Hundreds of pharmaceutical executives are coming to Princeton this week, a week when no fewer than five pharmaceutical organizations are holding their national conferences here. If ever a week were named “Pharma Week,” this should be it.

The week began with two conferences, each meeting on Monday and Tuesday, September 18 and 19. The Strategic Research Institute hosted a competitive intelligence summit for pharmas and biotechs at the Princeton Hyatt, and the Drug Information Association brought in William Haseltine, founder of Human Genome Sciences, to discuss clinical research and drug registration in China and India at the Forrestal Village Westin.

Worldwide Business Research USA is meeting Tuesday through Thursday, September 19 to 21, at the Marriott Forrestal in a conference called “Pharma Force 2006.”

Next week, on Monday, September 25, the SRI Institute will present its 11th annual three-day conference, “Drug Delivery Technologies & Deal-Making,” at the New Brunswick Hyatt (see page 45).

Starting Tuesday, September 25, Engel Publishing Partners presents a two-day conference, “Patient-Centric Marketing: building consumer loyalty through understanding of patient needs,” at the Marriott Forrestal. Lynn Benzing, of Patient Marketing Group will be one of the featured speakers (see story this page and page 14 for details).

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