Government agencies and companies of all sizes often solicit contractors by offering “requests for proposals.” The RFPs can be good business, if companies can track them down, which is not always an easy task. With up to 30,000 sources of RFPs, a company could overlook a contract they are well suited for. Last year, there were 22,000 RFPs statewide.

Choose New Jersey Inc. has made the process much easier by offering a mailing list called “RFP watch” that promises to keep companies informed of business that is becoming available in their area of expertise. The service, launched this June, is a daily E-mail that provides subscribers with access to public and private business opportunities throughout the state and region.

Choose New Jersey is a Forrestal Village-based nonprofit that sees itself as the state’s corporate recruitment arm. It describes the service as a “business intelligence and procurement database” that incorporates 30,000 sources of information including state and local governments, agencies, police and fire departments, school districts, airports, hospitals, public transportation systems and toll authorities, covering New Jersey comprehensively and extending its reach to New York and Pennsylvania.

Choose New Jersey CEO Tracye McDaniel said the service is a useful tool for those who would like to bid on contracts to rebuild after superstorm Sandy. Users can customize their daily reports by selecting among 20 categories, including architecture, engineering, insurance, operations, and maintenance, eliminating the need for multiple database subscriptions.

RFP Watch is available to members of chambers of commerce and business associations statewide. A complete list of participating groups will be posted soon on the RFP Watch website. Prices will vary depending on how each organization decides to offer the service. For the rest of the year, the cost is $150 for private businesses. Starting in 2014, the annual fee for subscribers will be $250. Choose New Jersey is also collaborating with New Jersey Chambers of Commerce and Associations on RFP Watch. Similar services offered by private vendors are typically around $1,000. The service is also offered to non-members for a subscription fee.

Chambers of commerce and business associations interested in sponsoring RFP Watch can contact Choose New Jersey at 609-297-2200 or For subscription information, contact or visit

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