-1824

Gary T. Jodha Esq., 186 Princeton-Hightstown Road.

609-799-5885 609-799-9549

Immigration, also general practice; 2 attorneys.

Edward S. Kahn, 140 Franklin Corner Road. Edward S. Kahn.

609-895-1190 609-895-0608

General practice specializing in personal injury,

estate planning, real estate; 3 attorneys.

Kelsey Bitterman & Apicelli, 2123 Route 33, Trenton. Anthony

J. Apicelli Jr.

609-588-4000 609-588-8338

Two attorneys.

Robert Kenny, 212 Carnegie Center. Robert Kenny.

609-844-7604 609-777-9701



Tax audit defense, business formation, estate planning;

one attorney.

Klett Rooney Lieber & Schorling, 810 Bear Tavern Road, West

Trenton. Mark J. Manta.

609-883-6990 609-883-7730


Based in Pittsburgh; two attorneys.

Marilyn L. Kline PA, 3490 Route 1.

609-987-9300 609-987-1540

Matrimonial law; one attorney.

Lenox, Socey, Wilgus, Formidoni, & Casey, 3131 Princeton Pike.

Rudolph A. Socey Jr.

609-896-2000 609-895-1693

11 attorneys.

Lependorf & Silverstein PC, Attorneys at Law, 4365 Route 1 South.

Gabriel R. Lependorf.

609-240-0040 609-240-0044

Substantial personal injury, corporate litigation,

municipal court matters, four attorneys.

Lieberman & Blecher PC, 31 Jefferson Plaza. Stuart J. Lieberman.

609-497-3930 732-355-1310

Personal injury and environmental law; 2 attorneys.

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