For a number of reasons, women are waiting longer to start families, yet after 35, conceiving can be difficult. That’s why IVF New Jersey offers hope and options with egg freezing and egg donation.

Egg freezing is a way women can preserve their eggs until they meet “Mr. Right.” Some women begin to hear their biological clock ticking as they hit their 30s, but don’t want to pursue sperm donation. Many women want to delay pregnancy while they pursue their careers. According to Dr. Michael Darder egg freezing is an effective and successful way to plan now for pregnancy later.

“The ideal time to freeze your eggs is in your 30s or earlier, before the quality of the eggs is too low,” Dr. Darder said. “Eggs can stay frozen in the liquid nitrogen tank indefinitely, so your chance to get pregnant later in life is improved because the eggs remain young. And egg age is what determines the ability to get pregnant.”

The process is fairly simple. Fertility drugs are administered to increase egg production. Then they’re harvested during a minor surgical procedure. When the time comes, the eggs are thawed, combined with sperm and implanted.

“Women who didn’t have the opportunity to freeze their eggs can take advantage of egg donation,” Dr. Darder added. “Egg recipients are women who are infertile due to a low number of or poor quality eggs, went into early menopause, were put into menopause by chemotherapy or for other reasons.”

Egg donation entails taking a fertile woman’s mature eggs, fertilizing them and implanting them into an infertile woman. Donors are carefully screened before they are accepted into the program.

“What’s really exciting is that women with the least chance of getting pregnant become the most likely to get pregnant,” noted Dr. Darder. “IVF New Jersey’s program is one of the most successful in the world, with delivery rates of more than 70 percent. Compare that to trying on your own at 30, which gives you a 20 percent chance of getting pregnant.”

IVF New Jersey’s talented staff has long tenure with the practice. The same doctors, egg donor coordinator, lab director and other staffers have been working together for 20 years and provide exceptional service and patient care.

“Egg donation provides the hope to get pregnant when there was so little hope,” Dr. Darder said. “Women can carry their husband’s baby. It’s a dream come true for many.”

An option for women who can’t carry a pregnancy and for gay couples is a combination of egg donation and a gestational carrier.

IVF New Jersey is uniquely qualified to handle the significant amount of coordination needed. And this method provides the same 70 percent delivery rate as egg donation.

IVF New Jersey offices are open every day of the year except Christmas and New Year’s Day. Women interested in egg freezing or any of the many fertility options offered at IVF New Jersey may call 609-799-5666.

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