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JustBalls: New CEO

In a move calculated to grow his company quickly —

and probably prepare it to go public — Justballs! founder Jim

Medalia has stepped aside as CEO and named as his replacement a high

profile marketer from Hollywood, Jim Klein. David S. Wetherell, a

major investor known for his hot Web picks — he helped launch

Lycos and GeoCities — has stepped in as board chairman. In two

and a half years the firm has grown from 5 to 17 employees. "I was

chairman, CEO, president, and founder, and I am a lot


today," says Medalia, who retains his president title. "We

engaged Spencer Stuart, one of the top three executive search firms,

and we were very fortunate to get two senior partners on the account.

The minute we told them what we were looking for, they said they had

a guy who would be incredible."

JustBalls! has grown from offering 800 items last year to 1,800


this year. It even has the cachet of being involved in a lawsuit with

a major national chain store, Sports Authority. In an attempt to


the Sports Authority’s "Authority Marks" the chain filed suit

in Michigan Court on December 9 to protest the use of the words


Ball Authority" on justballs.com and the company’s registration

of the domain name ballauthority.com, ballauthority.net, and


"We have a very steep growth curve to be able to execute our


plan, and it will add more value to the company if we work with


who has done that before," says Medalia. "Jim Klein is a


builder of brands and of top line revenue."

A graduate of Rutgers, Klein was president of Universal Studios


Products Group, where he grew the consumer products division from

15 people to over 125 people and an excess of $1.5 billion in retail

sales. "He orchestrated one of the top three entertainment


programs of all time for Universal — the `Lost World’ movie,"

says Medalia. Klein is also credited with being the driving force

behind major brand names like Avon and Swatch and revitalizing


Inc. into a leading toy and gift companies.

Privately held, JustBalls.com is the first retailer to specialize

in the sales of balls of every type. In addition to Wetherell the

investors include Lycos CEO Bob Davis, Blue Rock Capital, Jafco


and Bantry Bay Ventures.

Medalia quotes Klein as saying JustBalls! had a real business model

— strip away the hype and at the end of the day there is a real

business. "I’m looking forward to helping this company achieve

entirely new levels of performance," says Klein.



Justballs!, 4478 Route 27, Suite 102, Kingston

08528. Jim Klein, CEO. 609-497-2400; fax, 609-497-0113. Home page:


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Ramco Systems Corp., 3150 Brunswick Pike, Suite

100, Lawrenceville 08648. R. Shankar, regional manager. 609-620-4800;

fax, 609-620-4860. Home page: http://www.ramco.com.

The information technology firm has moved from 5 Independence Way

and has 40 employees at Crossroads Corporate Center. It provides


planning and asset management solutions based on the Windows NT


Clients include mid-size process and discrete manufacturing companies,

retail firms, and Internet businesses. Together with regional offices

in Connecticut, Chicago, Texas, and California, there are 100


in North America.

"We have recently expanded our liens of business to include


and consulting services," says Kamesh Ramamoorthy, the


More than 1,000 employees operate in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Phone and fax are new.

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Mathematica’s Better View

Moving your office is a powerful incentive to houseclean

your files. That’s what 193 employees at Mathematica found out when

they moved from Morgan Lane to the new building at 600 Alexander Park.

After long days of sorting and tossing, punctuated by pizza and ice

cream parties to keep the troops happy, they were rewarded by a better

view: Their new quarters overlook the lake in the Hillier-designed

complex. (That’s president Charles Metcalf, above, in his new office.)

Mathematic does public policy research and surveys for federal and

state governments, foundations, and private-sector clients and


its telephone operations center at 311-H Enterprise Drive, where 27

permanent full-timers work. More than 300 part-timers work there at

peak times.

600 Alexander Park should not be confused with 600 Alexander Road,

the building occupied by Nassau Broadcasting on the west side of Route


Mathematica Policy Research Inc., 600 Alexander

Park, Princeton 08540. Charles E. Metcalf, president. 609-799-3535;

fax, 609-799-0005. Home page: http://www.mathematica-mpr.com.

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