Technology has changed the world. It is fast paced and there is no time to stop and think. If you do, a computer may answer for you. Faster, quicker, robotic with no heart and soul. It sometimes makes you think, where can technology go from here and what will communication be like in the future?

For people born in the 70-80’s and beyond, this way of life is normal. They want everything at the touch of a finger, less communication and more technology! Baby boomers often long for how the world and day to day life used to be. Simple, no cell phones, no selfie sticks, no Facebook, no websites and no reality TV. Just good ole family values and morals, that is what kept the world together.

Most of the world has adapted to this new way of life, but there are still some of us who long for the “old school”, especially when it comes to dating.” Says Jill Grossman, Director of New Jersey Singles-Lawrenceville. “That is why we are so successful at matching people, because we have kept to the core values. Our clients talk on the phone and meet face to face. It isn’t about texting, emailing or how many likes or friends you have on the computer, it is about dating and getting to know someone new to see if there is a connection.”

Take a look the next time you are out for dinner and you will see couples sitting across from one another texting different people and not engaging in a conversation with one another. “That is what our society has lost, the art of the spoken word,” says Ms. Grossman. New Jersey Singles keeps it alive by keeping all introductions to verbal communication, that way you get to know about your match before meeting them.

Once the phone connection is made, both parties agree to meet in a convenient public place and the start of a new relationship begins . “Our clients are not fond of the options of meeting people in this day and age and they really want more of an old fashioned touch,” Ms. Grossman adds. Since every potential client is met and screened in person, it makes for a very personalized experience.”

Keep it Old School and call New Jersey Singles, they make dating fun again. 1-888-417-0020 or visit their website at

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