Karsay Coffee already is known among its restaurant, hotel, hospital and office clients for its top-notch customer service and delicious coffees. Now those same clients can delight their customers with award-winning Shangri La Tea Company teas.

Shangri La is more than just great tea. Its products have won seven gold medals in the North American Tea Championships and its tea gardens are Rainforest Alliance Certified™. Shangri La has been producing world-class teas for more than two decades, and its parent company has been doing so for 150 years. A vertically integrated company, Shangri La has full control over its products, from growing the plants through processing, packing and distribution.

"We are passionate about tea," said Shangri La’s Lyle Bailey, who is working with Karsay Coffee to bring hot and iced teas to this area. "And we want the public to know there are organic options out there that are free of additives and preservatives. They are simply delicious."

As the exclusive New Jersey distributor of Shangri La teas, Karsay Coffee is making it easy for restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other clients to offer these premium products to their customers.

"We partner with our customers by providing and servicing the equipment, training the staff and offering ongoing support at no cost to the customer," Bailey said. "It’s the quality of Shangri La teas that pleases consumers and, in turn, create improved tea sales. It’s the best tea product money can buy."

But Shangri La isn’t offered to just any restaurant or establishment. Karsay Coffee is creating partnerships with select companies that feature great customer service, take pride in the food they sell and are well established. It’s the same culture Karsay Coffee has embodied since the 1950s.

"Tea is big," Bailey noted. "It’s a healthier beverage and tastes great. We encourage interested restaurants, hotels, hospitals and related establishments to contact us for more information."

To learn more about Karsay Coffees’ freshly brewed coffee, Shangri La tea, hot chocolate and cappuccino at (800) 431-5151. Information also is available at www.karsaycoffee.com and www.shangrilaicedtea.com. Bailey may be reached directly at 908-705-5416.

Karsay Coffee & Shangri La Tea Company, PO Box 156. Somerset. 800-431-5150. www.karsaycoffee.com

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