Treating oneself well is an important element of health and fitness, and Koi Spa­Salon at the Princeton Forrestal Village can do that for you from head to toe.

To call Koi SpaSalon a full service spa is an understatement. Services include hair care, nail care, skin care, manicures and pedicures, hair removal, makeovers, airbrush tanning, and a huge variety of related options. When you think spa you usually think massage, and the spa offers a variety of those as well, including Swedish, sports, hot stone, and prenatal massages. As of June 1, Koi SpaSalon now offers a customized massage — a Swedish massage that includes deep tissue treatment in a specific area that the client requests.

Koi SpaSalon also services couples. One of its unique features is the Bamboo Suite, where couples can enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic effects of hydrotherapy in the Geisha Grand Tub followed by dual massages.

Spa parties are a specialty at Koi SpaSalon. From bachelorette parties to birthdays to corporate functions, the staff is prepared to provide a great time for all.

Not only does Koi SpaSalon offer a vast array of services, but owner Gina Polevoy takes great pride in the quality of service provided. “We strive to give our clients as good an experience as they can possibly have. Our staff is very caring and good at what they do; they are selected carefully, they must have a lot of experience, and they all have to go through a rigorous practical before they can work here.” Selection is only the beginning — Ms. Polevoy sends her stylists to Vidal Sassoon Academy for continued education so that they remain motivated and updated about the latest trends and techniques.

Ms. Polevoy explains that the name of the business was chosen with a great deal of thought. “Koi fish represent tranquility, which we want to give to our clients.” One way of tying this in via the carefully chosen decor is the large aquarium filled with Koi fish that is located in the spa’s relaxation area.

One particularly nice feature is that on a given day if you spend $100 at Koi SpaSalon you can use the attached CAN DO Fitness Center free of charge for that day. That gives you the option of working out with weights or going for a swim or taking a yoga class before your sports massage and hair appointment.

Whether you are looking for stress reduction, a massage to accompany a good workout or a makeover before a big night out, it’s likely that Koi SpaSalon can meet your needs.

Koi SpaSalon, 125 Main Street, Princeton Forrestal Village, Plainsboro. For more information call 609-720-0099 or visit

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