When looking for commercial property, the sterling reputation of the leasing company is a key component, but equally as important is longevity. Larken Associates shines on both scores. Larken has been serving the U.S. 1 corridor and surrounding area since 1965, providing the highest quality retail, office, medical, and warehouse facilities. Their residential business is just as robust.

Executive Vice President Rob Marek puts it this way: “Larken Associates offers clients a business trifecta plus. They are builders, owners, managers, and brokers. When tenants call with a question or needing help, they know they are not going to just get an impersonal management company. They know they are talking to the owner.”

Larken Associates is still family owned; two generations strong with a third coming up. Founder Larry Gardner runs the company with his son, David, and jointly oversees all aspects of the group’s activities, including acquisitions and dispositions, portfolio and asset management, fund raising and placement, investor relations, business planning and development, and the overall profitability of the group. Son David joined Larken Associates in 1985, working closely with his father Larry on all aspects of the business.

Marek joined Larken’s team in 1987 and has senior level responsibilities for leasing the portfolio and interacting with the leasing community. He completes well over 100 leases a year and is actively involved in creating value for the portfolio.

“Longevity runs in our company DNA. We have employees who have been with the company most of their working lives. I personally have been with Larken for 32 years. Clients know we are not going anywhere. Anywhere but up,” Marek says with a smile. “And longevity runs with our tenants as well. Many of our properties have had the same tenants for years.”

“The Lawrenceville, Princeton, Montgomery, and Hillsborough region has a highly educated business community and a strong economy. This accounts for the exceptional occupancy rate here. We have properties in Hillsborough with 100 percent occupancy and we average over 97 percent occupancy all along the area corridor. More importantly, we have an exceptionally high retention rate as well. As of March 31, we are at 98 percent retention,” Marek says.

Larken Associates marked another year of tremendous growth in 2018 with approximately 700,000 sf (+/-) of new and renewed commercial leases, a more than 20 percent increase over the 2017 business year. They closed 378 commercial transactions for approx. 700,000 sf (+/-) of prime mixed-use real estate. That represents a 111,000 sf (+/-) increase over 2017’s impressive commercial leasing numbers and a 10 percent increase in total transaction volume.

Whatever your property needs, Larken Associates can meet your requirements and more. www.larkenassociates.com.

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