The state Department of Transportation’s Route 1 jughandle closure trial may be over, but numerous questions remain about the future of traffic circulation in the region.

In the wake of the trial’s termination — and the numerous issues it raised — the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce has scheduled a free transportation forum featuring DOT Commissioner James Simpson on Wednesday, October 31, from 8 to 9:30 a.m. in the Princeton Public Library community room.

Simpson will talk about the trial and why the decision was made to end the program. He will also address whether traffic circulation can be improved by projects such as the Vaughn Drive Connector, a widening of the Alexander Road bridge over the canal, the Harrison Street overpass, and the Penns Neck bypass.

“What are the business community’s ideas for possible alternative solutions to the congestion in the Route 1 corridor that improves and preserves access to the communities served by it?” says a chamber press release for the event. “How can the DOT work with community stakeholders? Commissioner Simpson wants to continue the discussion with the business community about possible solutions that will benefit them.”

Earlier this month, Simpson ended the planned 12-week trial early after numerous residents living in the neighborhood near the jughandle closures complained.

According to the commissioner, although the closures showed signs that they improved traffic on the highway, there were unintended consequences. Motorists heading into Princeton were using streets and driveways in the Penns Neck neighborhood surrounding the closures to make U-turns so they could drive into town.

Anyone interested in attending can call the chamber at 609-924-1776, or visit

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