What started in 1920 as a weather-stripping company has evolved into a nearly century-old multi-generational business for the Jammer family.

Jammer Doors has spent the last 97 years growing into one of the area’s largest residential and commercial door suppliers, working with everything from windows and blinds to garage doors. And it all started with Louis Jammer, Sr. working out of his then-home in Morrisville, Pennsylvania.

The business handled weather stripping in the Morrisville area, eventually evolving into a door business, said Louis Jammer IV. Now, Jammer Doors services both Mercer County and Bucks County through its locations in Lawrence and Yardley, Pennsylvania, not far from the original location.

Since then, it’s been a family business at its heart. Lou Sr. passed the business down to Lou Jr., who died unexpectedly in November at age 85. Lou III and Jammer both owe everything they know about the business to him.

“My grandfather has such a large legacy, it’s a shame he passed away now,” Jammer said. “He worked every single day. I literally spoke to him the night before he passed away, talking about work. He was a go-getter. He was really old-school in many ways.

“I used that education I got from him with my own to get a good mix of what’s the right thing to do, the ethics, the morals, what would he have done? That’s who I really mentored below. I worked with him almost every single day. It’s really unique seeing that old-school mentality mixed with something more modern to get a good, healthy balance of the two.”

Having that balance, as well as deep family ties, gives customers confidence, Jammer added.

“I think that it helps them know that we’re going to be here today, tomorrow, five, 10 years down the line,” he said. “They buy something today and know, if it has a lifetime warranty, that we’re not just going to be here tomorrow, or have different ownership that might not care as much. We try to make everyone part of the family aspect, even on the consumer end.”

Jammer, 26, lives in Yardley and attended Kutztown University. He always knew he would be involved with the family business and worked at Jammer in his teens to learn about the industry, products, installation, and more. He wanted to know the company top to bottom before getting involved full-time.

“If you can relate to what your employees go through on the daily, what can set them off, how to manage them, it opens your eyes to more than just the bottom-line numbers,” Jammer said. “We like to treat our employees more than such.”

Much of Jammer’s business is residential-based. They work with a number of different builders and architects locally, and even further in places Long Beach Island. Jammer promises to find a door to match any customer’s qualifications. The business offers garage doors and operators, gate openers, windows and retractable awnings, as well as entry, patio and storm doors.

On the commercial end, Jammer Doors sells overhead doors, electric operators, hollow metal doors, partitions, folding walls, Pentalift dock seals and levelers and commercial gate openers.

They work with many other generational businesses, like Raynor and Provia, as well. Jammer said the company has had a partnership with Raynor for over 60 years.

But having a young eye in the business is important. Jammer said being a part of a more technology-driven generation adds value as door technology evolves.

“When I saw the first digital keypad entry doors, I wanted them then and there,” he said. “Then, there are some other companies that try to stay ahead of the curve. We have operators that connect with WiFi, and you can put it up and down.”

Jammer is always on the lookout for new technology, and he and his father often attend trade shows to scope out the latest gadgets and best doors.

Home automation is trending upward, and customers often know what’s available before coming in. The business even sells blinds that can be automated to open and close throughout the day.

“The No. 1 thing I always say is, I have tons of products here,” Jammer said. “I would love to sell you this, but what do you actually need? I’m not trying to upsell you. I’m trying to see you exactly what your house will look great with. If you have a certain budget, we can work with that.”

Jammer Doors, 2850 Brunswick Pike, Lawrenceville. 609-883-0900. www.jammerdoors.com.

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