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Even as the economy remains uncertain, people still have the desire to get into shape. Some will go to gyms, but others will not have the time or will want specialized instruction for unique goals or medical limitations.

They will need a personal trainer. But how? Personal trainers charge $150 an hour and only millionaires can afford them, right? Wrong. As a personal trainer and business owner, Mike Campbell of Knowledge Power and Personal Training can make personal training affordable to most people. Let Campbell tell you how.

The first session is at no charge. “This gives us the chance to get to know each other, talk about goals, and review medical history,” says Campbell. “Also, we will do a workout so that you can get a feel for the equipment and see if you like my teaching style.”

With his service, there is no contract that locks clients into training with him. They pay for one session in advance, more if they choose to. They are free to stop training at any time. There is no initiation fee (like many gyms charge) to burden them with.

“I have a cheaper rate (not currently listed on my website) between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Although I have a waiting list for early morning and late evening time slots, these day hours are tougher to fill and I appreciate anyone who takes these times,” says Campbell.

Two to four people can train during the same hour at no extra charge. This is a very economical way to train and he has many clients who do this — husbands and wives, fathers and sons, friends, etc. “My attention is split a little bit, but I am very good at staying on top of everybody,” says Campbell.

He provides a stability ball and a set of resistance tubing at no charge. Although it is a basic set up, you can do a lot of exercises with these tools, keeping workouts interesting. If you have no equipment, this is a great way to start out.

“I have clients who see me only once a month to check in and learn some new things,” says Campbell. “If you are the type of person who will follow the program on your own, this may be the best option for you. The workout program I give you will be detailed, efficient, and easy to do. If you have questions or need motivation, I will keep in contact by phone or E-mail at no additional charge.”

He takes clients on a free supermarket tour. They go to a store of their choice and take it aisle by aisle, finding healthy foods that actually taste good. He teaches them how to read food labels and show how deceptive they can be.

Clients who refer other clients to Campbell receive a generous reward — a gift certificate good for training or equipment. A client who sees him once every two weeks wouldn’t be paying him for almost two months if they used their gift certificate for training.

For a lot of people, the thing that he saves them most is time, Campbell says. “Sometimes that is more important than money. No rushing to the gym to end up waiting in line for equipment, just answer your door when I ring the bell.”

If you think that affordable personal training is for you, call or send an E-mail to set up your free consultation/first session. “There is never any pressure to sign up (I’ll leave that to the gyms). If you decide it’s not for you, no harm done. If you do, you will experience safe, effective and challenging workouts that will make you look as good as your genetics will allow,” says Campbell.

Mike Campbell of Knowledge And Power Personal Training has been in business 13 years serving Mercer County, Lower Somerset County, and Lower Bucks County. He can be reached at 609-844-0812 or his website:

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